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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
02014422342Embedding CassettesInfo Himedia CG323-1X1000NO 1X1000 NO181.61Ask
01014486703HiAnticlot Vials Flat BottomInfo Himedia PW131-3X1X500NO 3X1X500NO205.74Ask
01014486810Embedding CassettesInfo Himedia PW1292-2X1X1000NO 2X1X1000NO317.23Ask
01014486811Labplas Sampling Bag Plain 3 x 7 inchInfo Himedia PW154-3X1X100NO 3X1X100NO198.85Ask
01014486633Antibiotic Zonescale-CInfo Himedia PW297-50X3NO 50X3NO186.20Ask
01014487034Wash BottleInfo Himedia PW177A-8X10NO 8X10NO193.10Ask
01014533113AlbuminInfo abm Adinovirus CH006 1.0 ml164.36Ask
01014853355PeriodontScreen Real-TM RT-PCR kitInfo Sacace T01707-96-S 96 tests850.56Ask
01014854155NUP98 FISH ProbeInfo HealthCare Biotech BC-F033 20 Tests3804.51Ask
01014854382TMPRSS2/ETV1 FISH ProbeInfo HealthCare Biotech ST-FP071 20 Tests3804.51Ask
01015693191beta NGFInfo HumanZyme HZ-1264 1000 µg1551.69Ask
01015744579Neural Lineage qPCR ProfilerInfo Systembio RA500A-1 10 reactions1132.16Ask
01015899411निपा I और II वायरस अभिकर्मकInfo NiV Gen NIV IN-0170-01 25 परीक्षण / किट683.89Ask
01016813541BactiZapper Infrared SterilizerInfo MIDSCI BZ-1000 1 Unit522.98Ask
01016830137Abrin BioThreat Alert KitInfo GenCore GC-8011-025 25/Box0.00Ask
01014486632Antibiotic ZonescaleInfo Himedia PW096-50X3NO 50X3NO217.24Ask
01014533179TRISInfo abm Adinovirus CH058 500 g158.62Ask
01014854179IGH gene FISH ProbeInfo HealthCare Biotech BC-F057 20 Tests3804.51Ask
01014854332KIF5B FISH ProbeInfo HealthCare Biotech ST-FP030 20 Tests3804.51Ask
01015693187Activin AInfo HumanZyme HZ-1238 250 µg4770.01Ask
01015899409Virus Nipah (NIV) Reactif III et IV- RT PCRInfo NiV Gen NIV FR-0170-02 25tests / kit683.89Ask
01015899412निपाह III वायरस डिटेक्टर और चतुर्थInfo NiV Gen NIV IN-0170-02 25 परीक्षण / किट683.89Ask
01016830096Rabbit Anti-MS2 IgGInfo GenCore GC-7004-003 other0.00Ask
01016830141Orthopox BioThreat Alert KitInfo GenCore GC-8001-025 25/Box0.00Ask
01016830219Vibrio cholerae 0139, pre-coated (+ only) Info GenCore GC-4069-001 One 96 well plates/ kit0.00Ask
01016830246Burkholderia with Internal ControlInfo GenCore GC-9041-064 64 Reactions0.00Ask
01014421609Digital 3D Shaker (Rocker)-iShak 3D -5Info Neuation Newation-iShak 3D-5 1 Unit391.95Ask
01014486715250 mL BeakersInfo Himedia PW358-8X20NO 8X20NO254.02Ask
01014486815Palm PCR Sample Tube RackInfo Himedia PW1299-20X1NO 20X1NO211.49Ask
01014533180TRISInfo abm Adinovirus CH059 1kg (2 x 500g [CH058])181.61Ask
01014566109Anaerobox - S Transparent unbreakable polycarbonate boxInfo Himedia LA806-1NO 19.8cm x 13.7cm x 9cm265.51Ask
01014717952Cat Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) ELISA KitInfo abebio AE14863CA 1 X plate of 96 wells474.70Ask
01014854210MAFB/IGH FISH ProbeInfo HealthCare Biotech BC-F088 20 Tests3804.51Ask
01014854434MYCN/2q11 FISH ProbeInfo HealthCare Biotech ST-FP124 20 Tests3804.51Ask
01015693184Activin AInfo HumanZyme HZ-1136 2 µg288.50Ask
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