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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
04025505913Anti-NEMF AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS821574 0,03 mL249.04Ask
03025149640Recombinant Human Nuclear export mediator factor NEMF (NEMF), partialInfo MyBioSource MBS1186164 Inquire0.00Ask
03021763847NEMF siRNAInfo abbex abx925743 15 nmol669.38Ask
03021763846NEMF siRNAInfo abbex abx925742 15 nmol669.38Ask
03021683723SDCCAG1 AntibodyInfo abbex abx123197 50 μl631.06Ask
03021654157NEMF Blocking PeptideInfo abbex abx063553 1 mg342.58Ask
03021624495NEMF AntibodyInfo abbex abx008452 30 μl304.26Ask
03015507630NEMF Blocking Peptide[NEMF]Info MyBioSource MBS823328 NA0.00Ask
03015505913Anti-NEMF Antibody[NEMF]Info MyBioSource MBS821574 0.2 mL0.00Ask
02021958464Rabbit SDCCAG1 antibodyInfo fitzgerald 70R-20128 50 ul591.62Ask
02021946628Rabbit NEMF antibodyInfo fitzgerald 70R-50678 100 ul614.16Ask
02021763847NEMF siRNAInfo abbex abx925743 30 nmol919.55Ask
02021763846NEMF siRNAInfo abbex abx925742 30 nmol919.55Ask
02021683723SDCCAG1 AntibodyInfo abbex abx123197 200 μl1151.69Ask
02021654157NEMF Blocking PeptideInfo abbex abx063553 5 mg535.28Ask
02021624495NEMF AntibodyInfo abbex abx008452 100 μl380.89Ask
02010865476Anti- NEMF AntibodyInfo MBS Polyclonals GEN2522669 0.06 ml298.63Ask
02010419843Anti- NEMF AntibodyInfo MBS Polyclonals GEN2517479 0.06 ml298.63Ask
02010164395Anti- SDCCAG1 AntibodyInfo MBS Polyclonals GEN9127706 50ug411.32Ask
01025662048Rabbit Anti Human,Mouse,Rat NEMF Antibody-Non-conjugatedInfo Cusabio CSB-PA020895GA01HU_50ul 50ul329.05Ask
01025655774Rabbit Anti Human,Mouse,Rat NEMF Antibody-Non-conjugatedInfo Cusabio CSB-PA020895GA01HU_150ul 150ul633.32Ask
01025507630NEMF Blocking PeptideInfo MyBioSource MBS823328 1 mg255.81Ask
01024775778SDCCAG1 Primary AntibodyInfo EnoGene E94275 100μg456.39Ask
01024771579NY-CO-1 Polyclonal Primary AntibodyInfo EnoGene E20-73215 100ug422.59Ask
01021840711anti-SDCCAG1 Antibody, 30 ВµlInfo acr CPA2359-30ul 30 Вµl367.37Ask
01021840710anti-SDCCAG1 Antibody, 0,2 mlInfo acr CPA2359-200ul 0,2 ml775.31Ask
01021840709anti-SDCCAG1 Antibody, 0,1 mlInfo acr CPA2359-100ul 0,1 ml498.09Ask
01021829367anti-SDCCAG1 Antibody, 0,1 mgInfo acr C10140-2 0,1 mg563.45Ask
01021829366anti-SDCCAG1 Antibody, 50 ВµgInfo acr C10140-1 50 Вµg391.03Ask
01021624495NEMF AntibodyInfo abbex abx008452 200 μl496.96Ask
01017086117NEMF Rabbit pAbInfo EnoGene E2862174 100ul422.59Ask
01016946123Nuclear export mediator factor NEMF (SDCCAG1), Human, ELISA KitInfo Glorybioscience GBS-F4533 1 Kit605.15Ask
01016787994NEMF AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-37902 100ul483.44Ask
01016758724NEMF AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS9411332 0,1 mL374.13Ask
01016675615Human Nuclear export mediator factor NEMF, SDCCAG1 ELISA KitInfo MyBioSource MBS9323650 48-Strip-Wells598.38Ask
01016654937SDCCAG1 Antibody (N-term) Blocking PeptideInfo MyBioSource MBS9223716 0,1 mg249.04Ask
01016634935SDCCAG1 Antibody (N-term)Info MyBioSource MBS9202679 0,08 mL249.04Ask
01016622870NY-CO-1 Polyclonal AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS8524196 0,1 mg416.95Ask
01016602398SDCCAG1 AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS8503670 0,1 mg442.87Ask
01016582956NEMF shRNA Plasmid (Mouse)Info MyBioSource MBS8275548 0,15 mg729.10Ask
01016563516NEMF shRNA Plasmid (Human)Info MyBioSource MBS8256108 0,15 mg729.10Ask
01016532807NEMF siRNA (Mouse)Info MyBioSource MBS8225398 15 nmol510.49Ask
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