HiEncap Nutrient Broth

  • Catalog number
    EC002CCL-2X75 No
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  • Size
    2X75 No
  • Description
    Capsule Nutrient Broth is a culture medium, designed to be used for sustaining microorganisms and to cultivate less fastidious organisms, this product is also used in the Standard Method for Examination of Water and Waste water. suspend the capsule in distilled or purified water, heat to boiling in order to dissolve the capsules, then sterilize for 15minutes by autoclaving((121°C), blood or other biological fluids can be added to the media for enriching it.
  • Capsules required per litre
  • Qty of media per capsule gms
  • Total Qty of media prepared in litres
  • Appearance
    Gelatin capsule containing cream to yellow coloured granular media
  • Gelling
  • Colour and Clarity of prepared medium
    Light amber coloured clear solution in tubes
  • Quantity
    Each capsule contains 3.25 grams of medium sufficient for 250 ml media
  • Reaction
    Reaction of 1.3% w/v aqueous solution at 25°C. pH : 7.4±0.2
  • PH
  • Cultural Response
    Cultural characteristics observed after an incubation at 35-37°C for 18-48 hours.
  • Composition g l
    Peptic digest of animal tissue 5.000 Sodium chloride 5.000 Beef extract 1.500 Yeast extract 1.500 Final pH ( at 25°C) 7.4±0.2
  • Storage
    Store below 30°C in tightly closed container and the prepared medium at 2-8°C.
  • Properties
    º C. The broth is a modified culture medium for culturing isolated or enriched bacteria, yeasts and micro organisms.The buffered pH and low salt content of these media broths will ensure a perfect growth of the pathogens to be detected. The broth or culture medium is supplied in 500gr and 5 x 500gr quntities by Himedia. The broth's MSDS certificate is supplied for appoval of our broth's batch quality. The screening and selective enrichment of these pathogens and bacteriacan also be obtained by other broths and selective culture media supplements.
  • Gene target
  • Short name
    HiEncap Nutrient Broth
  • Alternative name
    HiEncap Nutrient liquid media base
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