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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
02024736083Troponin I free serumInfo HyTest 8TFS-50ML 56 mL462.35Ask
02024736082Myoglobin free serumInfo HyTest 8MFS-50ML 55 mL462.35Ask
02024736081Myeloperoxidase free serumInfo HyTest 8MPFS-50ML 54 mL462.35Ask
02024736080Fatty Acid Binding Protein (FABP) free serumInfo HyTest 8FFS-50ML 53 mL462.35Ask
02024736079Cystatin C free serumInfo HyTest 8CCFS-50ML 52 mL462.35Ask
02024736077BNP and NT-proBNP free plasmaInfo HyTest 8BFP-50ML 50 mL610.57Ask
01024735628Osteocalcin, Human (Mabs 2H9, 6F9)Info HyTest 4OC8-1MG 1 Mg402.62Ask
01024735530Influenza Virus B Group AntIg en, 2/3Info HyTest 3IF18-1MG 1 Mg365.01Ask
01016776380ThyroglobulinInfo HyTest 8TG52-4X01MG 4X0,1 Mg320.77Ask
01016776379Calmodulin from bovine brainInfo HyTest 8C10b-4X01MG 4X0,1 Mg358.38Ask
01016776377ThyroglobulinInfo HyTest 8TG52-2X05MG 2X0,5 Mg321.88Ask
01016776376Myelin, Basic ProteinInfo HyTest 8M79-2X05MG 2X0,5 Mg332.94Ask
01016776375C-Reactive Protein (CRP)Info HyTest 8C72-2X05MG 2X0,5 Mg348.42Ask
01016776374Calmodulin from bovine brainInfo HyTest 8C10b-2X05MG 2X0,5 Mg358.38Ask
01014736076Rubella virus E2, recombinantInfo HyTest 8RVE2-01MG 0,1 Mg294.22Ask
01014736075Rubella virus E1, mosaic, recombinantInfo HyTest 8RVE1-01MG 0,1 Mg294.22Ask
01014736074Respiratory Syncytial VirusInfo HyTest 8RSV79-01MG 0,1 Mg423.64Ask
01014736073Parainfluenza Virus, Type 3Info HyTest 8P76-3-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736072Parainfluenza Virus, Type 2Info HyTest 8P76-2-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736071Parainfluenza Virus, Type 1Info HyTest 8P76-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736070B/Florida/04/06Info HyTest 8IN75-6-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736069B/Florida/07/04Info HyTest 8IN75-5-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736068B/Malaysia/2506/04Info HyTest 8IN75-4-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736067Influenza B Virus , strain B/Victoria/504/00Info HyTest 8IN75-3-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736066Influenza B Virus , strain B/Tokio/53/99Info HyTest 8IN75-2-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736065A/Brisbane/10/06Info HyTest 8IN74-4-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736064A/Wisconsin/67/05Info HyTest 8IN74-3-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736063Influenza A (H3N2) Virus, strain A/Kiev/301/94Info HyTest 8IN74-2-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736062Influenza virus, type A (H3N2), strain A/Panama/2007/99Info HyTest 8IN74-1-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736061Influenza virus, type A (H3N2),strain A/Shangdong/9/93Info HyTest 8IN74-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736060A/Solomon Islands/03/06 (H1N1)Info HyTest 8IN73-4-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736059Influenza A (H1N1) Virus, strain A/New Caledonia/20/99 IVR 116Info HyTest 8IN73-3-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736058Influenza A (H1N1) Virus, strain A/Beijing/262/95Info HyTest 8IN73-2-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736057Influenza A (H1N1) Virus, strain A/Taiwan/1/86Info HyTest 8IN73-01MG 0,1 Mg383.82Ask
01014736056Human Papillomavirus L1 protein (HPVL1), recombinant, type 18Info HyTest 8HPV18-01MG 0,1 Mg807.45Ask
01014736055Human Papillomavirus L1 protein (HPVL1), recombinant, type 16Info HyTest 8HPV16-01MG 0,1 Mg807.45Ask
01014736054Hepatitis E virus (HEV), capsid protein (ORF2), recombinantInfo HyTest 8HEV3-01MG 0,1 Mg423.64Ask
01014736053HBsAg, Recombinant, Subtype adwInfo HyTest 8HS7-2ad-01MG 0,1 Mg377.18Ask
01014736052HBsAg, Recombinant, Subtype aywInfo HyTest 8HS7ay-01MG 0,1 Mg377.18Ask
01014736051Adenovirus, type 6 New ProductInfo HyTest 8AV13-01MG 0,1 Mg433.59Ask
01014736050Troponin T Skeletal Muscle from BovineInfo HyTest 8T24b-01MG 0,1 Mg505.49Ask
01014736049Troponin T Skeletal Muscle from RabbitInfo HyTest 8T24rb-01MG 0,1 Mg1077.34Ask
01014736048Troponin T Skeletal Muscle from PorcineInfo HyTest 8T24p-01MG 0,1 Mg1077.34Ask
01014736047Troponin T Skeletal Muscle from CanineInfo HyTest 8T24c-01MG 0,1 Mg1077.34Ask
01014736046Troponin T Skeletal Muscle from RatInfo HyTest 8T24r-01MG 0,1 Mg1077.34Ask
01014736045Troponin T Skeletal Muscle from MouseInfo HyTest 8T24m-01MG 0,1 Mg1077.34Ask
01014736044Troponin T Skeletal MuscleInfo HyTest 8T24-01MG 0,1 Mg536.46Ask
01014736043Troponin T Cardiac from RabbitInfo HyTest 8T13rb-01MG 0,1 Mg1077.34Ask
01014736042Troponin T Cardiac from BovineInfo HyTest 8T13b-01MG 0,1 Mg793.07Ask
01014736041Troponin T Cardiac from PorchineInfo HyTest 8T13p-01MG 0,1 Mg1077.34Ask
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