SKU Product name Supplier Catalog no. Size Price
01018533227 Adiponectin/Acrp30 Info NKMAX AAD0602 50ul Ask Ask
01018533228 gamma -Synuclein Info NKMAX PGS0606 50ul Ask Ask
01018533229 Adiponectin/Acrp30 Info NKMAX AAD0614 50ul Ask Ask
01018533230 AK3 Info NKMAX AAK0604 50ul Ask Ask
01018533231 APP/Protease Nexin II Info NKMAX AAP0836 50ul Ask Ask
01018533232 BHMT Info NKMAX ABH0708 50ul Ask Ask
01018533233 BID Info NKMAX ABI0923 50ul Ask Ask
01018533234 BAFF/BLyS/TNFSF13B Info NKMAX ABL0813 50ul Ask Ask
01018533235 BMP-7 Info NKMAX ABM0615 50ul Ask Ask
01018533236 C/EBP-Beta Info NKMAX ABP0609 50ul Ask Ask
01018533237 AlphaA Crystallin/CRYAA Info NKMAX ACA0401 50ul Ask Ask
01018533238 Calmodulin Info NKMAX ACA0830 50ul Ask Ask
01018533239 NCK2 Info NKMAX ATGD0001 10ug Ask Ask
01018533240 AlphaB Crystallin/CRYAB Info NKMAX ACB0617 50ul Ask Ask
01018533241 Cyclophilin B Info NKMAX ACB0825 50ul Ask Ask
01018533242 CIAPIN1 Info NKMAX ATGD0002 10ug Ask Ask
01018533243 CD45 Info NKMAX ACD0802 50ul Ask Ask
01018533244 CD73 Info NKMAX ACD0806 50ul Ask Ask
01018533245 ALDOB Info NKMAX ATGD0003 10ug Ask Ask
01018533246 TAB1 Info NKMAX ATGD0004 10ug Ask Ask
01018533247 CD44 Info NKMAX ACD0826 50ul Ask Ask
01018533248 Integrin beta 1/CD29 Info NKMAX ACD0823 50ul Ask Ask
01018533249 GRAP2 Info NKMAX ATGD0005 10ug Ask Ask
01018533250 IL9 Info NKMAX ATGD0006 10ug Ask Ask
01018533251 Cathepsin D Info NKMAX ACH0627 50ul Ask Ask
01018533252 CIB1 Info NKMAX ACI0807 50ul Ask Ask
01018533253 GALT Info NKMAX ATGD0007 10ug Ask Ask
01018533254 ELK1 Info NKMAX ATGD0008 10ug Ask Ask
01018533255 GLRX3 Info NKMAX ATGD0009 10ug Ask Ask
01018533256 FKBP3 Info NKMAX ATGD0010 10ug Ask Ask
01018533257 APRT Info NKMAX ATGD0011 10ug Ask Ask
01018533258 ARG1 Info NKMAX ATGD0012 10ug Ask Ask
01018533259 NME2 Info NKMAX ATGD0013 10ug Ask Ask
01018533260 HCK Info NKMAX ATGD0014 10ug Ask Ask
01018533261 Clusterin Info NKMAX ACL0711 50ul Ask Ask
01018533262 Cofilin 1 Info NKMAX ACO0927 50ul Ask Ask
01018533263 MAP2K1 Info NKMAX ATGD0015 10ug Ask Ask
01018533264 MAP2K2 Info NKMAX ATGD0016 10ug Ask Ask
01018533265 C-Reactive Protein/CRP Info NKMAX ACR0631 50ul Ask Ask
01018533266 Cystatin B Info NKMAX ACS0820 50ul Ask Ask
01018533267 HAND1 Info NKMAX ATGD0017 10ug Ask Ask
01018533268 RAN Info NKMAX ATGD0018 10ug Ask Ask
01018533269 Cathepsin L Info NKMAX ACT0905 50ul Ask Ask
01018533270 DACT3 Info NKMAX ADA0925 50ul Ask Ask
01018533271 ISG20 Info NKMAX ATGD0019 10ug Ask Ask
01018533272 PIN4 Info NKMAX ATGD0020 10ug Ask Ask
01018533273 Park7/DJ-1 Info NKMAX ADJ0618 50ul Ask Ask
01018533274 EphA2 Info NKMAX AEA0909 50ul Ask Ask
01018533275 EPM2A Info NKMAX AEP0911 50ul Ask Ask
01018533276 FADD Info NKMAX AFA0901 50ul Ask Ask
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