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01010006885 Rat Skeletal Muscles MicroRNA Info Zyagen RR-102-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010042646 Monkey Testis MicroRNA, Rhesus Info Zyagen UR-401-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010087529 Mouse Mammary Gland MicroRNA Info Zyagen MR-414-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010092968 Mouse Stomach MicroRNA Info Zyagen MR-302-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010095128 Rat Mammary Gland MicroRNA Info Zyagen RR-414-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010102975 Dog Pancreas MicroRNA Info Zyagen DR-313-SR 0.010mg 516.79 Ask
01010110098 Human Kidney MicroRNA Info Zyagen HR-901-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010137520 Dog Intestine MicroRNA Info Zyagen DR-306-SR 0.010mg 516.79 Ask
01010146639 Rat Spleen MicroRNA Info Zyagen RR-701-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010171795 Monkey Testis MicroRNA, Cynomolgus Info Zyagen KR-401-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010183018 Human Brain MicroRNA Info Zyagen HR-201-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010189970 Rat Embryo-E20 MicroRNA Info Zyagen RR-104-20-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010195048 Monkey Stomach MicroRNA, Cynomolgus Info Zyagen KR-302-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010199023 Human Stomach MicroRNA Info Zyagen HR-302-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010211573 Monkey Pancreas MicroRNA, Rhesus Info Zyagen UR-313-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010222555 Dog Eye MicroRNA Info Zyagen DR-106-SR 0.010mg 516.79 Ask
01010252640 Dog Uterus MicroRNA Info Zyagen DR-411-SR 0.010mg 516.79 Ask
01010261912 Human Spleen MicroRNA Info Zyagen HR-701-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010264215 Mouse Pancreas MicroRNA Info Zyagen MR-313-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010266311 Mouse Lung MicroRNA Info Zyagen MR-601-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010324452 Rat Ovary MicroRNA Info Zyagen RR-406-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010328178 Dog Brain MicroRNA Info Zyagen DR-201-SR 0.010mg 516.79 Ask
01010328273 Monkey Skeletal Muscles MicroRNA, Rhesus Info Zyagen UR-102-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010353264 Dog Skeletal Muscles MicroRNA Info Zyagen DR-102-SR 0.010mg 516.79 Ask
01010361332 Monkey Colon microRNA, Cynomolgus Info Zyagen KR-311-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010361381 Monkey Uterus MicroRNA, Rhesus Info Zyagen UR-411-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010377292 Monkey Intestine MicroRNA, Cynomolgus Info Zyagen KR-306-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010386846 Monkey Spleen MicroRNA, Cynomolgus Info Zyagen KR-701-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010406873 Monkey Uterus MicroRNA, Cynomolgus Info Zyagen KR-411-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010409256 Dog Lung MicroRNA Info Zyagen DR-601-SR 0.010mg 516.79 Ask
01010442859 Human Colon microRNA Info Zyagen HR-311-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010478532 Monkey Lung MicroRNA, Cynomolgus Info Zyagen KR-601-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010497111 Rat Lung MicroRNA Info Zyagen RR-601-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010502010 Monkey Skin MicroRNA, Rhesus Info Zyagen UR-101-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010526196 Rat Colon microRNA Info Zyagen RR-311-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010541893 Human Heart MicroRNA Info Zyagen HR-801-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010578940 Mouse Kidney MicroRNA Info Zyagen MR-901-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010580906 Human Skeletal Muscles MicroRNA Info Zyagen HR-102-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010583580 Monkey Ovary microRNA, Rhesus Info Zyagen UR-406-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010599108 Monkey Liver MicroRNA, Cynomolgus Info Zyagen KR-314-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010617921 Human Uterus MicroRNA Info Zyagen HR-411-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010627034 Dog Stomach MicroRNA Info Zyagen DR-302-SR 0.010mg 516.79 Ask
01010662418 Human Lung MicroRNA Info Zyagen HR-601-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010663651 Monkey Colon microRNA, Rhesus Info Zyagen UR-311-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010667775 Mouse Colon MicroRNA Info Zyagen MR-311-SR 0.010mg 483.48 Ask
01010669104 Dog Testis MicroRNA Info Zyagen DR-401-SR 0.010mg 516.79 Ask
01010674736 Dog Liver MicroRNA Info Zyagen DR-314-SR 0.010mg 516.79 Ask
01010678374 Dog Colon microRNA Info Zyagen DR-311-SR 0.010mg 516.79 Ask
01010680908 Human Placenta MicroRNA Info Zyagen HR-413-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
01010722884 Monkey Ovary microRNA, Cynomolgus Info Zyagen KR-406-SR 0.010mg 551.17 Ask
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