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Thioridazine Hydrochloride

  • Catalog number
  • Product name
    Thioridazine Hydrochloride
  • Size
    5 g
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  • Description
    Thioridazine is a dopamine receptor antagonist that displays antipsychotic activity. It suppresses several types of cancer and has specificity for leukemia stem cells. Also displays potent antitumor effects on lung cancer stem-like cells.
  • Chemical complete name
    10-[2-(1-methyl-2-piperidinyl)ethyl]-2-(methylthio)-10H-phenothiazine, hydrochloride; TDZ
  • CAS number
  • Physical state
    White solid
  • Chemical formula
  • Molecular weight (in Da)
  • Assay purity
  • Biochemical solubility
    DMSO (>35 mg/ml) or H2O (>25 mg/ml)
  • Storage recommendation
    Store for 36 months at -20°C. Protect from air and moisture
  • Delivery
    Shipped under gel packs
  • Production site
    Manifactured in USA
  • Released
    Manufactured since May 2017. For ordering or bulk quantity please contact us
MeSH Data
  • Name
  • Concept
    Registry number:N3D6TG58NI
    Scope note:A phenothiazine antipsychotic used in the management of PHYCOSES, including SCHIZOPHRENIA.
    CASN1 number:10H-Phenothiazine, 10-(2-(1-methyl-2-piperidinyl)ethyl)-2-(methylthio)-
  • Tree numbers
    • D02.886.369.843
    • D03.633.300.741.843
  • Qualifiers
    analogs & derivatives, immunology, pharmacokinetics, therapeutic use, toxicity, poisoning, administration & dosage, adverse effects, agonists, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, chemical synthesis, contraindications, chemistry, urine, radiation effects, history, analysis, antagonists & inhibitors, classification, economics, isolation & purification, metabolism, pharmacology, standards, supply & distribution
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