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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01013809164Kodak X-Ray Film 5 x 7 inchInfo ABM B502-0100 100 sheets114.51Ask
01014062521hsa-let-7b microRNA MimicInfo ABM microrna MCH01004 2 x 2,5 nmol190.48Ask
01023629826Monocyte Chemotactic Activating Factor (MCP-1/MCAF) ELISA Kit, 96-wellInfo Anogen EL10009 96-well648.53Ask
01014300630Cholesterol-PEG-NHS,5KInfo Biochempeg LP095023-5K 2 x 100mg709.76Ask
01014403763Human Normal Alveolar Cells-Type 1Info ABM Cell culture T4003 1x10^6 cells/1,0 ml1617.93Ask
01013807621MyTaq DNA PolymeraseInfo Bioline reagents BIO-21107 5000 units730.17Ask
01010856349Adrenomedullin Antibody, FITC ConjugatedInfo Bioss Primary Conjugated Antibodies bs-0007R-FITC 0.1ml377.56Ask
01012047545Guinea pig Advanced Glycosylation End Products ELISA kitInfo BlueGen ELISAs E05A0002 96 well immunosorbent assay kit (48 available)818.60Ask
01010740364anti-CDH16 AntibodyInfo Bluegen antibodies A01C0189 200ug (50ug, 100ug available)527.22Ask
01013808380Capp Bravo single-channel pipette variable volume 0.5-10 ulInfo CappDK 12-B10-1 1EA216.56Ask
01010313606MC Cellufine Sulfate mediumInfo Cellufine 19 845-15 1 x 5 milliliter326.53Ask
02011252410Mouse Anti-GST Tag Monoclonal AntibodyInfo Cellular biology labs AKR-005 0.1 mg532.89Ask
02020836465ViraBind Adenovirus Purification KitInfo Cellular biology labs VPK-100 10 rxns786.86Ask
02024400888C5a desArg AnaphylatoxinInfo CompTech A145-50-1 0.5 mg/ml441.05Ask
01014363362Labnet Replacment PTFE Seal for 35mm Hybridization bottles, pack of 10Info Corning B1500-SEAL 10 PK87.30Ask
01014301275Affinity purified Mouse IgG1 Isotype Antibody PE-ConjugatedInfo Elabscience EMIS005-100 100 tests261.86Ask
01014301217Rabbit Anti-Rat IgG-HRPInfo Elabscience SAEP005-1000 1000 μL219.96Ask
0201373327010% GeBaGel, 10 wellsInfo GEBA 10G-0010-2 10 wells74.83Ask
01010177523BRILLIANT CRESYL BLUEInfo GENTAUR IHC Stains 111400500 500 ml57.26Ask
01010813327Mouse anti- abscisic acid monoclonal antibodyInfo IVD Lambert CSB-DA0042ICmN① 1mg489.80Ask
01014400421ELISA kit for placenta growth factor,PLGFInfo Icebergbiotech Er0011 1x96-well plate per kit465.99Ask
01024400725ELISA kit for Interleukin 1β,IL-1βInfo Icebergbiotech ES0006 1x96-well plate per kit498.87Ask
01014364282ELISA kit for CYR61 Cysteine-rich protein 61Info Icebergbiotech EH0002 1x96-well plate per kit465.99Ask
01014398177AZD4547, Free Base, 25 mgInfo LClabs 111-A1088-25 25 mg195.01Ask
01011439673Rabbit Isotype Control Polyclonal AntibodyInfo NJS poly N1001-100UG 0.1mg229.03Ask
01011616089HAV Real-TM Qual Real Time PCR Test with Ribo-Sorb silica extraction kitInfo PCR diagnosis TV4-50FRT 50 Tests505.67Ask
01014399585Methyl-directed endonuclease Aox I, 250 u.a.Info Sibenzymes E570-250 250 u.a.577.10Ask
01014296948Papain, 1 vial of 10mlInfo Tody laboratories C32LX1001 10ml71.43Ask
01014588298Foetal Bovine Serum Heat Inactivated - Premium Grade Qualified (500ml)Info TrinityTek TT-01010302 500ml230.16Ask
01013613280Mouse Zearalenone (ZEN) monoclonal antibodyInfo Unibio AT006 1000 µg1938.80Ask
01013613442MelamineInfo Unibio AG001 1000 µg782.32Ask
01012486931Recombinant Human Protein cereblon(CRBN)Info bioma RPC20592 20 μg797.06Ask
020125009165-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid (5-HIAA), BSA ConjugatedInfo bioma RPU51655 50 μg501.14Ask
01013801852(H2S) ELISA KitInfo brter bioreagents BRTH0010 1 kit/96-wells plate692.75Ask
01012610623Elisa Plate WasherInfo diagnostic africa 04washer 1 ELISA Plate Wash instrument1131.53Ask
01012032153ELISA Kit FOR Human Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)Info eiaab elisas E0153h 96 tests349.21Ask
01012221269Histofine Simple Stain MAX PO (R)Info histofine 414142F 500 tests344.68Ask
010111789578-OHdGInfo immunodiagnostic new AA1005.1 100ug277.78Ask
01014588304Absolute Counting Tubes StepCouint Kit3, 50 testsInfo Immunostep STPKIT3-50T 50 tests662.85Ask
01014588309Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Anti-cKitInfo Immunostep CKITACPO 0,2mg/ml (0,1mg)286.78Ask
01011368001magnetic beads super-paramagnetic 600Info magsi MD16003 2 milliliters66.06Ask
01012054793Neptune 1000ul pipette tipsInfo neptune 2162.96.S 8 trays of 96 / pack54.42Ask
010120548784.0ml CryoVial with CapInfo neptune 3104.X 100 tubes/ bag421.77Ask
01013700154Recombinant Human Parathyroid Hormone/Parathormone/PTH (1-84)Info novo C010-10 10 ug178.01Ask
01013733900Actin, Muscle Specific; Clone HHF35 (Ready-To-Use)Info scytek A00001-0002 2 ml133.79Ask
0101186376211-dehydro-thromboxane B2(11-DH-TXB2) ELISA KitInfo sincere E13650013 one plate of 96 wells per kit759.65Ask
01014588349Annexin V-DY-634Info Immunostep ANXVDY-200T 200 TEST293.65Ask
01014588467Anti Human CD1a Antibody -FitcInfo Immunostep 1AF-100T 100 TESTS214.29Ask
01014422065Mini Vortexer (variable speed)-iSwix Jr. VTInfo Neuation Newation-iSwix Jr. VT 1 Unit108.84Ask
01014408508The ReQuest Toxoplasma IgG, Elisa KitInfo The Request AWAR-TK-01-120 96 Tests / Kit141.73Ask
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