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01010009351 Rat Placenta Frozen Sections, E13 Info Zyagen RF-413-13 10 slides 505.58 Ask
01010017588 Human Anti-Human Placenta Type V Collagen IgG Antibody Assay Kit, TMB Info Chondrocytes and collagens 20851T 1 antibody Assay test or ELISA kit Ask Ask
01010018515 Mouse CD1 Placenta-E15 Total Protein Info Zyagen MT-413-15 0.5mg 406.41 Ask
01010022058 Guinea Pig Placenta Genomic DNA Info Zyagen GG-413 0.1mg 417.19 Ask
01010031104 Mouse CD1 Placenta Paraffin Sections, E14 Info Zyagen MP-413-14 10 slides 505.58 Ask
01010046116 Pig Placenta Paraffin Sections Info Zyagen PP-413 10 slides 482.94 Ask
01010059478 Guinea pig Placenta-E35 Total RNA Info Zyagen GR-413-35 0.1mg 439.82 Ask
01010062993 Mouse C57 Placenta-E11 cDNA Info Zyagen MD-413-11-C57 30 reactions 518.52 Ask
01010070563 Rat Placenta-E13 Total RNA Info Zyagen RR-413-13 0.05mg 410.72 Ask
01010071962 Mouse CD1 Placenta-E12 Total Protein Info Zyagen MT-413-12 0.5mg 406.41 Ask
01010088840 Guinea pig Placenta-E40 Total RNA Info Zyagen GR-413-40 0.1mg 439.82 Ask
01010096730 Mouse C57 Placenta Frozen Sections, E12 Info Zyagen MF-413-12-C57 10 slides 528.22 Ask
01010098873 Rat Placenta-E19 Total RNA Info Zyagen RR-413-19 0.05mg 410.72 Ask
01010114510 Pig Placenta Total Protein Info Zyagen PT-413 0.5mg 406.41 Ask
01010119382 Mouse CD1 Placenta-E14 cDNA Info Zyagen MD-413-14 30 reactions 485.10 Ask
01010150914 Bovine Placenta Frozen Sections Info Zyagen BF-413 10 slides 501.27 Ask
01010150991 Mouse C57 Placenta Frozen Sections, E16 Info Zyagen MF-413-16-C57 10 slides 528.22 Ask
01010153005 Rat Placenta Paraffin Sections, E20 Info Zyagen RP-413-20 10 slides 505.58 Ask
01010161717 Rat Placenta Paraffin Sections, E15 Info Zyagen RP-413-15 10 slides 505.58 Ask
01010169431 Mouse C57 Placenta Frozen Sections, E15 Info Zyagen MF-413-15-C57 10 slides 528.22 Ask
01010176228 Mouse CD1 Placenta Paraffin Sections, E15 Info Zyagen MP-413-15 10 slides 505.58 Ask
01010185213 Rat Placenta Frozen Sections, E19 Info Zyagen RF-413-19 10 slides 505.58 Ask
01010186054 Rat Placenta-E12 Total RNA Info Zyagen RR-413-12 0.05mg 410.72 Ask
01010193192 Rat Placenta Frozen Sections, E18 Info Zyagen RF-413-18 10 slides 505.58 Ask
01010211525 Mouse CD1 Placenta-E11 Total Protein Info Zyagen MT-413-11 0.5mg 406.41 Ask
01010212064 Pig Placenta Total RNA Info Zyagen PR-413 0.1mg 410.72 Ask
01010221834 Rat Placenta Paraffin Sections, E16 Info Zyagen RP-413-16 10 slides 505.58 Ask
01010233174 Human Placenta lactogen (HPL) ELISA Kit Info ab-elisa elisas AE61356HU 48 wells plate Ask Ask
01010235807 Bovine Placenta Genomic DNA Info Zyagen BG-413 0.1mg 417.19 Ask
01010243238 Chicken Placenta Genomic DNA Info Zyagen GC-413 0.1mg 417.19 Ask
01010246619 Mouse C57 Placenta Paraffin Sections, E12 Info Zyagen MP-413-12-C57 10 slides 528.22 Ask
01010246756 Mouse CD1 Placenta Frozen Sections, E17 Info Zyagen MF-413-17 10 slides 505.58 Ask
01010249415 Anti- Placenta Growth Factor (PLGF) Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals GEN2001570 100ug Ask Ask
01010258214 Mouse C57 Placenta-E10 Total Protein Info Zyagen MT-413-10-C57 0.5mg 429.04 Ask
01010258962 Rat Placenta-E19 cDNA Info Zyagen RD-413-19 30 reactions 485.10 Ask
01010261832 Frozen Tissue Section - Human Adult Normal: Placenta Info BioChain T1234200 5 slides Ask Ask
01010285984 Rabbit Placenta cDNA Info Zyagen TD-413 30 reactions 485.10 Ask
01010289035 Rat Placenta Paraffin Sections, E17 Info Zyagen RP-413-17 10 slides 505.58 Ask
01010295089 Placenta protein 14, Glycodelin A, Clone: BTE001-13, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human Info accurate-monoclonals BTE001-13 200 ul Ask Ask
01010296080 Mouse CD1 Placenta-E11 cDNA Info Zyagen MD-413-11 30 reactions 485.10 Ask
01010298363 Mouse CD1 Placenta Frozen Sections Panel, any 9 stages Info Zyagen MF-413-009 9x4 slides 849.46 Ask
01010301601 Mouse C57 Placenta-E13 Total RNA Info Zyagen MR-413-13-C57 0.05mg 429.04 Ask
01010321690 cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Placenta Info BioChain C1234200 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010325043 Rat Placenta Frozen Sections, E20 Info Zyagen RF-413-20 10 slides 505.58 Ask
01010325337 Guinea Pig Placenta-E25 cDNA Info Zyagen GD-413-25 30 reactions 518.52 Ask
01010327722 Anti- Placenta Growth Factor (PLGF) Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals GEN2003888 100ug Ask Ask
01010329928 Mouse C57 Placenta Paraffin Sections, E16 Info Zyagen MP-413-16-C57 10 slides 528.22 Ask
01010329997 Guinea pig Placenta-E20 Total RNA Info Zyagen GR-413-20 0.1mg 439.82 Ask
01010350742 Mouse C57 Placenta Paraffin Sections, E10 Info Zyagen MP-413-10-C57 10 slides 528.22 Ask
01010352708 Mouse Placenta Cytoplasmic Protein Info Zyagen MT-413-CYT 0.5mg 473.24 Ask
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