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01014588301 Absolute Counting Tubes StepCount, 25 tests Info Immunostep STP-25T 25 tests Ask Ask
01014588302 Absolute Counting Tubes StepCount Kit1, 50 tests Info Immunostep STPKIT1-50T 50 tests Ask Ask
01014588303 Absolute Counting Tubes StepCount Kit2, 50 tests Info Immunostep STPKIT2-50T 50 tests Ask Ask
01014588304 Absolute Counting Tubes StepCouint Kit3, 50 tests Info Immunostep STPKIT3-50T 50 tests Ask Ask
01014588305 Absolute Counting Tubes StepCount Kit4, 50 tests Info Immunostep STPKIT4-50T 50 tests Ask Ask
01014588306 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Anti-LMO-1 Info Immunostep LMO1ACMO 0,2mg/ml (0,1mg) Ask Ask
01014588307 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Anti-GST Info Immunostep GSTACMO 0,2mg/ml (0,1mg) Ask Ask
01014588308 Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Anti Caspase-3 active Info Immunostep CAS3PU 0,1 ml Ask Ask
01014588309 Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Anti-cKit Info Immunostep CKITACPO 0,2mg/ml (0,1mg) Ask Ask
01014588310 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Anti-IL8 Info Immunostep IL8ACMO 0,2mg/ml (0,1mg) Ask Ask
01014588311 Mouse Monoclonal antibody Anti-IL17D Info Immunostep IL17DACMO 0,2mg/ml (0,1mg) Ask Ask
01014588312 Mouse Monoclonal antibody Anti-CCND2 Info Immunostep CCND2ACMO 0,2mg/ml (0,1mg) Ask Ask
01014588313 Mouse Monoclonal antibody Anti-CD177 Info Immunostep CD177ACMO 0,2mg/ml (0,1mg) Ask Ask
01014588314 Mouse Monoclonal antibody Anti-IL7D Info Immunostep IL7ACMO 0,2mg/ml (0,1mg) Ask Ask
01014588316 Unconjugated Rat IgG2a Isotype Control Info Immunostep RICIGG2A-05MG 500 µg Ask Ask
01014588317 FITC-Conjugated Rat IgG1 Isotype Control Info Immunostep RICIGG1-02MG 200 µg Ask Ask
01014588318 Unconjugated Rabbit Polyclonal IgG Isotype Control Info Immunostep RBPLPU-01MG 100 µg Ask Ask
01014588319 FITC-Conjugated Rabbit Polyclonal IgG Isotype Control Info Immunostep RBPLF-100T 100 test Ask Ask
01014588320 PE-Conjugated Rabbit Polyclonal IgG Isotype Control Info Immunostep RBPLPE-100T 100 test Ask Ask
01014588321 RBC Lysis Solution 10X Info Immunostep RBC10X-50ML 50 ml Ask Ask
01014588322 IntraCell Info Immunostep INTRA-50T 50 test Ask Ask
01014588323 IntraCell Info Immunostep INTRA-100T 100 test Ask Ask
01014588324 IntraCell Info Immunostep INTRA-200T 200 test Ask Ask
01014588325 IntraCell Info Immunostep INTRA-500T 500 test Ask Ask
01014588326 IntraCell Staining Solution Info Immunostep INTRA-V50T 50 test Ask Ask
01014588327 IntraCell Staining Solution Info Immunostep INTRA-V100T 100 test Ask Ask
01014588328 IntraCell Staining Solution Info Immunostep INTRA-V200T 200 test Ask Ask
01014588329 IntraCell Staining Solution Info Immunostep INTRA-V500T 500 test Ask Ask
01014588330 PI/RNAse Info Immunostep PI/RNASE-200 200 test Ask Ask
01014588331 7AAD Solution Info Immunostep 7AAD-400 400 test Ask Ask
01014588332 7AAD Staining Solution Info Immunostep 7AAD 400 test Ask Ask
01014588333 PI Solution Info Immunostep PI-400 400 test Ask Ask
01014588334 PI Staining Solution Info Immunostep PI 400 test Ask Ask
01014588335 FcR blocking Reagent Info Immunostep FCR-2ML 2 ml, 200 test Ask Ask
01014588336 FcR blocking Reagent Info Immunostep FCR-4ML 4 ml, 400 test Ask Ask
01014588337 CSF Tubes Info Immunostep 213361-V6 6 tube pack Ask Ask
01014588338 CSF Tubes Info Immunostep 213361-V25 25 tube pack Ask Ask
01014588339 CSF Tubes Info Immunostep 213361-V100 100 tube pack Ask Ask
01014588340 Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit with PI-FITC Info Immunostep ANXVKF-100T 100 TEST Ask Ask
01014588341 Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit with 7AAD-FITC Info Immunostep ANXVKF7-100T 100 TEST Ask Ask
01014588342 Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit with 7AAD-PE Info Immunostep ANXVKPE-100T 100 TEST Ask Ask
01014588343 Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit with PI-DY-634 Info Immunostep ANXVKDY-100T 100 TEST Ask Ask
01014588344 Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit with PI-Biotin Info Immunostep ANXVKB-100T 100 TEST Ask Ask
01014588345 Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit with PI-CF-Blue™ Info Immunostep ANXVKCFB-100T 100 TEST Ask Ask
01014588346 Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit with 7AAD-CF-Blue™ Info Immunostep ANXVKCFB7-100T 100 TEST Ask Ask
01014588347 Annexin V-FITC Info Immunostep ANXVF-200T 200 TEST Ask Ask
01014588348 Annexin V-PE Info Immunostep ANXVPE-200T 200 TEST Ask Ask
01014588349 Annexin V-DY-634 Info Immunostep ANXVDY-200T 200 TEST Ask Ask
01014588350 Annexin V-Biotin Info Immunostep ANXVB-200T 200 TEST Ask Ask
01014588351 Annexin V-CF-Blue™ Info Immunostep ANXVCFB-200T 200 TEST Ask Ask
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