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01010082263 Rotavirus, antibody Info genways GWB-B5B745 1 vial Ask Ask
01010085329 Rotavirus Group specificity Antigen, antibody Info genways GWB-97DD37 1 vial Ask Ask
01010098653 Human Rotavirus (RV-IgM) ELISA Kit Info ab-elisa elisas AE20985HU 48 wells plate Ask Ask
01010116416 Rotavirus Capsid protein antibody Info genways GWB-598577 1 x 1 vial Ask Ask
01010241392 Rotavirus, antibody Info genways GWB-646821 1 tube Ask Ask
01010264558 Human Rotavirus antigen (RV-Ag) ELISA Kit Info ab-elisa elisas AE20984HU 48 wells plate Ask Ask
01010267215 Rotavirus 3, C10, p42, Clone: 1-P-15, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Bovine; WB/ELISA/IF Info accurate-monoclonals TNB027A 0.1mg Ask Ask
01010272421 Rotavirus NCDV antibody Info genways GWB-422900 1 x 1 vial Ask Ask
01010285484 Rotavirus Group Specific Antigen, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 3C10, frozen,WB,flow,ELISA Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA2829 200ug Ask Ask
01010330830 Rotavirus 3C10, p42, Clone: 1O15, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Bovine; ELISA/WB/IP Info accurate-monoclonals YVG027-A 0.1mg Ask Ask
01010344189 Rotavirus, antibody Info genways GWB-C25331 1 vial Ask Ask
01010367683 Rotavirus, antibody Info genways GWB-B20BD5 1 vial Ask Ask
01010388786 Rotavirus Group Specific antigen, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: 3C10 Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA2829G 1 mg Ask Ask
01010453298 Rotavirus Group specificity Antigen antibody Info genways GWB-DD5537 1 vial Ask Ask
01010530847 Rotavirus antibody Info genways GWB-ED2BB5 1 vial Ask Ask
01010609642 Rotavirus Info genways GWB-9304ED 1 vial Ask Ask
01010613786 Rotavirus -HRP Info genways GWB-AD4C7B 1 vial Ask Ask
01010633355 Rotavirus antibody Info genways GWB-952ED0 1 vial Ask Ask
01010642344 Rotavirus antibody Info genways GWB-7405A0 1 tube Ask Ask
01010670737 Rotavirus antibody Info genways GWB-E83B7A 1 vial Ask Ask
01010754953 Rotavirus antibody (all serotypes) Info genways GWB-T00235 1 vial Ask Ask
01010761842 Rotavirus antibody Info genways GWB-59DAF7 1 x 1 vial Ask Ask
01010828778 Rotavirus antibody Info genways GWB-72B315 1 tube Ask Ask
01010842081 Human Rotavirus IgG antibody (RV-Ab-IgG) ELISA Kit Info ab-elisa elisas AE62577HU 96 wells plate Ask Ask
01010870385 Rotavirus NCDV antibody Info genways GWB-847561 1 vial Ask Ask
01010894491 Rotavirus p42 antibody Info genways GWB-D354E3 1 vial Ask Ask
01010919630 Rotavirus antibody Info genways GWB-3DAA08 1 x 1 vial Ask Ask
01010932300 Rotavirus antibody (Group A specificityAntigen VP6) Info genways GWB-7C2F2A 1 tube Ask Ask
01010949996 Rotavirus antibody Info genways GWB-B0C821 1 vial Ask Ask
01010966635 Rotavirus, antibody Info genways GWB-3797AD 1 x 1 vial Ask Ask
01011004164 Rotavirus antibody Info genways GWB-4DBBD4 1 x 1 vial Ask Ask
01011043939 Rotavirus antibody Info genways GWB-2BFD86 1 x 1 vial Ask Ask
01011092945 Rotavirus Group, Clone: REMI-2, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; frozen, IH/ELISA Info accurate-monoclonals MAS691p 0.25mg Ask Ask
01011161862 Rotavirus Group A antibody Info genways GWB-459FC9 1 x 1 vial Ask Ask
01011163420 Rotavirus, antibody Info genways GWB-762800 1 tube Ask Ask
01011212571 Rotavirus MR strain, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Bovine; Clone: 3C10 (4B29) Info accurate-monoclonals YBG01000483 200ug Ask Ask
01011234686 Bovine Rotavirus MR STRAIN antibody Info genways GWB-D28143 1 vial Ask Ask
01011252505 Rotavirus NCDV antibody Info genways GWB-16F97E 1 x 1 vial Ask Ask
01011287803 Rotavirus, 41kD Capsid Protein, Clone: 0521, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human, Monkey, Swine Info accurate-monoclonals YVS0521 0.1mg Ask Ask
01011309314 Rotavirus antibody (Group A specificity antigen) Info genways GWB-T00543 1 vial Ask Ask
01011316147 Rotavirus -FITC conjugated Info genways GWB-8183C5 1 volume Ask Ask
01011318650 Rotavirus, 41kD Major Capsid Protein, Clone: 0511, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human, Bovine Info accurate-monoclonals YVS0511 0.1mg Ask Ask
01011320504 Rotavirus antibody (p43) (vp6) Info genways GWB-72FD16 1 tube Ask Ask
01011388252 Human Rotavirus (RV-IgM) ELISA Kit Info abebio AE20985HU-96 1x plate of 96 wells Ask Ask
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