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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
010175471373-(Difluoromethyl)-5H,6H,7H,8H-[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]pyrazine 100mgInfo ChemScene CS-0056678-100mg 100mg867.33Ask
01017487766Pancreatic Polypeptide, bovine 500ugInfo ChemScene CS-0044801-500ug 500ug427.14Ask
01018179659GZMB AntibodyInfo Cusabio CSB-PA108047-100ul 100ul376.12Ask
02018294834GALNT4 AntibodyInfo Affinity Biosciences DF13031 100µL510.20Ask
01018329136Mouse Secretory Immunoglobulin A (sIgA) ELISA KitInfo Reddot Biotech RD-sIgA-Mu 96 Tests893.43Ask
01018497571Anti-CD45RA Antibody [HI100], APC-25TestsInfo EnQuireBio QAB45-APC-25Tests 25Tests196.96Ask
01014307105Porcine GAL7 (Galectin 7) ELISA KitInfo Elabscience E-EL-P0901 96T673.93Ask
01013667297H-MET-TRP-OHInfo SFC SFC-37402 1 EA0.00Ask
01012497653Amyloid beta peptide (aa1-16) Polyclonal AntibodyInfo bioma CAE02278 100 μg527.99Ask
01017412702Cathepsin L1 (CTSL1) ELISA KitInfo sincere E1382041 one plate of 96 wells per kit0.00Ask
03021689474TPH2 AntibodyInfo abbex abx129888 10 μg360.70Ask
01011910417ALOX5 antibodyInfo fitzgerald 70R-15688 50 µl607.49Ask
01014579302Assay kit for Olfactory receptor 2D3(OR2D3) (ELISA)Info BlueGen ELISAs E02O0470 -48T 1x48-wells test plate717.83Ask
01014596136Assay kit for Canine 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase, mitochondrial(ACAA2) (ELISA)Info BlueGen ELISAs E08A2144 -48 1x48-wells test plate717.83Ask
01014618390Assay kit for Monkey Caldesmon (ELISA)Info BlueGen ELISAs E09C0384 -96 1x96-wells test plate975.30Ask
01014636648Assay kit for Porcine Olfactory receptor 7D2(OR7D2) (ELISA)Info BlueGen ELISAs E07O0693 -96 1x96-wells test plate958.69Ask
01014468757Recombinant mouse H-2 class II histocompatibility antigen gamma chainInfo SAB AP70143-50ug 0.05mg327.47Ask
02011920548CKMB Type II proteinInfo fitzgerald 30R-AC074 100 ug297.81Ask
01015763760MP68 Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Biomatik CAA44615-50ug 50ug437.82Ask
02021945719Mouse Myc Tag antibodyInfo fitzgerald 10R-2937 100 ug320.36Ask
01016861138Tetramethoxysilane 98%_x000D__x000D_Info Pfaltz & Bauer T06570-500 G 500 G1052.43Ask
01016952168Pregnancy-specific beta-1-glycoprotein 9 (PSG9), Human, ELISA KitInfo Glorybioscience GBS-G0744 1 Kit815.13Ask
01017026426Recombinant Bordetella Avium mutL Protein (aa 1-621)Info Creative Biolabs VAng-Lsx3972 inquire0.00Ask
01017487753Pancreatic Polypeptide, rat 5mgInfo ChemScene CS-0044796-5mg 5mg1720.43Ask
01018158268Human Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphatase(TRAP)ELISA KitInfo Cusabio CSB-E13415h-5x96 5 plates of 96 wells each3440.85Ask
01018190537GZMB AntibodyInfo Cusabio CSB-PA108047-50ul 50ul289.51Ask
01018355913NKX23 AntibodyInfo Lifescience Market ABD9588 100 ug519.69Ask
01018497573Anti-CD45RA Antibody [HI100], APC-Cy7-25TestsInfo EnQuireBio QAB45-APC7-25Tests 25Tests266.96Ask
01017392298RAD54 Like Protein 2 (RAD54L2) ELISA KitInfo DL elisas DL-RAD54L2-Hu-96 1 plate of 96 wells0.00Ask
01012683247Porcine Alpha-1-Acid Glycoprotein (a1AGP) ELISA Kit, 96 well plateInfo bioma EKU02262 96T1083.27Ask
01014420139Rabbit TRIP13 Polyclonal AntibodyInfo ABclonal A3352 100ul424.77Ask
01011910421ALOX5 antibody Ser523Info fitzgerald 70R-34631 100 µg461.55Ask
01014603379Assay kit for Canine 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase, mitochondrial(ACAA2) (ELISA)Info BlueGen ELISAs E08A2144 -96 1x96-wells test plate958.69Ask
01014779058MAPK9 AntibodyInfo EnoGene E91251 100ul480.53Ask
02011937606IL17B proteinInfo fitzgerald 30R-AI110 25 ug444.94Ask
01017487767Pancreatic Polypeptide, bovine 1mgInfo ChemScene CS-0044801-1mg 1mg569.52Ask
01012336039(17β)-2-(Acetyl-13C)-17-(benzoyloxy)-4-oxaandrost-5-en-3-oneInfo trca A170502 10 mg360.70Ask
01018152306Human Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphatase(TRAP)ELISA KitInfo Cusabio CSB-E13415h 1 plate of 96 wells1067.85Ask
01018336354Human Transthyretin (TTR) ELISA KitInfo Reddot Biotech RDR-TTR-Hu 96 Tests911.23Ask
01018525266Recombinant Human Retinol dehydrogenase 12 Protein, His-SUMO, E.coli-1mgInfo EnQuireBio QP7917-ec-1mg 1mg1936.37Ask
01017310369RGD1562725 3'UTR Lenti-reporter-Luc VectorInfo ABM microrna MT-r18637 1 ug0.00Ask
01010942883BNP Antibody, HRP ConjugatedInfo Bioss Primary Conjugated Antibodies bs-2207R-HRP 0.1ml415.28Ask
01013656758Boc-vVal-OSuInfo SFC SFC-26863 1 EA0.00Ask
03012684995Rat hypoxia-inducible factor 1α, HIF-1α ELISA Kit, 96 well plateInfo bioma EKC39208 10x96T7835.65Ask
01014658801Assay kit for Guinea pig Desmoglein 1 (ELISA)Info BlueGen ELISAs E05D0057 -96 1x96-wells test plate717.83Ask
01014668823Assay kit for Rabbit Soluble Retinoid X Receptor (ELISA)Info BlueGen ELISAs E04R0361 -48 1x48-wells test plate717.83Ask
01014626375Assay kit for Porcine cluster of differentiation 5(CD5) (ELISA)Info BlueGen ELISAs E07C1488 -48 1x48-wells test plate717.83Ask
01015710501Sodium Ferrocyanide DecahydrateInfo CDH INTL 219700-20X500 g 20X500 g315.61Ask
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