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01017412964 Bio Lisante (Ammonium Chloride based) Info AcZon BIOLI-AS500H 5 x 500 tests Ask Ask
01017412965 Dilution Buffer Info AcZon NOLYS-AS250H 2 x 125 ml Ask Ask
01017412966 Test Tubes Info AcZon TUBES-AS500H 2X500 pcs Ask Ask
01017412967 Sheath Fluid Info AcZon SHEFL-AS020H 20 l Ask Ask
01017412968 Permeabilization and Fixation kit Info AcZon PFIXK-A-100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412969 Blocking Solution concentrate 10X Info AcZon BS10X-AS001H 1 ml Ask Ask
01017412970 Blocking Solution concentrate 10X Info AcZon BS10X-AS010H 10 ml Ask Ask
01017412971 Lyophilization buffer 10X Info AcZon LB10X-AS005H 5ml Ask Ask
01017412972 Lyophilization buffer 10X Info AcZon LB10X-AS010H 10ml Ask Ask
01017412973 Beta-2 Microglobulin -PURIFIED Info AcZon BETA2AMS100H 100µg Ask Ask
01017412974 Beta-2 Microglobulin -FITC Info AcZon BETA2BMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412975 Beta-2 Microglobulin -RPE Info AcZon BETA2CMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412976 Beta-2 Microglobulin -TDR5 Info AcZon BETA2DMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412977 Beta-2 Microglobulin -APC Info AcZon BETA2EMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412978 Beta-2 Microglobulin -BIOTIN Info AcZon BETA2FMS100H 100µg Ask Ask
01017412979 Beta-2 Microglobulin -PERCP Info AcZon BETA2GMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412980 Beta-2 Microglobulin -TDP55 Info AcZon BETA2HMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412981 Beta-2 Microglobulin -TDR7 Info AcZon BETA2IMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412982 Beta-2 Microglobulin -TDA7 Info AcZon BETA2JMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412983 CD1a-PURIFIED Info AcZon CD1A-AMS100H 100µg Ask Ask
01017412984 CD1a-FITC Info AcZon CD1A-BMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412985 CD1a-RPE Info AcZon CD1A-CMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412986 CD1a-TDR5 Info AcZon CD1A-DMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412987 CD1a-APC Info AcZon CD1A-EMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412988 CD1a-BIOTIN Info AcZon CD1A-FMS100H 100µg Ask Ask
01017412989 CD1a-PERCP Info AcZon CD1A-GMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412990 CD1a-TDP55 Info AcZon CD1A-HMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412991 CD1a-TDR7 Info AcZon CD1A-IMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412992 CD1a-TDA7 Info AcZon CD1A-JMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412993 CD2-PURIFIED Info AcZon CD2--AMS100H 100µg Ask Ask
01017412994 CD2-FITC Info AcZon CD2--BMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017412999 CD2-RPE Info AcZon CD2--CMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413004 CD2-TDR5 Info AcZon CD2--DMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413008 CD2-APC Info AcZon CD2--EMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413011 CD2-BIOTIN Info AcZon CD2--FMS100H 100µg Ask Ask
01017413014 CD2-PERCP Info AcZon CD2--GMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413016 CD2-TDP55 Info AcZon CD2--HMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413018 CD2-TDR7 Info AcZon CD2--IMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413020 CD2-TDA7 Info AcZon CD2--JMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413022 CD2-PURIFIED Info AcZon CD2M-AMS100H 100µg Ask Ask
01017413024 CD2-FITC Info AcZon CD2M-BMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413027 CD2-RPE Info AcZon CD2M-CMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413028 CD2-TDR5 Info AcZon CD2M-DMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413031 CD2-APC Info AcZon CD2M-EMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413032 CD2-BIOTIN Info AcZon CD2M-FMS100H 100µg Ask Ask
01017413035 CD2-PERCP Info AcZon CD2M-GMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413037 CD2-TDP55 Info AcZon CD2M-HMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413040 CD2-TDR7 Info AcZon CD2M-IMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413041 CD2-TDA7 Info AcZon CD2M-JMS100H 100 tests Ask Ask
01017413044 CD3-PURIFIED Info AcZon CD3--AMS100H 100µg Ask Ask
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