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01016879800 Negative Control, Rabbit Polyclonal Info Supertechs STECH-003 2X1 mL Ask Ask
01016879801 Rabbit Anti-Human TdT, Immunoaffinity Purified Info Supertechs STECH-005 1 mL Ask Ask
01016879802 Rabbit Anti-TdT, Immunoaffinity Purified Info Supertechs STECH-004 1 mL Ask Ask
01016879803 FITC-Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG, F(ab')2 Prep Info Supertechs STECH-008 1 mL Ask Ask
01016879804 TdT Immunoperoxidase (20 Slide Tests) Info Supertechs STECH-0479 20 Slide Tests Ask Ask
01016879805 TdT Immunofluorescence (20 Slide Tests) Info Supertechs STECH-0480 20 Slide Tests Ask Ask
01016879806 Supertechs F and P Solutions (50 Tests) Info Supertechs STECH-1001 50 Tests Ask Ask
01016879807 FITC: Mouse anti-Human TdT Mix Info Supertechs STECH-6100 0.5 mL Ask Ask
01016879808 FITC: Mouse anti-Human TdT-6 Info Supertechs STECH-6600 0.5 mL Ask Ask
01016879809 FITC: Negative Control IgG1 Info Supertechs STECH-8100 0.5 mL Ask Ask
01016879810 FITC: Negative Control IgG2A Info Supertechs STECH-8200 0.5 mL Ask Ask
01016879811 TdT Control Cell Suspension (Handling Charge Included) Info Supertechs STECH-9500 1 mL Ask Ask
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