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01017101227 RISTO.abp.CETIN Info ABP 100RIST001 1g vial Ask Ask
01017101228 RISTO.abp.CETIN Info ABP 100RIST600 Pack of 6 x 100mg vials Ask Ask
01017101229 RISTO.abp.CETIN Info ABP 100RIST-100-1 100mg vial Ask Ask
01017101230 Lyophilized Platelets Info ABP ABP-LYO_PPLA-5 Pack of 5 x 5ml vials Ask Ask
01017101231 Ristocetin Cofactor Assay Kit Info ABP ABP-RICOF 40/80 Test Kit Ask Ask
01017101232 Collagen (Equine Tendon) T1 Info ABP ABP-COL-1 1mg/ml, 1ml vial Ask Ask
01017101233 Collagen (Equine Tendon) T1 Info ABP ABP-COL-2 2mg/ml, 1ml vial Ask Ask
01017101234 Collagen Diluent Info ABP ABP-COL-DIL-5 5ml vial Ask Ask
01017101235 TRAP-6 1mM Info ABP ABP-TRA-1 1ml vial Ask Ask
01017101236 Reference Plasma Info ABP ABP-RP-1 1ml vial Ask Ask
01017101237 Q.C.Plasma Info ABP ABP-QCP 0.5ml vial Ask Ask
01017101238 ADP 0.2mM Info ABP ABP-ADP-1 1ml vial Ask Ask
01017101239 Arachidonic Acid 5mg/ml Info ABP ABP-ARA-1 1ml vial Ask Ask
01017101240 Epinephrine 100uM Info ABP ABP-EPI-1 1ml vial Ask Ask
01017101241 vWF Activity Kit Info ABP ABP-ACT-KIT 96 Test Kit Ask Ask
01017101242 vWF Total Antigen Kit Info ABP ABP-TOT-KIT 96 Test Kit Ask Ask
01017101243 Indocyanine Green Info ABP IC-GREEN 1 pack Ask Ask
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