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01013808832 Hemocytometer Info ABM B560-1000 1 Plate 79mm x 39mm x 13mm Ask Ask
01014138233 AADACL2 3'UTR Lenti-reporter-Luc Virus Info ABM microrna MV-h00016 3 ml Ask Ask
01011214249 Control Genomic DNA - Horse Female Info BioChain D1O34999-G02 100 ug Ask Ask
03014300421 ACA-PEG-ACA,5K Info Biochempeg HO010010-5K 2 x 5g Ask Ask
01013807677 SensiFAST SYBR No-ROX Kit Info Bioline reagents BIO-98020 2000 rxns Ask Ask
01010801280 Neurokinin 1 Receptor Antibody Info Bioss Primary Unconjugated Antibodies bs-0064R 0.1ml Ask Ask
01010173726 anti-Integrin β4 (Ab-1510) Antibody Info Bluegen antibodies A03I0058 200ug (50ug, 100ug available) Ask Ask
01014301270 Goat Anti-Mouse IgG-Biotin Info Elabscience SAEP030-100 100 μL Ask Ask
01014301189 miR Multi Assay kit Probe System I qPCR Master mix kit Info Heimbiotek HMIP-S102-100 100 reactions Ask Ask
01014400279 ELISA kit for calcitonin gene related peptide,CGRP Info Icebergbiotech EGP0003 1x96-well plate per kit Ask Ask
01014400728 ELISA kit for Interleukin-2 receptor,IL-2R Info Icebergbiotech ES0009 1x96-well plate per kit Ask Ask
01014365623 ELISA kit for Metanephrine ,MN Info Icebergbiotech ER0004 1x96-well plate per kit Ask Ask
01013807852 Total Protein Extraction Kit (for Animal Cultured Cells and Tissues) Info Inventbiotech SN-002 1 kit/50 reactions Ask Ask
01012530159 Anti - C-erbB-2 (Her-2/neu) Antibody Info MBS Monoclonals GEN684037 100ul Concentrate Ask Ask
01010001638 Anti-Human ADAM-15 Info Reliatech antibodies 101-M206 100ug Ask Ask
01013629919 4-Iodophenylacetonitrile, 97% (UN# 3335) Info SFC SFC-00023 1 EA Ask Ask
01013807903 Cell Culture Dish, 90x15mm, PS, sterile to SAL 10-6 Info SPL 11090 10/500 sleeve/case Ask Ask
01014399673 Restriction endonuclease AsuNH I, 1000 u.a. Info Sibenzymes E063-1000 1000 u.a. Ask Ask
01014296945 Anti-AB IgM, 1 viall of 10ml, 200 tests Info Tody laboratories 620010 10ml Ask Ask
01013748762 ELISA kit for detection of HCV Ab, x96, 4th generation Info Tody laboratories 4NAE3 kit Ask Ask
01014297050 Antistreptolysin O Info Tody laboratories C33SP1002-25 25 tests Ask Ask
01014588297 Foetal Bovine Serum Heat Inactivated - Premium Grade Qualified (125ml) Info TrinityTek TT-01010301 125ml Ask Ask
01013613275 Mouse High specific of aflatoxin M1 monoclonal antibody Info Unibio AT004 1000 µg Ask Ask
01014298568 Recombinant baculovirus expressing Adrenergic Receptor alpha 1D Info Vector GA11-1 1 mL Ask Ask
01014298201 Rapid Adenovirus Viditest Info Vidia tests ODZ-285 1 cassette x 20 tests in kit Ask Ask
01012357215 Adar's Maleimide-Activated BSA Info adarbiot 1025-10 10 mg Ask Ask
01011987922 pCHAC-hc-MYC Retrovirus Vector Validated Info allele ABP-SC-VCREMYC 10µg Ask Ask
01012054951 Protein A - HRP Conjugated Info aviva OABB00873 one vial Ask Ask
01043746899 Human BDNF EasyTest™ ELISA kit Info bioaim scientific 1010003 96 tests Ask Ask
04012487525 11-Beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1 (HSD11b1) Polyclonal Antibody Info bioma CAU24477 200 μg Ask Ask
01012614186 Calcineurin alpha Antibody ( CNA1) Info boster MA1008 0,1 mg Ask Ask
02012221680 buffer solution in 50 ml. 4.00 pH Info consort B004 100g Ask Ask
01012222902 Hepatitis C Virus'S Total Antibody Detection - Elisa'S Testing Kit Info invitrotest TK022 96 wells/plate Ask Ask
01014298195 Biocidal ZF, 1 L Info wakchimie WAK-ZF-1 1 L Ask Ask
01014588656 Mouse CD9 Human Monoclonal Antibody [VJ1/20]-PerCp Info Immunostep BD-9PP-100T 100 TESTS Ask Ask
01014591453 Solution PI (Propidium Iodide)/RNAse Info Immunostep PI/RNASE 200 TEST Ask Ask
03014407847 HRP Rabbit Anti-Camel IgG (H+L) Secondary Antibody Info ABclonal AS006 200ul Ask Ask
01014421212 Goat anti-Mouse IgG (H&L) Info Aurion 100.022 1,5 ml Ask Ask
03174421487 Chemistry Reagents for STAT FAX 1904+ / 3300 / 4500 Info Awarness Technology AWAR-TK-WM NA Ask Ask
01014421546 Chemwell-T Automated Chemistry Analyzer Info Awarness Technology AWAR-TK-CWТ 1 Ask Ask
01013748645 SuperLumia ECL HRP Substrate Kit Info Abbkine K22020-30 0.03 l Ask Ask
01013708363 Histone H3 (Tri Methyl Lys9) Monoclonal Antibody(2C3) Info Abbkine ABM40100-30 0,05 ml Ask Ask
01011969971 M-CSF Recombinant Protein Info proscience 40-620 0.01 mg Ask Ask
02014407843 HbA1c ANALYZER BK-GLH01 Close system Info Biobase BIO-BZ-1059 1 Unit Ask Ask
01014423738 HiEncap Nutrient Broth Info Himedia EC002CCL-2X75 No 2X75 No Ask Ask
01014423681 18 X 18 mm Microscope Cover Glass Info Himedia BG011C-5X(10X100) 5X(10X100) Ask Ask
01014424516 DD007-1VL Info Himedia DD007-100 X 1VL Mannose -Mo- Ask Ask
01014424824 HIPPURATE HYDROLYSIS TEST Info Himedia DD035-100X1VL 100 X 1 VL Ask Ask
01014424842 Dodeca UTI-II Info Himedia DE005-50PK 50 PACKS Ask Ask
01014423649 5mL Centrifuge Tubes Info Himedia CG277-20X(1X100)NO 20X(1X100) NO Ask Ask
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