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01010000362 1-Drop PCR Mix (squeeze bottle, no pipet) Info 101biosystem W2599-5 5 mL 312.68 Ask
01010000481 Anti-Mouse Stem Cell Antigen 1/Sca-1 Info Reliatech antibodies 103-M477 100ug 541.55 Ask
01010002041 Anti-Mouse MECA32 antigen Info Reliatech antibodies 103-M42S 50ug 244.99 Ask
01010003687 Blood Group Antigen Rh Related, Clone: BRIC 69, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; IP Info accurate-monoclonals YBG13554607 2 ml 8.06 Ask
01010005973 Ovarian Cancer Antigen, Clone: OV632, Mouse Monoclonal antibody- Info accurate-monoclonals ICCMOV632 1000ul 749.46 Ask
01010006381 Blood Group Antigen B, Clone: 89-F, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; ELISA/WB/IHC/flow/IP Info accurate-monoclonals YVG140-A 0.1mg 1203.98 Ask
01010007054 CD6, T-Cell, Pan, Differentiation Antigen, Clone: LOCD6-a, Rat Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human Info accurate-monoclonals YULLOCD6a-10 10 ml 10116.95 Ask
01010008319 Hepatitis B Surface Antigen antibody Info genways GWB-4AE850 1 x 1 vial 970.27 Ask
01010008786 HGV Real Time RT-PCR Kit Info genways GWB-LRB040 1 vial 844.56 Ask
01010009006 Scl-70 Antigen Info genways GWB-3A6528 1 x 1 vial 1465.08 Ask
01010010620 HBV Quantitative Real Time PCR Kit Info genways GWB-LRB013 1 vial 678.55 Ask
01010014034 Antigen 85A , 43-338 aa , Mycobacterium tuberculosis, His tag, Baculovirus Info genways bulk GWB-P0548B bulk Ask Ask
01010014487 Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Clone: P19.1/PS1, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human Info accurate-monoclonals MAB190 1 mg 8.06 Ask
01010017894 Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA), antibody Info genways GWB-B5942C 1 vial 933.20 Ask
01010017944 Anti- Squamous Cell Carcinoma Antigen 2 (SCCA2) Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals GEN2013256 100ug 838.11 Ask
01010018001 MHC class II antigen ( 45-57 ) [Homo sapiens] 25mg Info Ape A1081-25 25mg 805.88 Ask
01010018543 Ki67 Antigen, Cell Cycle Proliferation Marker, Clone: MM1, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-, FITC; flow Info accurate-monoclonals MEDFITC12-100 100 tests 8.06 Ask
01010018605 CD24, Heat Stable Antigen (HSA, J11d), Clone: CT-HSA, Rat Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Mouse Info accurate-monoclonals ACL8920AP 0.2mg 8.06 Ask
01010020384 CP&MP Real Time PCR Kit Info genways GWB-LRB005 1 vial 994.45 Ask
01010020821 Anti- B-Lymphocyte Activation Antigen B7-2 (LAB7-2) Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals GEN2013014 50ug 570.56 Ask
01010021240 Anti- Paraneoplastic Antigen MA2 (PNMA2) Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals GEN2015417 100ug 909.03 Ask
01010021982 Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Clone: F5, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; paraffin, IH Info accurate-monoclonals BMAF5 0.2mg 888.07 Ask
01010022706 Cytomegalovirus (CMV), Early Antigen, Clone: CCH2, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human Info accurate-monoclonals BMD012D 5 ml 1207.20 Ask
01010023415 EBV Nuclear Antigen Antibody, Cy7 Conjugated Info Bioss Primary Conjugated Antibodies bs-6938R-Cy7 0.1ml 564.11 Ask
01010023792 Hepatitis B Surface Antigen antibody Info genways GWB-D8AC18 1 vial 757.52 Ask
01010023846 CD72 Antigen (CD72) Rabbit antibody to or anti-Human Polyclonal (aa1-98) antibody Info genways GWB-FE9603 1 vial 1044.41 Ask
01010025046 FluroBronze PCR Ladder Info Research sys 76195 50 µg 512.54 Ask
01010025152 Anti- Carcinoembryonic Antigen/CEA Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals GEN8504731 100ug 596.35 Ask
01010026626 Hepatitis B Core Antigen (HBcAg), Clone: LF161, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; paraffin Info accurate-monoclonals MEDRPR004-01 0.1000ul 359.42 Ask
01010028558 Anti- Lymphocyte Function Associated Antigen 2 (LFA2) Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals GEN2002977 100ug 810.71 Ask
01010029732 Epithelial Membrane Antigen (EMA), Clone: E29, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human, FITC Info accurate-monoclonals AXL920F 1000ul 8.06 Ask
01010029953 Anti- Lymphocyte Antigen 96 (LY96) Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals GEN2003029 100ug 855.84 Ask
01010030245 Hepatitis B Core Antigen (HBcAg) antibody Info genways GWB-T00612 1 vial 905.80 Ask
01010031584 Blood Group Antigen B, Clone: 3E7, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human Info accurate-monoclonals AXL705M 1000ul 8.06 Ask
01010033579 Epithelial Specific Antigen (ESA), 40kD, Clone: VU-1D9, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; frozen/paraffin, IH Info accurate-monoclonals MEDCLA90-01 0.1000ul 689.83 Ask
01010034145 Hepatitis B surface antigen antibody Info genways GWB-8B7121 1 vial 783.31 Ask
01010035820 Anti- Custom Polyclonal Antibodies, Antigen Conjugation, R-Phycoerythrin Antibody Info MBS Polyclonals GEN6006706 1 mg 1621.42 Ask
01010037564 NK1.1 Antigen antibody (PE) Info genways GWB-3212DD 1 x 1 vial 746.24 Ask
01010037702 Influenza A H3 Antigen antibody Info genways GWB-78ADD7 1 tube 1444.13 Ask
01010038104 Measles Virus Real Time RT-PCR Kit Info genways GWB-LRB044 1 vial 844.56 Ask
01010038164 CD3, T-Cell, TCR associated antigen, Thymocyte, Clone: UCHT-1, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human, APC; flow Info accurate-monoclonals YSRTMCA463APC vial 788.15 Ask
01010039628 Hepatitis C NS-5 antigen, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: BGN/1246/5G7 Info accurate-monoclonals YBG02000423 200ug 821.99 Ask
01010039650 Mycobacterium tuberculosis 38kDa antigen, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-; Clone: BGN/1209/3865 Info accurate-monoclonals YBG01000518G 1 mg 8.06 Ask
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