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Ac-RYYRIK-NH2 [Ac-Arg-Tyr-Tyr-Arg-Ile-Lys-NH2 (MW: 939.14)]

Ac-RYYRIK-NH2 [Ac-Arg-Tyr-Tyr-Arg-Ile-Lys-NH2 (MW: 939.14)] is available 1 time from Adi labs

SP-89054-5 | Ac-RYYRIK-NH2 [Ac-Arg-Tyr-Tyr-Arg-Ile-Lys-NH2 (MW: 939.14)] size: 5 mg | 255.69 USD

Catalog number SP-89054-5
Supplier adi
Price 255.69 USD
Size 5 mg
Product images
Stock availability Available
Category Bioactive peptides
Antibody type N/A
Antibody host N/A
Antibody conjugate N/A
Technical datasheet Contact Gentaur to request the datasheet or ask our specialists for more information.
Notes The Ac-RYYRIK-NH2 [Ac-Arg-Tyr-Tyr-Arg-Ile-Lys-NH2 (MW: 939.14)] is manufactured for Research Use Only or for diagnostics purposes.
Gene targetAc-RYYRIK-NH2 [Ac-Arg-Tyr-Tyr-Arg-Ile-Lys-NH2 MW: 939.14)]
Short name Ac-RYYRIK-NH2 [Ac-Arg-Tyr-Tyr-Arg-Ile-Lys-NH2 (MW: 939.14)]
Species N/A
Alternative name Ac-RYYRIK-NH2 [Ac-L-arginine-L-tyrosine-Tyr-L-arginine-L-isoleucine-L-lysine-NH2 (MW: 939.14)]
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Ac-RYYRIK-NH2 [Ac-Arg-Tyr-Tyr-Arg-Ile-Lys-NH2 (MW: 939.14)]
EU:+32-(0)1-658-90-45 US:+1-(408)780-0908 [email protected]
  • [Ac-Arg-Tyr-Tyr-Arg-Ile-Lys-NH2
  • MW:
  • 939.14)]
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