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01010000362 1-Drop PCR Mix (squeeze bottle, no pipet) Info 101biosystem W2599-5 5 mL Ask Ask
01010003430 Estrogen Receptor (ER), Clone: 6F11, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen/paraffin, IH Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1799 1000ul Ask Ask
01010004423 CD4, T-Cell, Helper, Clone: W3/25, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Rat, frozen/paraffin Info accurate-monoclonals ACL003AP 0.25mg Ask Ask
01010004647 CEA, Clone: C36503 (NCRC23), Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen/paraffin, IH/ELISA Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA1744 200ug Ask Ask
01010005036 Monkey Brain Cerebellum Paraffin Sections, Cynomolgus Info Zyagen KP-202 10 slides 512.12 Ask
01010006098 Paraffin Tissue Section - Human Adult Normal: Brain: Thalamus Info BioChain T2234079 5 slides Ask Ask
01010006568 Mouse embryo neronal tube paraffin Sections, E16 Info Zyagen MP-238-16 10 Slides 590.91 Ask
01010006700 Pig Skin Paraffin Sections Info Zyagen PP-101 10 slides 476.99 Ask
01010007108 Pig Bladder Paraffin Sections Info Zyagen PP-902 10 slides 476.99 Ask
01010008764 Mouse C57 Mammary Gland Paraffin Sections, E18 Info Zyagen MP-414-18-C57 10 slides 521.70 Ask
01010008786 HGV Real Time RT-PCR Kit Info genways GWB-LRB040 1 vial Ask Ask
01010008858 CD54, ICAM-1, 90kD, Clone: MEM-112, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human, frozen/paraffin Info accurate-monoclonals YM1133 1000ul Ask Ask
01010009088 Guinea Pig Pancreas Paraffin Sections Info Zyagen GP-313 10 slides 466.34 Ask
01010010339 Kappa (free), Clone: 2B7, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human, frozen/paraffin Info accurate-monoclonals YM5001A-5 5 ml Ask Ask
01010010620 HBV Quantitative Real Time PCR Kit Info genways GWB-LRB013 1 vial Ask Ask
01010010677 Paraffin Tissue Section - Human Brain Tumor: Meningioma Info BioChain T2235035-9 5 slides Ask Ask
01010010934 Collagen Type I, Clone: COL-1, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Hu,Bov,Rab,Deer,Sw,Rat, NO paraffin Info accurate-monoclonals BYA6520-1 0.2 ml Ask Ask
01010012026 CD79a, B-Cell, Clone: 11E3, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen/paraffin, IH/No WB Info accurate-monoclonals MEDCLA478-01 0.1000ul Ask Ask
01010012697 Paraffin Tissue Section - Human Diabetic Diseased Tissue: Stomach Info BioChain T2236248Dia 5 slides Ask Ask
01010014576 Rat Small Intestine, Ileum Paraffin Sections Info Zyagen RP-309 10 slides 466.34 Ask
01010014762 Paraffin Tissue Section - Human Liver Tumor: Nodulous Hepatocellular Carcinoma Info BioChain T2235149-5 5 slides Ask Ask
01010014909 CD20, 33kD/30kD (minor), Clone: L26, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen/paraffin, IH/WB Info accurate-monoclonals MEDCLA440-01 0.1000ul Ask Ask
01010015417 Alkaline Phosphatase, Intestinal, Clone: MIG-I15, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; paraffin Info accurate-monoclonals YM5011 1.5 ml Ask Ask
01010016701 CD43, Leukosialin, Clone: DFT-1, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen/paraffin, IH/flow Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA555 200ug Ask Ask
01010017391 Cathepsin L, Clone: 13C2, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; paraffin/NO frozen, IH/No WB Info accurate-monoclonals MEDCLA907 1000ul Ask Ask
01010017836 Rat Embryo Paraffin Sagittal Sections, E19 Info Zyagen RP-104-19 10 slides 503.60 Ask
01010018820 FSH beta 2, Clone: INN-hFSH-60, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen/paraffin, IH/ELISA Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA338 0.5 mg Ask Ask
01010019928 Mouse CD1 paraventricular nucleous Coronal Paraffin Sections, Reg. 6 Info Zyagen MP-201-06 10 slides 499.34 Ask
01010019992 Gastric Mucin, Clone: 45M1, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; frozen/paraffin, IHC Info accurate-monoclonals MEDRPR007-01 0.1000ul Ask Ask
01010020273 Paraffin Tissue Section Panel - Human Adult Normal Tissue, Multi-tissue (8) IX Info BioChain T8234606 5 slides Ask Ask
01010020384 CP&MP Real Time PCR Kit Info genways GWB-LRB005 1 vial Ask Ask
01010020595 Paraffin Tissue Section - Human Adult Normal: Heart: Pulmonary Artery Info BioChain T2234134 5 slides Ask Ask
01010021638 Mouse C57 Brain Coronal Paraffin Sections Panel, any 7 regions Info Zyagen MP-201-007-C57 7x4 slides 875.18 Ask
01010021982 Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Clone: F5, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; paraffin, IH Info accurate-monoclonals BMAF5 0.2mg Ask Ask
01010022054 Bovine B-Cell, Clone: VPM30, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Sheep, Goat; frozen/paraffin, IH/flow/IP Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA899 2 ml Ask Ask
01010022151 Paraffin Tissue Section - Human Bone Tumor: Chondrosarcoma Info BioChain T2235023-3 5 slides Ask Ask
01010022854 Human Bladder Paraffin Sections Info Zyagen HP-902 10 slides 466.34 Ask
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