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Human INSL5 INSL7 Hybrid

Human INSL5 INSL7 Hybrid is available 2 times from Mybiosource labs

MBS695843 | Human INSL5 / INSL7 Hybrid size: 0,005 mg | 211.99 USD

Catalog number MBS695843
Price 211.99 USD
Size 0,005 mg
Gene targetINSL5 INSL7 Hybrid
Short name INSL5 / INSL7 Hybrid
Alternative name H. sapiens INSL5 / INSL7 Hybrid
1. Gene info
Identity 6088
Gene INSL5
Long gene name insulin like 5
Synonyms gene name
  • insulin-like 5
Synonyms name
  • prepro-INSL5
GenBank acession
  • AF133816
Locus 1p31.3
Discovery year 1999-01-08
Entrez gene record 10022
Pubmed identfication
  • 10458910
RefSeq identity
  • NM_005478
  • Receptor ligands
Havana BLAST/BLAT OTTHUMG00000009164
Product images

MBS695843 | Human INSL5 / INSL7 Hybrid[INSL5 / INSL7 Hybrid] size: NA | 5.64 USD

Products_type Recombinant Protein
Products_gene_name [INSL5/INSL7]
Reactivity Species Reactivity: Human
Other size please contact us to order other different size
Properties Human proteins, cDNA and human recombinants are used in human reactive ELISA kits and to produce anti-human mono and polyclonal antibodies. Modern humans (Homo sapiens, primarily ssp. Homo sapiens sapiens). Depending on the epitopes used human ELISA kits can be cross reactive to many other species. Mainly analyzed are human serum, plasma, urine, saliva, human cell culture supernatants and biological samples.
Species Human
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INSL5 / INSL7 Hybrid | Technique alternative | 04025440817
EU:+32-(0)1-658-90-45 US:+1-(408)780-0908 [email protected]
  • INSL5
  • INSL7
  • Hybrid
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