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01010038379 Anti- KSHV ORF 57 Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals GEN6009907 0.2 ml Ask Ask
01010362074 Anti- KSHV ORF8 Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals GEN6007280 0.1 ml Ask Ask
01011940329 KSHV K8 alpha antibody Info fitzgerald 10R-1939 100 µl Ask Ask
01011940330 KSHV ORF26 antibody Info fitzgerald 10R-1932 100 µl Ask Ask
01011940331 KSHV ORF45 antibody Info fitzgerald 10R-1940 100 µl Ask Ask
01011940332 KSHV ORF62 antibody Info fitzgerald 10R-1941 100 µl Ask Ask
01011940333 KSHV ORF8 antibody Info fitzgerald 70R-7621 100 µl Ask Ask
01012044090 Sheep anti KSHV/HHV8 (mal 62/ORF 62) Info nordc F100P 250 μg Ask Ask
01012044091 Sheep anti KSHV/HHV8 (cyclin) Info nordc F105P 250 μg Ask Ask
01012044093 Sheep anti KSHV/HHV8 (minor capsid protein) Info nordc F110P 250 μg Ask Ask
01012116446 KSHV ORF 57 Antibody Info aviva OAAB11335 one vial Ask Ask
01012125022 KSHV ORF26 Antibody Info aviva OAAD00232 one vial Ask Ask
01012153505 KSHV/HHV8 Antibody Info aviva OAEG00771 one vial Ask Ask
01012526984 KSHV/HHV8 (minor capsid protein) Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals MBS395583 0.25 miligrams Ask Ask
01012527028 KSHV/HHV8 (mal 62/ORF 62) Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals MBS395678 0.25 miligrams Ask Ask
01012527159 KSHV/HHV8 (cyclin) Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals MBS396105 0.25 miligrams Ask Ask
01012589708 KSHV K8alpha Antibody Info MBS Monoclonals GEN643997 100ul Ask Ask
01012595233 KSHV ORF26 antibody Info MBS Monoclonals GEN532951 100ul Ask Ask
01012605593 KSHV ORF62 antibody Info MBS Monoclonals GEN830092 100ul Ask Ask
01012605647 KSHV ORF45 antibody Info MBS Monoclonals GEN830183 100ul Ask Ask
01012606114 KSHV K8 alpha antibody Info MBS Monoclonals GEN831017 100ul Ask Ask
01012609346 KSHV K8a Antibody Info MBS Monoclonals GEN850358 100ug Ask Ask
01012609498 Polyclonal KSHV ORF8 Antibody Info MBS Monoclonals GEN850525 100ug Ask Ask
01012609643 KSHV ORF45 Antibody Info MBS Monoclonals GEN850694 100ug Ask Ask
01012609866 KSHV ORF26 Antibody Info MBS Monoclonals GEN850943 100ug Ask Ask
01014740612 KSHV/HHV8 (mal 62/ORF 62), Polyclonal Antibody Info Exalpha F100P 250µg Ask Ask
01014740613 KSHV/HHV8 (cyclin), Polyclonal Antibody Info Exalpha F105P 250µg Ask Ask
01014760063 Mouse Monoclonal antibody to KSHV ORF62 Info EnoGene E10-20017 100ul 374.00 Ask
01014798815 Polyclonal KSHV ORF8 Antibody Info EnoGene E10-20043 100μg/100μl 374.00 Ask
01014798818 KSHV ORF26 Antibody Info EnoGene E10-20036 100μg/100μl 374.00 Ask
01014798834 KSHV ORF45 Antibody Info EnoGene E10-20016 100μg/100μl 374.00 Ask
01014798835 KSHV K8a Antibody Info EnoGene E10-20015 100μg/100μl 374.00 Ask
01016305968 KSHV ORF8 antibody Info MyBioSource MBS5300868 0,1 mL 486.00 Ask
01016320196 KSHV ORF8 Info MyBioSource MBS6007280 0,1 mL 580.00 Ask
01016322317 KSHV ORF 57 Info MyBioSource MBS6009907 0,2 mL 658.00 Ask
01016641841 KSHV ORF 57 Antibody Info MyBioSource MBS9209923 0,08 mL 221.00 Ask
01016659649 KSHV ORF 57 Blocking Peptide Info MyBioSource MBS9228557 0,1 mg 221.00 Ask
01016734397 KSHV ORF26 Antibody Info MyBioSource MBS9383116 0,05 mL 348.00 Ask
01017064361 KSHV K8α Mouse mAb Info EnoGene E2220051 100ul 374.00 Ask
01017064362 KSHV ORF45 Mouse mAb Info EnoGene E2220052 100ul 374.00 Ask
01017064363 KSHV ORF62 Mouse mAb Info EnoGene E2220053 100ul 374.00 Ask
01017064379 KSHV ORF26 Mouse mAb Info EnoGene E2220069 100ul 374.00 Ask
01017064384 KSHV ORF8 Rabbit pAb Info EnoGene E2220074 100ul 374.00 Ask
01017077219 KSHV ORF 57 Rabbit pAb Info EnoGene E2611023 100ul 374.00 Ask
01018293167 KSHV ORF26 Antibody Info Affinity Biosciences BF0394 50µL Ask Ask
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