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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
07025570303Anti-Interleukin 22 (IL22)-Rabbit polyclonal AntibodyInfo Cloud Clone Corp PAC032Hu01 10ug288.00Ask
07025569856Anti-Interleukin 27 (IL27)-Rabbit polyclonal AntibodyInfo Cloud Clone Corp PAA385Mu01 10ug278.96Ask
07025569855Anti-Interleukin 27 (IL27)-Rabbit polyclonal AntibodyInfo Cloud Clone Corp PAA385Ra01 10ug285.74Ask
07025568228Anti-Interleukin 17D (IL17D)-Rabbit polyclonal AntibodyInfo Cloud Clone Corp PAD346Hu01 10ug288.00Ask
07025568227Anti-Interleukin 17D (IL17D)-Rabbit polyclonal AntibodyInfo Cloud Clone Corp PAD346Ra01 10ug298.16Ask
07012581434CD123, IL-3Ra AntibodyInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370017 1 mililiter Concentrate1054.86Ask
06015572816Eukaryotic Interleukin 22 (IL22)Info Cloud Clone Corp EPC032Hu61 1mg5590.53Ask
06015571989Active Interleukin 17D (IL17D)Info Cloud Clone Corp APD346Hu01 1mg4235.25Ask
06012581434CD123, IL-3Ra AntibodyInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370017 500ul Concentrate649.41Ask
05015572816Eukaryotic Interleukin 22 (IL22)Info Cloud Clone Corp EPC032Hu61 500ug3783.49Ask
05015571989Active Interleukin 17D (IL17D)Info Cloud Clone Corp APD346Hu01 500ug2879.97Ask
05012581434CD123, IL-3Ra AntibodyInfo MBS Monoclonals GEN370017 15 ml1010.81Ask
04025553343Recombinant Human Interleukin-22 protein (IL22) (Active)Info MyBioSource MBS969307 0,002 mg199.90Ask
04025528078Human CellExp IL-1 beta/IL-1F2; Human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS846947 0,01 mg362.54Ask
04025526496IL-1 alpha, rat recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS845365 0,01 mg355.76Ask
04025526462IL-12p40, human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS845331 0,01 mg343.34Ask
04025526454IL-10, rat recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS845323 0,01 mg355.76Ask
04025526442IL-36gamma, Human RecombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS845311 0,01 mg380.61Ask
04025526415IL-22, murine recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS845284 0,01 mg343.34Ask
04025526287Human CellExp IL-6, Human RecombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS845156 0,01 mg325.27Ask
04025526244IL-10, human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS845113 0,01 mg343.34Ask
04025526202IL-17D, Human RecombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS845071 0,01 mg299.29Ask
04025526093IL-1 alpha, murine recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844960 0,01 mg343.34Ask
04025526088IL-36beta, Human RecombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844955 0,01 mg380.61Ask
04025526006IL-12p80, Human RecombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844873 0,01 mg511.62Ask
04025525960IL-3, murine recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844827 0,01 mg343.34Ask
04025525870IL-1 beta, rat recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844736 0,01 mg355.76Ask
04025525853IL-8 (77 a.a.), human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844719 0,025 mg343.34Ask
04025525816IL-1 RA, human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844682 0,02 mg237.17Ask
04025525729IL-27b / EBI-3, human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844595 0,02 mg350.11Ask
04025525611IL-27 / EBI-3, murine recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844474 0,02 mg350.11Ask
04025525558IL-8 (72 a.a.), human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844421 0,025 mg343.34Ask
04025525502Human CellExp IL-1beta, Human RecombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844365 0,01 mg511.62Ask
04025525491IL-2 Receptor alpha, Human RecombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844354 0,01 mg299.29Ask
04025525473IL-22, human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844336 0,01 mg343.34Ask
04025525437IL-6, murine recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844300 0,01 mg343.34Ask
04025525436Human CellExp IL-1 RII / CD121b, human recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844299 0,01 mg343.34Ask
04025525413Human CellExp IL-6 Ralpha, Human RecombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844275 0,01 mg306.07Ask
04025525398Human CellExp IL-3, Human RecombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844260 0,01 mg499.19Ask
04025525357IL-1 RA, murine recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844218 0,01 mg249.60Ask
04025525330IL-1 beta, murine recombinantInfo MyBioSource MBS844190 0,01 mg343.34Ask
04025522511IL-12p40 AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS841354 0,03 mg243.95Ask
04025522098IL-10 AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS840916 0,03 mg243.95Ask
04025505819Anti-IL-17RC AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS821475 0,03 mL249.60Ask
04025505621Anti-IL-8 AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS821263 0,03 mL249.60Ask
04025441164Human IL-12p80Info MyBioSource MBS696200 0,002 mg212.33Ask
04025441128Human IL-36gammaInfo MyBioSource MBS696163 0,002 mg212.33Ask
04025441041Human IL-22Info MyBioSource MBS696069 0,002 mg212.33Ask
04025441039Human IL-17DInfo MyBioSource MBS696067 0,005 mg212.33Ask
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