Tankyrase 1 Enzyme and Buffer

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    Please ask
  • Size
    1 unit
  • Keep at
    -20° C
  • First batch
    Saturday, March 22, 2008
  • Assay performance
    CometAssay, DNA Damage, PCR and Molecular Biology, Oxidative Damage, PARP research.
  • More advice
    Trevigen offers Angiogenesis/Cell Differentiation, antibodies, apoptosis, signal_transduction, Basement Membrane Proteins.
  • Description
    Buffering solutions are useful to keep the pH range sable when using this reagent of Trevigen. Enzymes are cleaving the substrate. If the substrate is DNA they are called restriction enzymes. Activating enzymes will cut off the domain that is biological active to become functional.
  • Gene target
  • Gene symbol
  • Short name
    Tankyrase 1 Enzyme
  • Technique
    Enzyme, enzymes
  • Alternative name
    Tankyrase 1 Enzyme and solution
  • Alternative technique
Gene info
Gene info
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