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01012612501 Human IL-1α / IL-1F1 Info shenan 100-173-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612502 Mouse IL-1α / IL-1F1 Info shenan 200-87-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612503 Mouse IL-1α / IL-1F1 (AF) Info shenan 200-87AF-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612504 Human IL-1 β Info shenan 100-167-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612505 Human IL-1 β (AF) Info shenan 100-167AF-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612506 Mouse IL-1 β Info shenan 200-68-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612507 Rat IL-1 β Info shenan 300-30-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612508 Human IL-2 Info shenan 100-12-10 10µg Ask Ask
01012612509 Human IL-2 (AF) Info shenan 100-12AF-10 10µg Ask Ask
01012612510 Mouse IL-2 Info shenan 200-17-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612511 Rat IL-2 Info shenan 300-38-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612512 Rat IL-2 (AF) Info shenan 300-38AF-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612513 Human IL-3 Info shenan 100-80-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612514 Human IL-3 (AF) Info shenan 100-80AF-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612515 Mouse IL-3 Info shenan 200-01-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612516 Mouse IL-3 (AF) Info shenan 200-01AF-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612517 Human IL-4 Info shenan 100-09-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612518 Human IL-4 (AF) Info shenan 100-09AF-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612519 Mouse IL-4 Info shenan 200-18-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612520 Mouse IL-4 (AF) Info shenan 200-18AF-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612521 Human IL-5 Info shenan 100-191-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612522 Human IL-5 (AF) Info shenan 100-191AF-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612523 Mouse IL-5 Info shenan 200-20-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612524 Mouse IL-5 (AF) Info shenan 200-20AF-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612525 Human IL-6 Info shenan 100-10-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612526 Human IL-6 (AF) Info shenan 100-10AF-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612527 Mouse IL-6 Info shenan 200-02-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612528 Rat IL-6 Info shenan 300-09-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612529 Rat IL-6 (AF) Info shenan 300-09AF-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612530 Human IL-7 Info shenan 100-11-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612531 Human IL-7 (AF) Info shenan 100-11AF-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612532 Mouse IL-7 Info shenan 200-03-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612533 Human IL-8 / CXCL8 Info shenan 100-175-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612534 Porcine IL-8 / CXCL8 Info shenan 400-03-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612535 Porcine IL-8 / CXCL8 (AF) Info shenan 400-03AF-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612536 Human IL-9 Info shenan 100-82-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612537 Mouse IL-9 Info shenan 200-19-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612538 Human IL-10 Info shenan 100-83-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612539 Human IL-10 (AF) Info shenan 100-83AF-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612540 Mouse IL-10 Info shenan 200-84-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612541 Rat IL-10 Info shenan 300-35-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612542 Mouse IL-10 (AF) Info shenan 200-84AF-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612543 Rat IL-10 (AF) Info shenan 300-35AF-5 5µg Ask Ask
01012612544 Human IL-11 Info shenan 100-84-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612545 Human IL-11 (AF) Info shenan 100-84AF-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612546 Mouse IL-11 Info shenan 200-64-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612547 Mouse IL-11 (AF) Info shenan 200-64AF-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612548 Mouse IL-12 Info shenan 200-25-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612549 Human IL-13 Info shenan 100-85-2 2µg Ask Ask
01012612550 Mouse IL-13 Info shenan 200-22-2 2µg Ask Ask
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