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01010003022 Interleukin 6 (IL-6), Clone: B-E8, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen, IH/ELISA, Neutralizing Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA746 0.5 mg Ask Ask
01010003060 NEK7, Active Human recombinant protein Info genways GWB-PS7203 1 vial Ask Ask
01010003400 Recombinant Human Prokineticin-2 Info genways bulk GWB-BIG106 bulk Ask Ask
01010003430 Estrogen Receptor (ER), Clone: 6F11, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen/paraffin, IH Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1799 1000ul Ask Ask
01010003459 Thrombopoietin (TPO) (recombinant) Human Info genways GWB-D60E0A 1 vial Ask Ask
01010003633 Human UPK2 Recombinant Protein Info genways bulk GWB-PPAT65 bulk Ask Ask
01010003875 Recombinant Human Annexin A5 Info genways bulk GWB-B295FB bulk Ask Ask
01010003914 CD25, IL-2Ra, TAC, 55kD, Clone: Tu69, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen Info accurate-monoclonals MEDCLA267 1000ul Ask Ask
01010004073 Antitrypsin, 25-418aa, Recombinant Protein Info genways bulk GWB-P0257J bulk Ask Ask
01010004165 Recombinant Human CTGFL/WISP-2 Info genways bulk GWB-BIG062 bulk Ask Ask
01010004318 Mouse CD1 Rostral Mesencephalon Coronal Frozen Sections, Reg.10 Info Zyagen MF-201-10 10 slides Ask Ask
01010004362 Recombinant Human Tubulin Folding Cofactor A Info genways bulk GWB-C54A79 bulk Ask Ask
01010004423 CD4, T-Cell, Helper, Clone: W3/25, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Rat, frozen/paraffin Info accurate-monoclonals ACL003AP 0.25mg Ask Ask
01010004541 Recombinant Human Trefoil Factor-1 Info genways bulk GWB-9772A0 bulk Ask Ask
01010004647 CEA, Clone: C36503 (NCRC23), Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen/paraffin, IH/ELISA Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1744 200ug Ask Ask
01010004733 CD18, LFA-1ß, Integrin ß2, Clone: YTS213.1, Rat Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Mouse; frozen, IH/flow/IP Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1032GT 25 ug Ask Ask
01010005044 Monkey Pancreas Frozen Sections, Cynomolgus Info Zyagen KF-313 10 slides Ask Ask
01010005229 HMOX2, 1-264aa, Recombinant Protein Info genways bulk GWB-P1568H bulk Ask Ask
01010005334 CITED2, 1- 270 aa, Recombinant Protein Info genways bulk GWB-P1711H bulk Ask Ask
01010005530 Bovine Fallopian Tube Frozen Sections Info Zyagen BF-410 10 slides Ask Ask
01010005678 Mouse CD1 Brain Sagittal Frozen Sections Info Zyagen MF-201-SS 10 slides Ask Ask
01010005997 Monkey Tongue Frozen Sections, Rhesus Info Zyagen UF-105 10 slides Ask Ask
01010006046 Bovine MHC Class II, HLA-DR a, Clone: VPM54, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Sheep; frozen, IH/flow/IP Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA904 2 ml Ask Ask
01010006502 Recombinant Human Chromogranin A Info genways bulk GWB-F139D0 bulk Ask Ask
01010007217 ROBLD3, 1-125aa, Recombinant Protein Info genways bulk GWB-P1204H bulk Ask Ask
01010007219 HSPC159, 1-172aa, Recombinant Protein Info genways bulk GWB-P0835C bulk Ask Ask
01010007255 Frozen Tissue Section - Human Adult Normal: Kidney Info BioChain T1234142 5 slides Ask Ask
01010007264 CD36, 88kD, Clone: J-15, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen, IH/flow Info accurate-monoclonals BMDV7101 500ul Ask Ask
01010007535 Recombinant Bovine GM-CSF Info Immunochemistry kits 6572 5 µg Ask Ask
01010007617 Dnak(385-546), E.coli, Recombinant Protein Info genways bulk GWB-P0216H bulk Ask Ask
01010007650 Rabbit Uterus Frozen Sections Info Zyagen TF-411 10 slides Ask Ask
01010007771 Beta-lactamase, 20-377aa, Recombinant Protein Info genways bulk GWB-P1096D bulk Ask Ask
01010008357 MTPN, 1-118aa, Recombinant Protein Info genways bulk GWB-P1417M bulk Ask Ask
01010008363 alpha-Synuclein 96-140, Human, Recombinant Protein Info genways bulk GWB-P0043D bulk Ask Ask
01010008639 Cat Adipose Tissue Frozen Sections Info Zyagen FF-103 10 slides Ask Ask
01010008737 Hsp90b, Active Human recombinant protein Info genways GWB-C657EE 1 vial Ask Ask
01010008858 CD54, ICAM-1, 90kD, Clone: MEM-112, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human, frozen/paraffin Info accurate-monoclonals YM1133 1000ul Ask Ask
01010008968 Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) (recombinant) Human AG Info genways GWB-EE3CF7 1 vial Ask Ask
01010009000 LCK, Active Human recombinant protein Info genways GWB-CBBFF1 1 vial Ask Ask
01010009257 AIDA, 1-306 aa, Human, His tag, E.coli, Recombinant Protein Info genways bulk GWB-ATG105 bulk Ask Ask
01010009351 Rat Placenta Frozen Sections, E13 Info Zyagen RF-413-13 10 slides Ask Ask
01010009431 CD1, Clone: VPM5, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Sheep, Goat, Bovine; frozen, IH/flow Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA892 2 ml Ask Ask
01010009800 REXO2, 26-237 aa, Human, His tag, E.coli, Recombinant Protein Info genways bulk GWB-ATG280 bulk Ask Ask
01010010227 Recombinant Staphylococcal Protein A 434 a.a Info genways bulk GWB-4CC574 bulk Ask Ask
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