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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
04025287249CENPP, 1-288aa, Human, His tag, E ColiInfo MyBioSource MBS205014 0,1 mg445.07Ask
04025273311Recombinant Human Centromere Protein-PInfo MyBioSource MBS146308 0,005 mg232.16Ask
04025247586Recombinant Danio rerio Centromere protein P (cenpp)Info MyBioSource MBS1281834 0,05 mg (E-Coli)913.93Ask
03025496123CENPP Rabbit PolyclonalInfo MyBioSource MBS767823 0,1 mg388.45Ask
03025238016CENPP cDNA CloneInfo MyBioSource MBS1272934 Inquire0.00Ask
03021749574CENPP siRNAInfo abbex abx911468 15 nmol672.71Ask
03021749573CENPP siRNAInfo abbex abx911467 15 nmol672.71Ask
03021727991Centromere Protein-P Protein (Recombinant)Info abbex abx261213 5 µg286.52Ask
03021699478CENPP AntibodyInfo abbex abx149228 100 μg382.79Ask
03021695460P protein AntibodyInfo abbex abx142113 50 μl402.04Ask
03015287249CENPP, 1-288aa, Human, His tag, E Coli[CENPP]Info MyBioSource MBS205014 NA0.00Ask
03015273311Recombinant Human Centromere Protein-P[Centromere Protein-P]Info MyBioSource MBS146308 1 mg0.00Ask
03015247586Recombinant Danio rerio Centromere protein P (cenpp)[Centromere protein P (cenpp)]Info MyBioSource MBS1281834 0.2 mg (E-Coli)0.00Ask
02021919550CENPP protein (His tag)Info fitzgerald 80R-3581 100 ug481.31Ask
02021919548Rabbit CENPP antibodyInfo fitzgerald 70R-2175 50 ug560.59Ask
02021749574CENPP siRNAInfo abbex abx911468 30 nmol924.12Ask
02021749573CENPP siRNAInfo abbex abx911467 30 nmol924.12Ask
02021727991Centromere Protein-P Protein (Recombinant)Info abbex abx261213 20 µg421.29Ask
02021699478CENPP AntibodyInfo abbex abx149228 200 μg459.80Ask
02021695460P protein AntibodyInfo abbex abx142113 100 μl479.05Ask
02015496123CENPP Rabbit Polyclonal[CENPP]Info MyBioSource MBS767823 NA0.00Ask
02015238016CENPP cDNA Clone[CENPP]Info MyBioSource MBS1272934 NA0.00Ask
02014378603Protein P Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Epigen A64298-100 100 µg486.98Ask
02014378602Protein P Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Epigen A64298-050 50 µg363.53Ask
02011919549CENPP Blocking PeptideInfo fitzgerald 33R-9748 100 ug317.10Ask
02010538198Anti- CENPP AntibodyInfo MBS Polyclonals GEN2525653 0.12 ml394.11Ask
02010351662Anti- CENPP AntibodyInfo MBS Polyclonals GEN2523204 0.06 ml300.11Ask
02010223596Anti- CENPP AntibodyInfo MBS Polyclonals GEN2516533 0.06 ml300.11Ask
01024762625CENPP Primary AntibodyInfo EnoGene E19-9060-1 50ug/50ul334.09Ask
01024762624CENPP Primary AntibodyInfo EnoGene E19-9060-2 100ug/100ul424.69Ask
01024751565CENPP Polyclonal Primary AntibodyInfo EnoGene E11-200308 100ug/100ul424.69Ask
01023554025Danio rerio Centromere protein P (cenpp) -Mammalian CellInfo MBS Recombinant GEN1281834.Mammalian Cell 100ug2646.65Ask
01023554024Danio rerio Centromere protein P (cenpp) -YeastInfo MBS Recombinant GEN1281834.Yeast 1000ug2646.65Ask
01023554023Danio rerio Centromere protein P (cenpp) -BaculovirusInfo MBS Recombinant GEN1281834.Baculovirus 100ug2065.68Ask
01023554022Danio rerio Centromere protein P (cenpp) -E. coliInfo MBS Recombinant GEN1281834.E.coli 1000ug2065.68Ask
01021820802anti-CENP-P (1-288, His-tag) Antibody, 0,5 mgInfo acr AR51268PU-N 0,5 mg1255.94Ask
01021820801anti-CENP-P (1-288, His-tag) Antibody, 0,1 mgInfo acr AR51268PU-S 0,1 mg549.26Ask
01021727991Centromere Protein-P Protein (Recombinant)Info abbex abx261213 1 mg4718.00Ask
01021695460P protein AntibodyInfo abbex abx142113 200 μl653.45Ask
01017088307CENPP Primary AntibodyInfo EnoGene E309866 200ul481.31Ask
01017085735CENPP Rabbit pAbInfo EnoGene E2822092 100ul424.69Ask
01017063827CENPP Rabbit pAbInfo EnoGene E2122092 100ul424.69Ask
01016915902Centromere protein P (CENPP), Mouse, ELISA KitInfo Glorybioscience GBS-C2886 1 Kit765.57Ask
01016915901Centromere protein P (CENPP), Human, ELISA KitInfo Glorybioscience GBS-C2885 1 Kit557.19Ask
01016915900Centromere protein P (CENPP), Chicken, ELISA KitInfo Glorybioscience GBS-C2884 1 Kit586.64Ask
01016786441CENPP AntibodyInfo SAB SAB-36340 100ul485.84Ask
01016761267CENPP AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS9413877 0,1 mL375.99Ask
01016735432CENPP AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS9384151 0,05 mL394.11Ask
01016616745CENPP AntibodyInfo MyBioSource MBS8518071 0,05 mg338.62Ask
01016583011CENPP shRNA Plasmid (Mouse)Info MyBioSource MBS8275603 0,15 mg732.73Ask
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