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R Etomoxir

R Etomoxir is available 2 times from Biovision labs

B1104-5 | (R)-(+)-Etomoxir size: 5 mg | 754.91 USD

Catalog number B1104-5
Supplier Biovision
Price 754.91 USD
Size 5 mg
1. Gene info
Identity 6929
Gene MC1R
Long gene name melanocortin 1 receptor
Synonyms gene name
  • melanocortin 1 receptor (alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone receptor)
  • MSH-R
Synonyms name
  • alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone receptor
Locus 16q24.3
Discovery year 1993-07-27
Entrez gene record 4157
Pubmed identfication
  • 8458079
RefSeq identity
  • NM_002386
  • Melanocortin receptors
Havana BLAST/BLAT OTTHUMG00000171163
Product images

B1104-1 | (R)-(+)-Etomoxir size: 1 mg | 321.86 USD

Alternate Name/Synonyms (R)-2-[6-(4-Chlorophenoxy)hexyl]oxiranecarboxylic acid, ethyl ester
Appearance Off-white Solid
Formulation N/A
CAS Number 124083-20-1
Peptide sequence N/A
Molecular Formula C₁₇H₂₃ClO₄
Molecular Weight 326.81
Purity ≥98% by HPLC
Solubility/Reconstitution Instructions DMSO (>8 mg/ml)
Handling Protect from air and light
Tagline A carnitine palmitoyltransferase I (CPT1) inhibitor
Storage Temp. -20°C
Shipping Conditions gel pack
Shelf Life 36 months
MDL Number MFCD11227266
PubChem CID 60765
Category Biochemicals
Gene targetEtomoxir
Short name (R)-(+)-Etomoxir
Alternative name (R)-(and)-Etomoxir
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(R)-(+)-Etomoxir | Technique alternative | 01022201548
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  • Etomoxir
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