MCSF Receptor Antibody (pSer807 + pTyr809): PerCP

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  • Size
    100 µl
  • Alernative name
    Rabbit Anti-Human MCSF Receptor (pSer807 + pTyr809) Polyclonal
  • Target
    MCSF Receptor (pSer807 + pTyr809)
  • Conjugate
  • Research Area s
    Immunology , Innate Immunity , Macrophage , Immunology , Innate Immunity , Cytokines , Cardiovascular System , Atherosclerosis , Vascular Inflammation , Inflammatory Mediators
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  • Immunogen
    A phospho-specific peptide corresponding to residues surrounding Ser807 and Tyr809 of human CSF1R (AA804-813)
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  • Gene ID
  • Swiss Prot
  • Applications
    WB , AM
  • Host Species
  • Species Reactivity Full Name
  • Storage Buffer
    PBS pH7.4, 50% glycerol, 0.025% Thimerosal
  • Concentration
  • Specificity
    Detects 107.984 kDa.
  • Storage Temperature
  • Shipping Temperature
    Blue Ice or 4°C
  • Properties
    If you buy Antibodies supplied by StressMarq they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.
  • Additional conjugate
    Peridinin chlorophyll (PerCP)
  • Description
    The receptors are ligand binding factors of type 1, 2 or 3 and protein-molecules that receive chemical-signals from outside a cell. When such chemical-signals couple or bind to a receptor, they cause some form of cellular/tissue-response, e.g. a change in the electrical-activity of a cell. In this sense, am olfactory receptor is a protein-molecule that recognizes and responds to endogenous-chemical signals, chemokinesor cytokines e.g. an acetylcholine-receptor recognizes and responds to its endogenous-ligand, acetylcholine. However, sometimes in pharmacology, the term is also used to include other proteins that are drug-targets, such as enzymes, transporters and ion-channels.
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  • Gene target
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  • Short name
    MCSF Receptor Antibody (pSer807 + pTyr809): PerCP
  • Technique
    Antibody, Percp, antibodies against human proteins, antibodies for, Peridinin chlorophyll protein (PerCP) has a 677 nanometer maximum emission, red, when excited at 488 nanometers and the MCSF Receptor Antibody (pSer807 + pTyr809): PerCP is detected on the FL3 detector of a FACSCalibur or FACScan. A PerCP dye is also available (PerCP-Cy5.5, also written Cy5.5-PerCP). PerCP is not suited for the high-powered lasing (>150mW) applications, such as on a MoFlo, due to it photobleaching (features/ qualities/ traits). PerCP conjugates can only be received/be gotten from the Becton Dickinson/Pharmingen group of companies or from StressMarq.
  • Label
  • Alternative name
    MCSF Receptor (antibody to-) (pSer807 + pTyr809): PerCP
  • Alternative technique
    antibodies, antibodies-percp
Gene info
MeSH Data
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  • Concept
    Scope note: Identification of proteins or peptides that have been electrophoretically separated by blot transferring from the electrophoresis gel to strips of nitrocellulose paper, followed by labeling with antibody probes.
  • Tree numbers
    • E05.196.401.143
    • E05.301.300.096
    • E05.478.566.320.200
    • E05.601.262
    • E05.601.470.320.200
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    ethics, trends, veterinary, history, classification, economics, instrumentation, methods, standards, statistics & numerical data
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