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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
04025267540IgE, Human Myeloma PlasmaInfo MyBioSource MBS135577 0,1 mg673.55Ask
04025267533IgD, Human Myeloma PlasmaInfo MyBioSource MBS135570 0,1 mg572.40Ask
03025426301IgE, Kappa, Myeloma, RatInfo MyBioSource MBS655055 0,1 mg724.12Ask
03025426033IgG2c, Kappa, Rat MyelomaInfo MyBioSource MBS654760 0,5 mg870.10Ask
03025426019IgE, Lambda, Myeloma, HumanInfo MyBioSource MBS654746 0,1 mg972.39Ask
03025406064IgE, Epsilon, MyelomaInfo MyBioSource MBS628061 0,1 mL412.63Ask
03025327499Human Myeloma IgEInfo MyBioSource MBS318250 0,1 mg1022.97Ask
03025295567HUMAN IgE LAMBDA MYELOMAInfo MyBioSource MBS230290 0,1 mg756.31Ask
03025236532MYEOV cDNA CloneInfo MyBioSource MBS1271556 Inquire0.00Ask
03021763234MYEOV siRNAInfo abbex abx925130 15 nmol682.74Ask
03021763233MYEOV2 siRNAInfo abbex abx925129 15 nmol682.74Ask
03021763232MYEOV2 siRNAInfo abbex abx925128 15 nmol682.74Ask
03021685124MYEOV AntibodyInfo abbex abx124605 50 μl643.66Ask
03021677160MYEOV AntibodyInfo abbex abx113918 50 μl466.66Ask
02021763234MYEOV siRNAInfo abbex abx925130 30 nmol937.91Ask
02021763233MYEOV2 siRNAInfo abbex abx925129 30 nmol937.91Ask
02021763232MYEOV2 siRNAInfo abbex abx925128 30 nmol937.91Ask
02021685124MYEOV AntibodyInfo abbex abx124605 200 μl1174.69Ask
02021677160MYEOV AntibodyInfo abbex abx113918 150 μl840.21Ask
02021651795Human Myeloma IgM ProteinInfo abbex abx061006 2 mg722.97Ask
02021651794Human Myeloma IgM ProteinInfo abbex abx061005 5 mg427.58Ask
02021651793Human Myeloma IgG1 kappa ProteinInfo abbex abx061004 1 mg486.20Ask
02021651792Human Myeloma IgE kappa ProteinInfo abbex abx061001 1 mg3570.04Ask
02021651791Human Myeloma IgE ProteinInfo abbex abx061000 100 μg1527.55Ask
02021651790Human Myeloma IgA2 kappa ProteinInfo abbex abx060999 1 mg466.66Ask
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