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01010005055 cDNA - Rat Normal Tissue: Kidney Info BioChain C1434142 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010006117 Mouse C57 Salivary gland, Submandibular cDNA Info Zyagen MD-317-C57 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010008206 Bovine Adrenal, whole cDNA* Info Zyagen BD-501 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010008486 Rat Salivary gland, Parotid cDNA Info Zyagen RD-316 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010009046 Cat Uterus cDNA Info Zyagen FD-411 30 Reactions Ask Ask
01010010272 Mouse C57 Mammary Gland, Day 7 of Lactation cDNA Info Zyagen MD-414-L7-C57 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010011646 Mouse CD1 Mammary Gland, Day 3 of Lactation cDNA Info Zyagen MD-414-L3 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010014092 cDNA - hypertension: Heart Atrium, right Info BioChain C1236127Hd-2 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010014095 cDNA - Liver Cirrhosis: Kidney Info BioChain C1236142Lcs 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010014436 cDNA - Monkey (Rhesus) Normal Tissue: Fallopian Tube Info BioChain C1534115 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010014980 Rat Tissue cDNA Panel, select any 5 tissues except noted with * Info Zyagen RD-005 5x10 reactions Ask Ask
01010017450 Hamster Tissue cDNA Panel, any 10 Tissues Info Zyagen AD-010 10x10 reactions Ask Ask
01010017817 Mouse CD1 Seminal Vesicles cDNA Info Zyagen MD-407 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010018875 Rat Mammary Gland, Day 7 of Lactation cDNA Info Zyagen RD-414-L7 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010019173 cDNA - Rat Normal Tissue: Bladder Info BioChain C1434010 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010020379 Mouse CD1 Prostate cDNA Info Zyagen MD-408 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010022884 Bovine Universal Reference cDNA-Oligo dT Info Zyagen BD-UR-80 2x40 reactions Ask Ask
01010024833 Rat Embryo-E14 cDNA Info Zyagen RD-104-14 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010026672 cDNA - Multiple Sclerosis Disease: Brain Info BioChain C1236035Msc 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010029916 Equine Small Intestine cDNA Info Zyagen ED-306 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010030905 Cat Kidney cDNA Info Zyagen FD-901 30 Reactions Ask Ask
01010031103 cDNA - Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal Tissue: Liver: Left Lobe Info BioChain C1534150-Cy 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010032097 Bovine Colon cDNA Info Zyagen BD-311 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010032100 Human Small Intestine cDNA Info Zyagen HD-306 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010032232 Mouse C57 Cartilage cDNA * Info Zyagen MD-109-C57 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010032536 Rat Brain, whole cDNA Info Zyagen RD-201 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010032776 cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Stomach: Cardia Info BioChain C1234250-10 10 rxn Ask Ask
01010033543 cDNA - Arteriosclerosis: Artery Info BioChain C1236013Hd-4 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010035138 cDNA - Asthma: Lung Info BioChain C1236152Ld-1 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010035227 Guinea Pig Kidney cDNA Info Zyagen GD-901 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010035827 Sheep Skin cDNA Info Zyagen SD-101 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010036176 Mouse C57 Mammary Gland, E11 cDNA Info Zyagen MD-414-11-C57 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010037584 Mouse C57 Hippocampus cDNA Info Zyagen MD-203-C57 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010038303 Hamster Bladder cDNA Info Zyagen AD-902 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010038948 cDNA - Human Tumor Tissue: Lymphoma, Hodgkin's Disease Info BioChain C1235161A-10 10 rxn Ask Ask
01010039636 cDNA - Alzheimer's Disease: Brain: Thalamus Info BioChain C1236079Alz 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010040351 Mouse C57 Embryo-E12 cDNA Info Zyagen MD-104-12-C57 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010041516 Dog Adrenal cDNA* Info Zyagen DD-501 30 Reactions Ask Ask
01010042727 Dog Brain, Cerebellum cDNA Info Zyagen DD-202 30 Reactions Ask Ask
01010044429 Hamster Lung cDNA Info Zyagen AD-601 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010044640 Mouse CD1 Blood cDNA * Info Zyagen MD-705 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010044738 cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Blood Vessel: Artery Info BioChain C1234013-10 10 rxn Ask Ask
01010045554 Rat Vagina cDNA Info Zyagen RD-412 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010047018 Mouse C57 Brain, whole Tissue cDNA Info Zyagen MD-201-C57 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010048673 cDNA - Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal Tissue: Thymus Info BioChain C1534264-Cy 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010050065 Cat Esophagus cDNA Info Zyagen FD-301 30 Reactions Ask Ask
01010050592 cDNA - Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal Tissue: Brain: Pineal Gland Info BioChain C1534067-Cy 40 rxn Ask Ask
01010050831 Mouse C57 Mammary Gland cDNA Panel, set of any 10 Tissues Info Zyagen MD-414-010-C57 10x10 reactions Ask Ask
01010051718 Bovine Small Intestine, Ileum cDNA Info Zyagen BD-309 30 reactions Ask Ask
01010056100 cDNA - Monkey (Rhesus) Normal Tissue: Epididymis Info BioChain C1534105 40 rxn Ask Ask
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