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01015414579 Tissue, Section, Human Adult Normal, Uterus, Info MyBioSource MBS640095 5 Sections Ask Ask
01015948726 Recombinant Vibrio vulnificus UPF0319 protein VV2327 (VV2327) Info MyBioSource MBS1300002 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948727 Recombinant Yersinia pestis bv. Antiqua Acylphosphatase (acyP) Info MyBioSource MBS1300004 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948728 Recombinant Chlamydophila caviae 50S ribosomal protein L22 (rplV) Info MyBioSource MBS1300001 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948729 Recombinant Rickettsia bellii NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit F (nuoF) Info MyBioSource MBS1300003 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948730 Recombinant Staphylococcus epidermidis Segregation and condensation protein B (scpB) Info MyBioSource MBS1300005 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948731 Recombinant Shigella boydii serotype 4 UPF0345 protein YaiE (yaiE) Info MyBioSource MBS1300006 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948732 Recombinant Vibrio vulnificus 50S ribosomal protein L24 (rplX) Info MyBioSource MBS1300008 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948733 Recombinant 3-demethylubiquinone-9 3-methyltransferase (ubiG) Info MyBioSource MBS1300007 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948734 Recombinant Rat Cyclic AMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-5 (Atf5) Info MyBioSource MBS1300009 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948735 Recombinant Danio rerio 1,2-dihydroxy-3-keto-5-methylthiopentene dioxygenase (adi1) Info MyBioSource MBS1300010 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948736 Recombinant Mouse Exocyst complex component 3 (Exoc3) Info MyBioSource MBS1300011 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948737 Recombinant Ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase E (rluE) Info MyBioSource MBS1300012 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948738 Recombinant Thermosynechococcus elongatus 50S ribosomal protein L14 (rplN) Info MyBioSource MBS1300013 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948739 Recombinant Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae Cysteine desulfurase (iscS) Info MyBioSource MBS1300014 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948740 Recombinant Mannheimia succiniciproducens Guanylate kinase (gmk) Info MyBioSource MBS1300015 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948741 Recombinant Salmonella choleraesuis 3-deoxy-manno-octulosonate cytidylyltransferase (kdsB) Info MyBioSource MBS1300016 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948742 Recombinant Mouse Methyltransferase-like protein 5 (Mettl5) Info MyBioSource MBS1300017 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948743 Recombinant Hepatitis E virus genotype 4 Protein ORF3 (ORF3) Info MyBioSource MBS1300018 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948744 Recombinant Human Putative uncharacterized protein FLJ46204 Info MyBioSource MBS1300019 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948745 Recombinant Photobacterium profundum 30S ribosomal protein S21 (rpsU) Info MyBioSource MBS1300020 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948746 Recombinant Shigella dysenteriae serotype 1 L-lactate dehydrogenase [cytochrome] (lldD) Info MyBioSource MBS1300021 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948747 Recombinant Vibrio vulnificus UPF0229 protein VV2350 (VV2350) Info MyBioSource MBS1300022 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948748 Recombinant Minor capsid protein L2 (L2) Info MyBioSource MBS1300023 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948750 Recombinant Anopheles gambiae Adenylyltransferase and sulfurtransferase MOCS3 (AGAP001737) Info MyBioSource MBS1300025 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948751 Recombinant Xenopus tropicalis Putative N-acetyltransferase 16 (nat16) Info MyBioSource MBS1300026 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948752 Recombinant Human Zinc finger protein 333 (ZNF333) Info MyBioSource MBS1300027 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948753 Recombinant Clostridium acetobutylicum Aspartate--tRNA ligase (aspS), partial Info MyBioSource MBS1300028 INQUIRE Ask Ask
01015948754 Recombinant Moorella thermoacetica tRNA dimethylallyltransferase (miaA) Info MyBioSource MBS1300029 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948755 Recombinant Dictyostelium discoideum Probable cytochrome P450 518A1 (cyp518A1) Info MyBioSource MBS1300030 0,5 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948756 Recombinant Rickettsia conorii tRNA pseudouridine synthase B (truB) Info MyBioSource MBS1300031 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948758 Recombinant Dictyostelium discoideum Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 1A (eif1a) Info MyBioSource MBS1300033 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948759 Recombinant Chicken Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 29 (VPS29) Info MyBioSource MBS1300034 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948760 Recombinant Ictalurus punctatus 60S ribosomal protein L36 (rpl36) Info MyBioSource MBS1300035 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948761 Recombinant Human Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 74B (CCDC74B) Info MyBioSource MBS1300036 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948762 Recombinant Oryza sativa subsp. japonica Spermidine synthase 1 (SPDSYN1) Info MyBioSource MBS1300037 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948763 Recombinant Antirrhinum majus Protein CENTRORADIALIS (CEN) Info MyBioSource MBS1300038 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948764 Recombinant Vibrio marinus Na (+)-translocating NADH-quinone reductase subunit F (nqrF) Info MyBioSource MBS1300039 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948765 Recombinant Ralstonia solanacearum 3-phosphoshikimate 1-carboxyvinyltransferase (aroA) Info MyBioSource MBS1300040 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948766 Recombinant Oceanobacillus iheyensis Sensory transduction protein lytT (lytT) Info MyBioSource MBS1300041 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948767 Recombinant 60 kDa chaperonin (groL) Info MyBioSource MBS1300042 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948768 Recombinant Human Tetratricopeptide repeat protein 21B (TTC21B), partial Info MyBioSource MBS1300043 INQUIRE Ask Ask
01015948769 Recombinant Rat LRP2-binding protein (Lrp2bp) Info MyBioSource MBS1300044 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948770 Recombinant Glycerol kinase (glpK), partial Info MyBioSource MBS1300045 INQUIRE Ask Ask
01015948771 Recombinant Ashbya gossypii Multiprotein-bridging factor 1 (MBF1) Info MyBioSource MBS1300046 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948772 Recombinant Aspergillus oryzae Adenine deaminase (aah1) Info MyBioSource MBS1300047 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948773 Recombinant Staphylococcus aureus 50S ribosomal protein L22 (rplV) Info MyBioSource MBS1300048 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948774 Recombinant Escherichia coli Isopentenyl-diphosphate Delta-isomerase (idi) Info MyBioSource MBS1300049 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
01015948775 Recombinant Staphylococcus epidermidis Uncharacterized lipoprotein SERP2423 (SERP2423) Info MyBioSource MBS1300050 0,05 mg (E-Coli) Ask Ask
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