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01018572931 PanToxiLux (Green substrate) Info PhiPhiLux PTLS02-8 80assays Ask Ask
01018572932 PanToxiLux -P2D2 (Red substrate) Info PhiPhiLux PTLS04-8 80assays Ask Ask
01018572933 PhiPhiLux-G2D2 (Red) Info PhiPhiLux A304R2G-S 80assays Ask Ask
01026811366 Target Fluorescent Label-4 Info PhiPhiLux TFL-4 100 assays Ask Ask
01026811367 Cytotoxicity Assay Buffer Info PhiPhiLux BTL-60 60 ml Ask Ask
01026811368 Nuclear Fluorescent Label Info PhiPhiLux NFL-1 100 assays Ask Ask
01026811369 Effector Cell Growth Medium Info PhiPhiLux TCM-1L 1 liter Ask Ask
01026811370 ATG4B-LC3-G1D2 (Green) Info PhiPhiLux LC3R1G-8 80 assays Ask Ask
01026811373 PhiPhiLux-G1D2 (Green) Info PhiPhiLux A304R1G-5 50 assays Ask Ask
01026811375 PhiPhiLux-G2D2 (red) Info PhiPhiLux A304R2G-5 50 assays Ask Ask
01026811376 CaspaLux1-E1D2 (Green) Info PhiPhiLux CPL1R1E-5 50 assays Ask Ask
01026811377 CaspaLux1-E2D2 (Red) Info PhiPhiLux CPL1R2E-5 50 assays Ask Ask
01026811378 CaspaLux2-F1D2 (Green) Info PhiPhiLux CPL2R1E-5 50 assays Ask Ask
01026811379 CaspaLux2-F2D2 (Red) Info PhiPhiLux CPL2R2E-5 50 assays Ask Ask
01026811380 CaspaLux6-J1D2 (Green) Info PhiPhiLux CPL6R1J-5 50 assays Ask Ask
01026811381 CaspaLux6-J2D2 (Red) Info PhiPhiLux CPL6R2J-5 50 assays Ask Ask
01026811382 CaspaLuxS-L1D2 (Green) Info PhiPhiLux CPL8R1L-5 50 assays Ask Ask
01026811387 CaspaLuxS-L2D2 (Red) Info PhiPhiLux CPL8R2L-5 50 assays Ask Ask
01026811390 CaspaLux9-M1D2 (Green) Info PhiPhiLux CPL9R1M-5 50 assays Ask Ask
01026811391 CaspaLux9-M2D2 (Red) Info PhiPhiLux CPL9R2M-5 50 assays Ask Ask
01026811392 ElastoLux-G1D2 (Green) Info PhiPhiLux E102R1G-6 60 assays Ask Ask
01026811395 ElastoLux-G2D2 (Red) Info PhiPhiLux E102R2G-6 60 assays Ask Ask
01026811396 CaDiLux-G1D2 (Green) Info PhiPhiLux CD102R1G-6 60 assays Ask Ask
01026811400 CaDiLux-G2D2 (Red) Info PhiPhiLux CD102R2G-6 60 assays Ask Ask
02026811365 GranToxiLux-PLUS! (Green substrate) Info PhiPhiLux GTL702-8 80assays Ask Ask
02026811371 ATG4B-LC3-G2D2 (Red ) Info PhiPhiLux LC3R2G-8 80assays Ask Ask
02026811372 PhiPhiLux-G1D2 (Green) Info PhiPhiLux A304R1G-8 80assays Ask Ask
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