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01010000166 Magnetic Beads (DNA) 450 mL Info 101biosystem P920-450 450 mL Ask Ask
01010001036 Magnetic Beads (DNA) 5 mL Info 101biosystem P920-5 5 mL Ask Ask
01010001882 Magnetic Beads (DNA) 30 mL Info 101biosystem P920-30 30 mL Ask Ask
01010002816 Magnetic Beads (DNA) 60 mL Info 101biosystem P920-60 60 mL Ask Ask
01010413130 Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanocrystals Powder Info Research sys 56176 20 Mg Ask Ask
01010472610 Pressure Injection Cell Clear - Magnetic Info Bullet Blenders PC1000-MAG 1 Ask Ask
01010791669 FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction Kit – Magnetic Beads Info BioChain K5011450 1 kit Ask Ask
01011987976 RFP-nAb Magnetic Kit (20 Reactions) Info allele ABP-NAB-RFPMK20 20 Reactions Ask Ask
01011987977 RFP-nAb Magnetic 0.25ml Info allele ABP-NAB-RFPM025 250 µl Ask Ask
01011987978 RFP-nAb Magnetic 0.5ml Info allele ABP-NAB-RFPM050 500 µl Ask Ask
01011987979 RFP-nAb Magnetic 1ml Info allele ABP-NAB-RFPM100 1 ml Ask Ask
01011987980 RFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose 0.25ml Info allele ABP-NAB-RFPX025 250 µl Ask Ask
01011987981 RFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose 0.5ml Info allele ABP-NAB-RFPX050 500 µl Ask Ask
01011987982 RFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose 1ml Info allele ABP-NAB-RFPX100 1 ml Ask Ask
01011987983 RFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose Kit (20 Reactions) Info allele ABP-NAB-RFPXK20 20 Reactions Ask Ask
01011987991 nAb Magnetic Control 0.5ml Info allele ABP-NAB-MCNTRL5 500 µl Ask Ask
01011987992 nAb Magnetic Agarose Control 0.5ml Info allele ABP-NAB-XCNTRL5 500 µl Ask Ask
01011987999 mTFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose 0.25ml Info allele ABP-NAB-MTFPX025 250 µg Ask Ask
01011988000 mTFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose 0.5ml Info allele ABP-NAB-MTFPX050 500 µl Ask Ask
01011988001 mTFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose 1ml Info allele ABP-NAB-MTFPX100 1 ml Ask Ask
01011988002 mTFP-nAb Magnetic Agarose Spin Kit (20 Reactions) Info allele ABP-NAB-MTFPXK20 20 Reactions Ask Ask
01012191854 Magnetic Separator (Re-usable) Info Biovision 1999-1 1 ea Ask Ask
01012191937 Protein A Magnetic Beads Info Biovision 6507-1 1 ml Ask Ask
01012191960 Protein G Magnetic Beads Info Biovision 6517-1 1 ml Ask Ask
01012191997 Protein A/G Magnetic Beads Info Biovision 6527-1 1 ml Ask Ask
01012192012 Protein L Magnetic Beads Info Biovision 6537-1 1 ml Ask Ask
01012192027 Protein A/G/L Magnetic Beads Info Biovision 6547-1 1ml Ask Ask
01014363596 Magnetic Stirrer, 230V Info Corning D0310-230V 1 EA Ask Ask
01014363597 Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer, Info Corning D0320-230V 1 EA Ask Ask
01014363603 PTFE Coated Magnetic Stir Bar, 1X2.5cm,Labnet,1/1 Info Corning D0463 1 EA Ask Ask
01014367645 ChromaFlash One-Step Magnetic ChIP Kit Info Epigen P-2026-48 48 reactions Ask Ask
01014367646 ChromaFlash One-Step Magnetic ChIP Kit Info Epigen P-2026-96 96 reactions Ask Ask
01014368347 EpiMag HT (96-Well) Magnetic Separator Info Epigen Q10002-1 1/Pack Ask Ask
01014422041 Motorless Magnetic Stirrer (Ultra slim)-iStir Uno Info Neuation Newation-iStir Uno 1 Unit Ask Ask
01014422042 Motorless Magnetic Stirrer-iStir Quattro Info Neuation Newation-iStir Quattro 1 Unit Ask Ask
01014422046 Magnetic Stirrer-iStir MS10 Info Neuation Newation-iStir MS10 1 Unit Ask Ask
01014486967 Magnetic Stirring Bars 5x8 mm Info Himedia PW157-8X5NO 8X5NO Ask Ask
01014486968 Magnetic Stirring Bars 6 x18 mm Info Himedia PW158-8X5NO 8X5NO Ask Ask
01014486969 Magnetic Stirring Bars 6 x 30 mm Info Himedia PW159-8X5NO 8X5NO Ask Ask
01014486970 Magnetic Stirring Bars 9 x25 mm Info Himedia PW160-5X5NO 5X5NO Ask Ask
01014486971 Magnetic Stirring Bars 9 x40 mm Info Himedia PW161-20X1NO 20X1NO Ask Ask
01014486972 Magnetic Stirring Bars 9x50 mm Info Himedia PW162-20X1NO 20X1NO Ask Ask
01014486973 Magnetic Stirring Bars 9 x75 mm Info Himedia PW163-20X1NO 20X1NO Ask Ask
01014486974 Magnetic Stirring Bars 13x50 mm Info Himedia PW164-8X1NO 8X1NO Ask Ask
01014486975 Magnetic Stirring Bars 13X100 mm Info Himedia PW165-5X1NO 5X1NO Ask Ask
01014486976 Magnetic Stirring Dumbbell 9x32 mm Info Himedia PW166-20X1NO 20X1NO Ask Ask
01014486977 Magnetic Stirring Dumbbell 9x52 mm Info Himedia PW167-8X1NO 8X1NO Ask Ask
01014486978 Magnetic Rotors egg Shape Bars 6x15 mm Info Himedia PW168-5X5NO 5X5NO Ask Ask
01014486979 Magnetic rotors Egg Shape bars 12 x 25mm Info Himedia PW169-3X5NO 3X5NO Ask Ask
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