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Anti KRAS 2B scecific Antibody

Anti KRAS 2B scecific Antibody is available 2 times from Mbs polyclonals labs

GEN2521495 | Anti- KRAS-2B-scecific Antibody size: 0.12 ml | 418.82 USD


GEN2521495 | Anti- KRAS-2B-scecific Antibody size: 0.06 ml | 318.93 USD

Long name KRAS-2B-specific Antibody
Antigen KRAS-2B-scecific
Synonim names C-K-RAS; K-RAS2A; K-RAS2B; K-RAS4A; K-RAS4B; KI-RAS; KRAS1; KRAS2; NS3; RASK2
Other names N/A
Gene name KRAS-2B-scecific ; KRAS-2B
Gene synonims N/A
Category Antibodies
Clonality Polyclonal Antibodies
Clone Not applicable to Polyclonal Antibodies
Reacts with Human (Homo sapiens), Mouse (Mus musculus)
Specificity This is an antibody designed to detect KRAS-2B-scecific ; KRAS-2B
Purification method This antibody was purified via antigen affinity purification method
Form/Appearance N/A
Concentration Enquire us for detailed information on the concentration of this antibody
Storage, shipping and handling The antibody is shipped at +4 degrees Celsius. Upon receving, freeze at -20. For longer periods of time we recommend keeping the vial frozen at -40 or -80. Avoid cycles of freezing and thawing as they may denaturate the polypeptide chains of the antibody. Due to transportation or handling reasons, small amounts of the antibody might get caught on the lid or walls of the vial. We recommend you to briefly cetrifuge the vial prior to use to gather the content on the bottom.
Applications ELISA, EIA, IFA, ELI-Spot, Western Blot (WB), Immunofluorescence (IF), Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
Description This antibody needs to be stored at + 4°C in a fridge short term in a concentrated dilution. Freeze thaw will destroy a percentage in every cycle and should be avoided.Antibody for research use.
Properties If you buy Antibodies supplied by MBS Polyclonals they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.
French translation anticorps
Gene targetKRAS-2B-scecific
Short name Anti-KRAS-2B-scecific
Technique Antibody, anti-, anti
Host Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Isotype Immunoglobulin G (IgG)
Alternative name KRAS-2B-scecific Antibody
Alternative technique antibodies
Alternative to gene target v-Ki-ras2 Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog, C-K-RAS and CFC2 and K-RAS2A and K-RAS2B and K-RAS4A and K-RAS4B and KI-RAS and KRAS1 and KRAS2 and NS and NS3 and RASK2, KRAS and IDBG-23889 and ENSG00000133703 and 3845, protein complex binding, Plasma membranes, Kras and IDBG-197719 and ENSMUSG00000030265 and 16653, KRAS and IDBG-638783 and ENSBTAG00000009778 and 541140
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Anti KRAS 2B scecific Antibody -
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  • KRAS-2B-scecific
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