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NIH3T3/GFP Cell Line

NIH3T3/GFP Cell Line is available 1 time from Cell biolabs labs

AKR-214 | NIH3T3/GFP Cell Line size: 1 vial | 706.80 USD

Catalog number AKR-214
Price 706.80 USD
Size 1 vial
Shipping Temp Dry Ice
Storage Temp For best results begin culture upon receipt. If this is not possible, store at -80C until first culture. Store subsequent cultured cells in liquid nitrogen.
Detection Method Fluorescence
Category (Product Type) Cell Line
Data sheetmore (AKR-200 through AKR-299) GHS.pdf
UNSPSC 41106514
Product Line Cell Signaling and Protein Biology
Short Description NIH3T3/GFP Cell Line stably expresses GFP and otherwise exhibits the same characteristics of the parental cell line.
Product feature 1 These cell lines stably express one or more reporter molecules.
LMO Content Cells transduced with HIV-1 lentivirus
Description For cells, cell lines and tissues in culture till half confluency.
Gene targetNIH3T3/GFP Line
Short name NIH3T3/GFP Line
Label gfp
Alternative name NIH3T3/Green Fluorescent cellular Line
Tissue cell
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NIH3T3/GFP Line | Technique alternative | 01015690754
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