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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
04025506199Anti-ADH7 AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS821877 0,03 mL254.02Ask
03025530198ADH7 AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS852261 0,1 mg331.03Ask
03025494698ADH7 Rabbit PolyclonalInfo MyBioSource MBS766398 0,1 mg394.24Ask
03025346756ADH7 Immunizing PeptideInfo MyBioSource MBS425788 0,1 mg298.84Ask
03025343518Goat anti-ADH7 AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS421006 0,1 mg343.67Ask
03025341263Anti-ADH7 AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS418590 0,2 mL545.97Ask
03025238886ADH7 cDNA CloneInfo MyBioSource MBS1273745 Inquire0.00Ask
03024862201Rabbit ADH7 AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS004480 0,05 mL399.99Ask
03022220984Adh7 Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Epigen A65186-050 50 µg368.96Ask
03022220983Adh7 Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Epigen A65186-100 100 µg494.24Ask
03022213736ADH7 Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Epigen A55635-100 100 µg494.24Ask
03022213735ADH7 Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Epigen A55635-050 50 µg368.96Ask
03021744965ADH7 siRNAInfo abbex abx906859 15 nmol682.74Ask
03021744964ADH7 siRNAInfo abbex abx906858 15 nmol682.74Ask
03021738297ADH7 siRNAInfo abbex abx900191 15 nmol682.74Ask
03021698263ADH7 AntibodyInfo abbex abx148013 100 μg388.50Ask
03021652828ADH7 Blocking PeptideInfo abbex abx062216 1 mg349.42Ask
03021644663ADH7 AntibodyInfo abbex abx034479 100 μl349.42Ask
03021629593ADH7 AntibodyInfo abbex abx014164 100 μg408.04Ask
03021625652ADH7 AntibodyInfo abbex abx009615 30 μl310.34Ask
03021621744ADH7 AntibodyInfo abbex abx005661 10 μl113.79Ask
03015506199Anti-ADH7 Antibody[ADH7]Info MyBioSource MBS821877 0.2 mL0.00Ask
02021909386Rabbit ADH7 antibodyInfo fitzgerald 70R-49341 100 ul626.42Ask
02021909384Rabbit ADH7 antibodyInfo fitzgerald 70R-34009 100 ug488.50Ask
02021909355Rabbit ADH antibodyInfo fitzgerald 70R-12387 100 ug558.61Ask
02021909354Rabbit ADH antibodyInfo fitzgerald 70R-11971 100 ug591.94Ask
02021744965ADH7 siRNAInfo abbex abx906859 30 nmol937.91Ask
02021744964ADH7 siRNAInfo abbex abx906858 30 nmol937.91Ask
02021738297ADH7 siRNAInfo abbex abx900191 30 nmol937.91Ask
02021698263ADH7 AntibodyInfo abbex abx148013 200 μg466.66Ask
02021668367ADH7 Antibody (Biotin)Info abbex abx105112 100 μg486.20Ask
02021652828ADH7 Blocking PeptideInfo abbex abx062216 5 mg545.97Ask
02021644663ADH7 AntibodyInfo abbex abx034479 400 μl466.66Ask
02021629593ADH7 AntibodyInfo abbex abx014164 200 μg526.43Ask
02021625652ADH7 AntibodyInfo abbex abx009615 100 μl388.50Ask
02021621744ADH7 AntibodyInfo abbex abx005661 50 μl486.20Ask
02015530198ADH7 Antibody[ADH7]Info MyBioSource MBS852261 NA0.00Ask
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