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01013708363 Histone H3 (Tri Methyl Lys9) Monoclonal Antibody(2C3) Info Abbkine ABM40100-30 0,05 ml Ask Ask
01011969971 M-CSF Recombinant Protein Info proscience 40-620 0.01 mg Ask Ask
01011888090 anti-CCR3 Antibody Info proscience 1109 0.02 mg, 0.1 mg Ask Ask
02014407843 HbA1c ANALYZER BK-GLH01 Close system Info Biobase BIO-BZ-1059 1 Unit Ask Ask
01014423681 18 X 18 mm Microscope Cover Glass Info Himedia BG011C-5X(10X100) 5X(10X100) Ask Ask
01014424516 DD007-1VL Info Himedia DD007-100 X 1VL Mannose -Mo- Ask Ask
01014424824 HIPPURATE HYDROLYSIS TEST Info Himedia DD035-100X1VL 100 X 1 VL Ask Ask
01014424842 Dodeca UTI-II Info Himedia DE005-50PK 50 PACKS Ask Ask
01014423649 5mL Centrifuge Tubes Info Himedia CG277-20X(1X100)NO 20X(1X100) NO Ask Ask
01014424979 Cryptosporidium Parvum Synthetic DNA Info Himedia HE0002S 1 Kit Ask Ask
01014425026 Hexa UTI-2 Info Himedia HX015-50X1PK 50 * 1 Pack Ask Ask
01014425146 ME Growth Agar Info Himedia G050-3X500G 3X500 g Ask Ask
01014425269 Bromocresol Purple Indicator Info Himedia I003-50X125ML 50X125ML Ask Ask
01014407764 REVERSE TRANSCRIPTION REAGENT Info Hitachi Exosome ELISA filters hita-chi88017 0,03ml Ask Ask
01014452213 HiWater Test Kit Info Himedia K015-5X10KT 5X10KT Ask Ask
01014486634 Auto Sampler Cup Info Himedia PW1114-3X1X1000NO 3X1X1000NO Ask Ask
01014486759 Cryovial Info Himedia PW1281-2X1X500NO 2X1X500NO Ask Ask
01014486760 Disposable L-Spreador Info Himedia PW1167-20X1X50NO 20X1X50NO Ask Ask
01014486815 Palm PCR Sample Tube Rack Info Himedia PW1299-20X1NO 20X1NO Ask Ask
01014486822 Thumb Press Dispensing Dropper/Pasteur Pipette, 2 mL Info Himedia PW1206-20X1X50NO 20X1X50NO Ask Ask
01014486740 Sterile Sample Container Economical Info Himedia PW016T-8X1X100NO 8X1X100NO Ask Ask
01014486957 Spatula Polystyrene Info Himedia PW353-8X100NO 8X100NO Ask Ask
01014486958 Stand For Centrifuge Tubes Info Himedia PW102-20X2NO 20X2NO Ask Ask
01014487083 Soyabean Casein Digest Medium, Sterile Info Himedia VM011G-2(3X500G) 2x(3x500g) Ask Ask
01024451815 Exosomal DNA Extraction Kit "New" Info 101 Biosystem 101Bio-P230-50 50Reactions Ask Ask
01014565531 Kundrat Agar, Modified, Granulated Info Himedia GM1360A-4X500G 4X500G Ask Ask
01014591457 Firm Grip S.S. Caps For Rimless Test Info Himedia LA003-2X50NO 2X1X50NO Ask Ask
01014591615 µPet Autoclavable Micropipette Capacity: 10 - 100 µL Info Himedia LA958-1NO 1NO Ask Ask
01014591608 Micropipette Tips Capacity : 1000 µl, Blue coloured Info Himedia LA973-15X1000NO 15X1000NO Ask Ask
01014594218 Sabouraud Dextrose Broth Info Himedia MH003-10X500G 10X500G Ask Ask
01017101275 PAGE-2OD, 5’ 6-FAM-3’ DABCYL Info Biomatik bio015 100nmol Ask Ask
01014715442 Sulphite HiVeg Agar Info Himedia MV311-3X500G 3X500G Ask Ask
01014715823 Anti-ASK1 (CT) Polyclonal antibody Info QED Biosciences 1151 100ug Ask Ask
01014717951 Carp Vitellogenin (VTG) ELISA Kit Info abebio AE62928CR 1 X plate of 48 wells Ask Ask
02014717396 Camel transforming growth factors β2 (TGF-β2) ELISA Kit Info abebio AE17223CM 1 X plate of 96 wells Ask Ask
01014717556 Canine Tumor necrosis factor (TNF/TNFA/TNFSF2) ELISA Kit Info abebio AE14059DO 1 X plate of 48 wells Ask Ask
01014717957 Chicken Troponin T, cardiac muscle (TNNT2) ELISA Kit Info abebio AE13903CH 1X plate of 48 wells Ask Ask
01014718146 Classical Swine Fever Virus Anitibody ELISA Kit Info abebio AE64456PI 1X plate of 48 wells Ask Ask
01014719699 Rabbit Tumor necrosis factor-inducible gene 6 protein (TNFAIP6) ELISA Kit Info abebio AE14040RB 1X plate of 48 wells Ask Ask
01014725169 Ampicillin AMP 10 µg Info Himedia SD002-20X1PK 20X1PK Ask Ask
02024724831 GeneAb Mouse Monoclonal Annexin A1 [IHC512] Info GenomeMe Geno-001 1mL Ask Ask
01014726818 MTT, Hi-AR Info Himedia RM1131-22x100MG 22x10G Ask Ask
01014727040 Agarose, high EEO Info Himedia RM187-10X10G 10X10G Ask Ask
01014854522 Human IL-1beta ELISA Kit Info Multisciences 70-EK101B5 1 Ask Ask
01014728475 Kline Concavity Slides 12 Concavities Info Himedia GW097-10X1PK 10X1PK Ask Ask
01014728582 1,4-Butanediol diglycidyl ether Info Himedia RM6738-1X50G 1X50G Ask Ask
01014853694 Beta-Defensin-1 (1-36), HBD-1 Info Nordic MUbio DEF001-P 0,1 mg Ask Ask
01014853274 Real Time PCR kit for quantitative detection of CMV, EBV, HHV6 Info Sacace V48-100FRT 100 tests Ask Ask
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