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01012613633 3D Cell Culture HTS Cell Viability Complete Assay Kit Info Biovision K948-100 100 assays Ask Ask
01012613660 Nitric Oxide Cell-Based HTS Assay Kit Info Biovision K979-100 100 assays Ask Ask
01014298308 Human topoisomerase I DNA relaxation assay HTS kit (enzyme not included) Info ProF HRA1000-100 100 assays Ask Ask
01014298334 DNA Topoisomerase I assay reagent Set for HTS (enzyme not included) Info ProF DRA1000-1000 1000 assays Ask Ask
01015672380 Apo 3/7 HTS - 100 Tests Info CellTech APO200-2 100 Tests Ask Ask
01015672383 Apo 3/7 HTS - 500 Tests Info CellTech APO200-3 500 Tests Ask Ask
01015672386 Apo 3/7 HTS - 1000 Tests Info CellTech APO200-4 1000 Tests Ask Ask
01015737673 JBScreen Solubility HTS Info Jenabiosciences CO-311 95solutions Ask Ask
01015737960 JBScreen Classic HTS I Info Jenabiosciences CS-201L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015737963 JBScreen Classic HTS II Info Jenabiosciences CS-202L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015737964 JBScreen Basic HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-203L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015737967 JBScreen Kinase HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-204L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015737968 JBScreen PEG/Salt HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-205L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015737971 JBScreen JCSG++ HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-206L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015737972 JBScreen PACT++ HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-207L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015737975 JBScreen Nuc-Pro HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-209L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015737976 JBScreen Pentaerythritol HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-210L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015737979 Pi-minimal Screen HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-211L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015737980 Pi-PEG Screen HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-212L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015737983 JBScreen LCP HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-213L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015737996 JBScreen Membrane 1 - 4 & JBScreen Detergents HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-308 4 + 1Kits Ask Ask
01015738000 JBScreen Membrane HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-310 96solutions Ask Ask
01015738016 JBScreen Wizard 1 & 2 HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-318 96solutions Ask Ask
01015738018 JBScreen Wizard 3 & 4 HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-319 96solutions Ask Ask
01015738020 JBScreen Wizard 1 - 4 HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-320 2 x 96solutions Ask Ask
01015738040 JBScreen Plus HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-507L 96solutions Ask Ask
01015738046 JBScreen Detergents HTS Info Jenabiosciences CS-525 96solutions Ask Ask
01015898761 JBS Solubility Kit HTS Info MiTeGen M-CO-311 1 Kit Ask Ask
01015898857 JBScreen Classic HTS I L (1.7 ml per well) (PEG based) Info MiTeGen M-CS-201L 1 kit Ask Ask
01015898859 JBScreen Basic HTS L (1.7 ml per well) Info MiTeGen M-CS-203L 1 kit Ask Ask
01015898860 JBScreen Kinase HTS L (1.7 ml per well) Info MiTeGen M-CS-204L 1 kit Ask Ask
01015898861 JBScreen PEG/Salt HTS L (1.7 ml per well) Info MiTeGen M-CS-205L 1 kit Ask Ask
01015898862 JBScreen JCSG++ HTS L (1.7 ml per well) Info MiTeGen M-CS-206L 1 kit Ask Ask
01015898863 JBScreen PACT++ HTS L (1.7 ml per well) Info MiTeGen M-CS-207L 1 kit Ask Ask
01015898864 JBScreen Nuc-Pro HTS L (1.7 ml per well) Info MiTeGen M-CS-209L 1 kit Ask Ask
01015898865 JBScreen Pentaerythritol HTS L (1.7 ml per well) Info MiTeGen M-CS-210L 1 kit Ask Ask
01015898866 Pi-minimal Screen HTS (1.7 ml per well) Info MiTeGen M-CS-211L 1 kit Ask Ask
01015898867 Pi-PEG Screen HTS (1.7 ml per well) Info MiTeGen M-CS-212L 1 kit Ask Ask
01015898868 JBScreen LCP HTS Info MiTeGen M-CS-213L 1 kit Ask Ask
01015898875 JBScreen Membrane 1 - 4 & JBScreen Detergents HTS (4 + 1 Kits) Info MiTeGen M-CS-308 5 Kit Ask Ask
01015898877 JBScreen Membrane HTS (1.7ml per well) Info MiTeGen M-CS-310 1 Kit Ask Ask
01015898878 JBScreen Thermofluor FUNDAMENT HTS Info MiTeGen M-CS-332 1 Kit Ask Ask
01015898879 JBScreen Thermofluor SPECIFIC HTS Info MiTeGen M-CS-333 1 Kit Ask Ask
01015898887 JBScreen Plus HTS L (1.0 ml per well) Info MiTeGen M-CS-507L 1 Kit Ask Ask
01015898893 JBScreen Detergents HTS Info MiTeGen M-CS-525 1 Kit Ask Ask
01017010055 hN2; Human Neurons High Throughput Screening (HTS) Kit Info Neuromics HN60002 4,000,000 Cells Ask Ask
01017019275 Mouse Anti-HTS Recombinant Antibody (1B1) Info Creative Biolabs CBMAB-0060-CN 100ug Ask Ask
01018551679 Caspase-3 DEVD-R110 Fluorometric HTS Assay Kit Info Biotium 30009-1 3X1KIT Ask Ask
01018551680 Caspase-3 DEVD-R110 Fluorometric HTS Assay Kit Info Biotium 30009-2 1KIT Ask Ask
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