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01022701172 Mycobacterium abscessus 2-phospho-L-lactate guanylyltransferase (cofC) -Yeast Info MBS Recombinant GEN1004505.Yeast 1000ug Ask Ask
02025479482 Bovine Protein kinase k9 ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS747272 96-Strip-Wells 865.76 Ask
01019154173 ANXA4 Antibody Info EnoGene E19-8068-2-AF405M 100ug/100ul 642.51 Ask
06015970454 Recombinant Streptococcus pyogenes serotype M12 Phosphopantetheine adenylyltransferase (coaD) Info MyBioSource MBS1321730 0.1 mg (E-Coli) 973.57 Ask
01024909692 Cat Phosphoglycerate Mutase 2 ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS055152 48-Strip-Wells 578.26 Ask
02025479370 Mouse Paired box gene 9 ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS747160 96-Strip-Wells 865.76 Ask
13025074041 Recombinant Staphylococcus aureus UPF0042 nucleotide-binding protein SAV0765 (SAV0765) Info MyBioSource MBS1110543 1 mg (E-Coli) 2135.53 Ask
01024909571 Monkey Amylase Beta ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS055029 48-Strip-Wells 578.26 Ask
05025222817 Recombinant Bacillus cereus Phosphoribosylaminoimidazole-succinocarboxamide synthase (purC) Info MyBioSource MBS1258513 0.02 mg (Yeast) 1118.40 Ask
03014877902 Sheep Aquaporin 1, Colton Blood Group ELISA Kit[Aquaporin 1, Colton Blood Group] Info MyBioSource MBS021424 5x96-Strip-Wells 5.45 Ask
02025479420 Porcine Trypsin ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS747210 96-Strip-Wells 865.76 Ask
01022701201 Desulfitobacterium hafniense Probable DNA repair protein Dhaf_3719 (Dhaf_3719)-Yeast Info MBS Recombinant GEN1004513.Yeast 1000ug Ask Ask
01017990913 Alpha-Fetoprotein (aFP) Polyclonal Antibody (Mouse), APC-Cy7 Info Cloud Clone Corp PAA153Mu01-100ul-APC-Cy7 100ul Ask Ask
01024909618 Rat Actin Related Protein 2/3 Complex Subunit 4 ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS055077 48-Strip-Wells 578.26 Ask
06015970383 Recombinant Rat Zinc fingers and homeoboxes protein 2 (Zhx2) Info MyBioSource MBS1321659 0.1 mg (E-Coli) 973.57 Ask
01019154168 RAD51 Antibody Info EnoGene E19-8066-1-AF405M 50ug/50ul 642.51 Ask
01022701229 Saccharomyces cerevisiae 54S ribosomal protein L19, mitochondrial (MRPL19) -Baculovirus Info MBS Recombinant GEN1004522.Baculovirus 100ug Ask Ask
01017990902 Alpha-2-Heremans Schmid Glycoprotein (aHSG) Polyclonal Antibody (Mouse, Rat), APC-Cy7 Info Cloud Clone Corp PAA178Ra01-100ul-APC-Cy7 100ul Ask Ask
03014877947 Fish Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Alpha ELISA Kit[Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Alpha] Info MyBioSource MBS021472 5x96-Strip-Wells 5.45 Ask
01024909633 Fish Plasminogen Activator, Urokinase ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS055093 48-Strip-Wells 578.26 Ask
13025073968 Recombinant Human adenovirus C serotype 5 Early E3A 12.5 kDa protein Info MyBioSource MBS1110470 0.1 mg (Baculovirus) 1731.51 Ask
02025479489 Sheep B cell differentiation factor ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS747279 96-Strip-Wells 865.76 Ask
05025222776 Recombinant Leptospira biflexa serovar Patoc tRNA modification GTPase MnmE (mnmE) Info MyBioSource MBS1258472 0.1 mg (E-Coli) 1449.46 Ask
06015970424 Recombinant Legionella pneumophila Putative 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase (lpp0929) Info MyBioSource MBS1321700 0.1 mg (E-Coli) 1009.50 Ask
03014877816 Horse Bone Alkaline Phosphatase ELISA Kit[Bone Alkaline Phosphatase] Info MyBioSource MBS021329 5x96-Strip-Wells 5.45 Ask
02025479508 Mouse Heat Shock Protein 27 Antibody ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS747299 96-Strip-Wells 865.76 Ask
05025222796 Recombinant Pseudomonas putida 4-hydroxy-2-oxovalerate aldolase 1 (todH) Info MyBioSource MBS1258492 0.1 mg (E-Coli) 1304.62 Ask
06015970442 Recombinant Macaca fascicularis 60S ribosomal protein L18 (RPL18) Info MyBioSource MBS1321718 0.1 mg (E-Coli) 1016.04 Ask
05025222818 Recombinant Mouse Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase 2A activator (Ppp2r4) Info MyBioSource MBS1258514 0.1 mg (E-Coli) 1250.17 Ask
13025074025 Recombinant Sphingomonas wittichii Protein TolB (tolB) Info MyBioSource MBS1110527 1 mg (E-Coli) 2502.52 Ask
01019154096 CASQ2 Antibody Info EnoGene E19-8008-1-AF405M 50ug/50ul 642.51 Ask
01024909564 Rat Cathepsin E ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS055022 48-Strip-Wells 578.26 Ask
01017991113 WNT1 Inducible Signaling Pathway Protein 1 (WISP1) Polyclonal Antibody (Mouse), APC-Cy7 Info Cloud Clone Corp PAG895Mu01-100ul-APC-Cy7 100ul Ask Ask
13025073877 Recombinant Vaccinia virus Protein B14 (VACWR196) Info MyBioSource MBS1110379 0.1 mg (Baculovirus) 1797.94 Ask
01016110736 Recombinant Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus Uncharacterized protein R369 (MIMI_R369) Info MyBioSource MBS1462025 0,05 mg (E-Coli) 1089.00 Ask
01024909579 Pigeon Inhibin Beta B ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS055037 48-Strip-Wells 578.26 Ask
06015970365 Recombinant Geobacter metallireducens Exodeoxyribonuclease 7 small subunit (xseB) Info MyBioSource MBS1321641 0.1 mg (E-Coli) 841.80 Ask
01016110751 Recombinant Drosophila melanogaster Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 29 (ix) Info MyBioSource MBS1462040 0,05 mg (E-Coli) 757.94 Ask
01024909593 Rabbit Troponin T ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS055051 48-Strip-Wells 578.26 Ask
12025069088 Recombinant Sphingomonas wittichii Imidazole glycerol phosphate synthase subunit HisF (hisF) Info MyBioSource MBS1105587 1 mg (Baculovirus) 3820.21 Ask
01024909607 Duck Neuraminidase ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS055066 48-Strip-Wells 578.26 Ask
01024909624 Cat Interleukin 1 ELISA Kit Info MyBioSource MBS055084 48-Strip-Wells 578.26 Ask
12025068927 Recombinant Human herpesvirus 7 Capsid-binding protein U65 (U65) Info MyBioSource MBS1105426 1 mg (Baculovirus) 4042.37 Ask
05025222765 Recombinant Burkholderia mallei Trigger factor (tig) Info MyBioSource MBS1258461 0.1 mg (E-Coli) 1430.95 Ask
01019154185 FAIM3 Antibody Info EnoGene E19-8075-2-AF405M 100ug/100ul 642.51 Ask
01017990926 Tissue Inhibitors Of Metalloproteinase 3 (TIMP3) Polyclonal Antibody (Rat), APC-Cy7 Info Cloud Clone Corp PAA129Ra01-100ul-APC-Cy7 100ul Ask Ask
03014877838 Rabbit Ferritin Light Polypeptide ELISA Kit[Ferritin Light Polypeptide] Info MyBioSource MBS021353 5x96-Strip-Wells 5.45 Ask
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