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PD 0325901 for cell activation

PD 0325901 for cell activation is available 0 time from Biovision labs

Description A selective and ATP non-competitive MEK inhibitor that suppresses the phosphorylation of ERK in murine colon 26 tumors (IC₅₀ = 0.33 nM). In combination with the GSK-3 inhibitor CHIR99021, prevents cell differentiation and sustains self-renewal of embryonic stem (ES) cells.
Peptide sequence N/A
CAS number 391210-10-9
Molecular weight 482.2
Category Biochemicals
Other name N-[(2R)-2,3-Dihydroxypropoxy]-3,4-difluoro-2[(2-fluoro-4-iodophenyl)amino]-benzamide
Molecular formula C₁₆H₁₄F₃IN₂O₄
Physical appearance Off-white solid
Supplied with N/A
Is this a salt? No
Is it cell-permeable? Yes
Purification ≥95% by HPLC
Reconstitute instructions DMSO (20 mg/ml) of EtOH (20 mg/ml)
Storage condition -20°C
Shipping condition gel pack
Maximum time for storage 24 months
Storage instructions Protect from air and moisture
Additional description For cells, cell lines and tissues in culture till half confluency.
Gene targetPD-0325901 for activation
Short name PD-0325901 for activation
Technique activation
Alternative name PD-0325901 to measure cellular activation
Tissue cell
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