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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01010003029IgG-RF STRIPPER ReagentInfo genways GWB-Q00233 1 vial493.12Ask
01010003531Immunoglobulin G (IgG) H&L, Rabbit -RHODAMINEInfo genways GWB-DB4F83 1 vial537.20Ask
01010003950Mouse IgG (H/L) antibody (Alk. Phos.) (Multi Species Adsorbed)Info genways GWB-36592A 1 x 1 vial617.17Ask
01010004459IgG antibody (Goat anti Rabbit) (H&L)Info genways GWB-AB00ED 1 vial392.65Ask
01010004472Goat IgG Isotype ControlInfo genways GWB-1D14C3 1 x 1 vial181.46Ask
01010005450Anti- Goat anti-Rabbit IgG AntibodyInfo MBS Polyclonals GEN8504147 100 Tests379.32Ask
01010005673Rabbit Anti-Chicken IgG Antibody (H+L), Biotin ConjugatedInfo Bioss Secondary Antibodies bs-0310R-Biotin 0.2ml124.05Ask
01010005786IgG antibody (Goat anti Rabbit) (H&L)Info genways GWB-AC3EDA 1 vial474.67Ask
01010005879Mouse antibody to or anti-Human IgG ( chain specificity), antibodyInfo genways GWB-5FBFD0 1 tube397.78Ask
01010006552Human Anti-hepatitis A virus antibody IgG (HAV-Ab-IgG) ELISA KitInfo ab-elisa elisas AE62317HU 96 wells plate788.38Ask
01010007512Mouse IgG, Clone: LO-MG-7, Rat Mouse Monoclonal antibody-, HRPInfo accurate-monoclonals YM5052P 1000ul2342.58Ask
01010009472Immunoglobulin G (IgG), Mouse -HRPInfo genways GWB-1CBBAE 1 x 1 vial557.71Ask
01010010920Anti- IgG(H+L) AntibodyInfo MBS Polyclonals GEN8500871 0.1 ml306.53Ask
01010013688IgG Fc, Clone: MK 1 A6, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human, HRPInfo accurate-monoclonals OBT0162P 200ug5.13Ask
01010014678Equine IgG 96 well plate ELISA assayInfo genways GWB-374Z33 1 x 1 vial609.99Ask
01010015824Anti- Goat anti-mouse IgG AntibodyInfo MBS Polyclonals GEN8502546 0.5 ml379.32Ask
01010016106Hamster IgG Isotype ControlInfo genways GWB-528DB9 1 x 1 vial503.37Ask
01010016109Dog IgG/A/M antibodyInfo genways GWB-Q00136 1 vial629.47Ask
01010016700Donkey antibody to or anti-Mouse IgG (H+L)Info genways GWB-EE812D 1 vial311.66Ask
01010017588Human Anti-Human Placenta Type V Collagen IgG Antibody Assay Kit, TMBInfo Chondrocytes and collagens 20851T 1 antibody Assay test or ELISA kit623.32Ask
01010017723IgG antibody (H&L)Info genways GWB-B4E7ED 1 vial534.13Ask
01010018247antibody to or anti- B-2 Microglobulin (Human Urine) IgG Fraction antibodyInfo genways GWB-838600 1 vial866.29Ask
01010018762Goat F(ab) antibody to or anti-Human IgG ( chain specificity)Info genways GWB-E2BF08 1 vial345.49Ask
01010019964Immunoglobulin G (IgG), Armenian Hamster -HRPInfo genways GWB-2CDF79 1 x 1 vial593.59Ask
01010021359Rabbit F(ab')2 antibody to or anti-Rat IgG (H+L)Info genways GWB-96E789 1 vial452.11Ask
01010021550Rhodamine labelled Affinity Purified antibody to or anti-MOUSE IgG F(c) (RABBIT)Info genways GWB-250956 1 x 1 vial339.34Ask
01010022727Bovine IgG ELISA kit, No Crossreactivity with Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, or Human IgGInfo Kamiya KT-623 96 well plate561.81Ask
01010023355Immunoglobulin G (IgG) Fab`2 DogInfo genways GWB-3EC701 1 x 1 vial486.97Ask
01010023619Immunoglobulin G (IgG) Fab CatInfo genways GWB-DD94A6 1 vial534.13Ask
01010023620Bovine IgG 96 well plate ELISA assayInfo genways GWB-374Z04 1 x 1 vial609.99Ask
01010023767Donkey antibody to or anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L)Info genways GWB-80F124 1 volume345.49Ask
01010024189Human IgG common (4 subclasses), Clone: NI335/NI343, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-, HRPInfo accurate-monoclonals YNMAHIgGCP 200ug1284.58Ask
01010024923Human Anti-papillomavirus type 17 IgG antibody (HPV17-Ab-IgG) ELISA KitInfo ab-elisa elisas AE62586HU 48 wells plate512.60Ask
01010025028Goat F(ab')2 IgG Isotype ControlInfo genways GWB-ECE6CB 1 vial384.45Ask
01010025183Goat F(ab')2 antibody to or anti-Human IgG ( chain specificity)Info genways GWB-4E21C0 1 x 1 vial315.76Ask
01010025722Goat antibody to or anti-Guinea Pig IgG (H+L)Info genways GWB-35B2E6 1 x 1 vial226.57Ask
01010025821Mouse IgG antibody (biotin conjugated)Info genways GWB-429DDB 1 x 1 vial617.17Ask
01010025857Rabbit IgG (gamma) (not fully characterized), Clone: SVB2, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-, HRPInfo accurate-monoclonals YSVMS1-E 200 ul1509.09Ask
01010025966Human IgG (gamma), Clone: A57H, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Info accurate-monoclonals BMDV1115 500ul294.23Ask
01010026336Goat antibody to or anti-Hamster IgG (H+L)Info genways GWB-D6DDD7 1 vial255.27Ask
01010026984Chicken IgG (gamma), Clone: 009-01, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Info accurate-monoclonals HYB009-01 0.2mg5.13Ask
01010031150Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgGInfo genways GWB-B784BE 1 vial282.96Ask
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