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Genprice Inc. San Jose California with the websites:

Is protecting the American researchers data under the guidelines of the Federal trade commission

Gentaur or Gentaur Molecular Products with the following websites is protecting your information on the following domains:


Your data are treated in the way described by the European Privacy directives

The responsible contact for your data protection is  Lieven Gevaert at

We will collect IP address data but you can reject our cookies if you prefer not to share this with us.

Your data will be used to prevent fraud and to help you better finding Elisa kits, antibodies and research reagents for our laboratory.

We use Microsoft Bing cookies that are protected under the Microsoft guidelines:

If you want to block retargeting you can block Google cookies:

Gentaur and Genprice Inc will not sell your data to 3th parties

We will use the Facebook data only the research field of laboratories:

Google + privacy is respected as described here:

We follow Fipp guidelines:

Your data will be stored no longer than necessary for our accounting and our targeting policy.

You can request any time your data are deleted of our database except if necessary for the local tax authorities.

We will not supply your data without written request to any 3th parties including authorities

Gentaur and Genprice are fully private independent companies.

For deletion of your email and data you can contact us on following addresses

Lieven Gevaert, Bio-engineer
Genprice Inc.
6017 Snell Ave, Suite 357
San Jose, CA. 96123

Gentaur Europe BVBA
Voortstraat 49, 1910 Kampenhout Belgium
Tel 0032 265 09 20

GENTAUR Nederland BV
Kuiper 1
5521 DG Eersel Nederland

+32 (0)16 58 90 45
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