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Recombinant Human IL27 / Interleukin-27 Protein (His Tag)

Recombinant Human IL27 / Interleukin-27 Protein (His Tag) is available 1 time from Adv labs

RP-0900H | Recombinant Human IL27 / Interleukin-27 Protein (His Tag) size: 5μg | 409.77 USD

Catalog number RP-0900H
Supplier adv
Price 409.77 USD
Size 5μg
1. Gene info
Identity 5984
Gene IL17D
Long gene name interleukin 17D
  • IL-27
  • IL-17D
  • IL27
  • FLJ30846
Synonyms name
  • interleukin 27
GenBank acession
  • AY078238
Locus 13q12.11
Discovery year 2000-05-02
Entrez gene record 53342
Pubmed identfication
  • 12097364
RefSeq identity
  • NM_138284
  • Interleukins
Havana BLAST/BLAT OTTHUMG00000016521
Product images
Protein category Recombinant protein
Source CHO Stable Cells
Target ILD27 / Interleukin-27 Protein
Conjugation histidine
Properties Human proteins, cDNA and human recombinants are used in human reactive ELISA kits and to produce anti-human mono and polyclonal antibodies. Modern humans (Homo sapiens, primarily ssp. Homo sapiens sapiens). Depending on the epitopes used human ELISA kits can be cross reactive to many other species. Mainly analyzed are human serum, plasma, urine, saliva, human cell culture supernatants and biological samples.
Additional source Recombinants or rec. proteins
Group recombinants
Gene targetIL27 Interleukin-27 Protein His Tag
Short name Recombinant IL27 / Interleukin-27 Protein (His Tag)
Technique Recombinant
Label His tag
Species Human
Alternative name recombinant H. sapiens interleukin 27 / Interleukin-27 Protein (histidine detection labelled)
Alternative technique rec
Alternative to gene target interleukin 27, IL27 and IDBG-22826 and ENSG00000197272 and 246778, interleukin-27 receptor binding, Extracellular, Il27 and IDBG-209673 and ENSMUSG00000044701 and 246779, BT.101510 and IDBG-639114 and ENSBTAG00000018015 and 614927
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Recombinant IL27 / Interleukin-27 Protein (His Tag) | Techni
EU:+32-(0)1-658-90-45 US:+1-(408)780-0908 [email protected]
  • IL27
  • Interleukin-27
  • Protein
  • His
  • Tag
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