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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
08011911591ApoE4 proteinInfo fitzgerald 30R-2382 500 ug520.93Ask
08011911586ApoE3 proteinInfo fitzgerald 30R-2381 500 ug558.58Ask
07011926309ElastaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1035 2.5 MU4304.69Ask
07011915696cagA proteinInfo fitzgerald 80R-4275 50 ug394.65Ask
07011911591ApoE4 proteinInfo fitzgerald 30R-2382 50 ug297.50Ask
07011911586ApoE3 proteinInfo fitzgerald 30R-2381 50 ug346.08Ask
07011911581ApoE2 proteinInfo fitzgerald 30R-2387 50 ug297.50Ask
06021955590RAP protein (Rat)Info fitzgerald 30R-AR008 500 ug1753.45Ask
06011966077Tryptase proteinInfo fitzgerald 30C-CP3033 5 ug297.50Ask
06011950725PeroxidaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1089 5 MU6247.57Ask
06011942381Malate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1080 2.5 MU3090.39Ask
06011942380Malate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1079 2.5 MU2604.67Ask
06011942378Malate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1077 2.5 MU3090.39Ask
06011942376Malate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1076 2.5 MU2604.67Ask
06011931181Glutamate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1056 1 MU6071.50Ask
06011931180Glutamate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1055 1 MU6611.86Ask
06011931090Glucose OxidaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1046 10 MU3157.18Ask
06011931089Glucose OxidaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1045 10 MU3157.18Ask
06011931088Glucose OxidaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1044 10 MU2847.53Ask
06011931085Glucose OxidaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1041 10 MU3400.04Ask
06011931084Glucose OxidaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1040 10 MU2847.53Ask
06011926309ElastaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1035 1 MU1997.52Ask
06011920883Clostridium difficile Toxoid A proteinInfo fitzgerald 30-1861 500 ug2968.96Ask
06011920874Clostridium difficile Toxin A proteinInfo fitzgerald 30-1859 500 ug2968.96Ask
06011916545CatalaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1020 500 MU5883.28Ask
06011915696cagA proteinInfo fitzgerald 80R-4275 250 ug941.08Ask
06011914152Bordetella pertussis toxin proteinInfo fitzgerald 30-1854 500 ug1876.09Ask
06011913709Beta GlucuronidaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1054 10 MU2185.74Ask
06011913708Beta GlucuronidaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1053 10 MU2185.74Ask
06011913707Beta GlucuronidaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1052 10 MU1633.23Ask
06011911591ApoE4 proteinInfo fitzgerald 30R-2382 100 ug315.72Ask
06011911586ApoE3 proteinInfo fitzgerald 30R-2381 100 ug324.22Ask
06011911581ApoE2 proteinInfo fitzgerald 30R-2387 500 ug495.43Ask
06011910349Alkaline phosphataseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1008 100 KU3066.11Ask
06011910348Alkaline phosphataseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1007 100 KU2519.67Ask
06011910347Alkaline phosphataseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1006 100 KU2519.67Ask
06011910346Alkaline phosphataseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1005 100 KU2118.95Ask
05021955590RAP protein (Rat)Info fitzgerald 30R-AR008 100 ug722.51Ask
05021931632Goat anti Human IgG (H + L)Info fitzgerald 41C-CB0936 500 ug297.50Ask
05011966077Tryptase proteinInfo fitzgerald 30C-CP3033 25 ug455.36Ask
05011958186Sarcosine OxidaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1102 100 KU1821.45Ask
05011950725PeroxidaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1089 500 KU904.65Ask
05011943763MIA proteinInfo fitzgerald 30R-AM009 2X5 ug400.72Ask
05011942381Malate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1080 500 KU880.37Ask
05011942380Malate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1079 500 KU758.94Ask
05011942378Malate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1077 500 KU880.37Ask
05011942376Malate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1076 500 KU758.94Ask
05011931182Glutamate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1057 100 KU928.94Ask
05011931181Glutamate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1056 100 KU880.37Ask
05011931180Glutamate dehydrogenaseInfo fitzgerald 44R-1055 100 KU904.65Ask
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