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01018825344 Recombinant Human GDNF Family Receptor Alpha 1 Info MyBioSource MBS147053 5x0.01 mg Ask Ask
01018825345 Recombinant Human Follistatin Like 1, HEK Info MyBioSource MBS147054 5x0.01 mg Ask Ask
01018825552 Recombinant Human Endothelial Cell-Specific Molecule 1, HEK Info MyBioSource MBS147265 5x0.01 mg Ask Ask
01018825553 Recombinant Human Ephrin A1, HEK Info MyBioSource MBS147266 5x0.01 mg Ask Ask
01018826707 Recombinant protein 2019-nCOV S-RBD Info MyBioSource MBS186249 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826712 Recombinant protein beta2-MG (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186255 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826713 Recombinant protein RBP4 (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186256 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826714 Recombinant protein Kim-1 (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186257 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826716 Recombinant protein HFABP (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186259 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826717 Recombinant protein NT-proBNP (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186260 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826721 Recombinant protein HE4 (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186265 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826724 Recombinant protein PGI (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186268 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826725 Recombinant protein PGII (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186269 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826727 Recombinant protein IL-6 (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186271 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826729 Recombinant protein HBP Info MyBioSource MBS186273 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826730 Recombinant protein PRL (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186274 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826731 Recombinant protein AMH (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186275 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826732 Recombinant protein IGFBP1 (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186276 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826733 Recombinant protein PIGF (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186277 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826734 Recombinant protein SP10 (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186278 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018826735 Recombinant protein TPO (human) Info MyBioSource MBS186279 5x1 mg Ask Ask
01018827554 Sars-CoV-2-Spike Protein (1-260 aa) Info MyBioSource MBS669427 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827555 Sars-CoV-2 S1 Protein (16-685 aa) Info MyBioSource MBS669428 5x0.01 mg Ask Ask
01018827556 Sars-CoV-2 S1 Protein (16-685 aa) Fc Tag Info MyBioSource MBS669429 5x0.01 mg Ask Ask
01018827557 Sars-CoV-2 S1 Protein (16-685 aa) Biotin Conjugated Info MyBioSource MBS669430 5x0.005 mg Ask Ask
01018827558 Sars-CoV-2-S1 Protein (RBD) (319-541 aa) Fc Tag Info MyBioSource MBS669431 5x0.01 mg Ask Ask
01018827559 Sars-CoV-2-S1 Protein (RBD) (319-541 aa) Biotin Conjugated Info MyBioSource MBS669432 5x0.005 mg Ask Ask
01018827729 Human CellExp Her2/ErbB2, Extracellular Domain (ED), Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849788 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827730 Human CellExp DLL1, Mouse Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849790 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827731 Human CellExp DLL4, Mouse Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849791 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827732 Human CellExp CNTN1/Contactin-1, Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849792 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827734 Human CellExp ANGPTL7/CDT6, Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849796 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827735 Human CellExp BAFFR/TNFRSF13C, Fc Tag Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849797 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827736 Human CellExp Siglec-2/CD22 isoform beta, Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849798 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827737 Human CellExp Integrin beta-5 Extracellular Domain (ED), Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849799 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827738 Human CellExp LILRB5/CD85c/LIR-8, Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849800 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827739 Human CellExp CD40 Ligand/TNFSF5, Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849801 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827740 Human CellExp CD40 Ligand/TNFSF5, Fc tag, Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849802 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827741 Human CellExp Glypican 3/GPC3, Cynomolgus Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849803 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827742 Human CellExp Glypican 3/GPC3, Mouse Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849804 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827743 Human CellExp LAG-3/CD223, Cynomolgus Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849806 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827744 Human CellExp ROR2/NTRKR2, Mouse Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849807 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827746 Human CellExp PTPRD, Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849811 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827747 Human CellExp Galectin-3, Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849812 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827748 Human CellExp LILRB4/CD85k/ILT3, Cynomolgus Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849814 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827749 Human CellExp LILRB4/CD85k/ILT3, Mouse Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849815 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827750 Human CellExp IgG2 Fc, Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849816 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827759 Human CellExp KRAS, Human Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849825 0.25 mg Ask Ask
01018827760 Human CellExp LILRB4, Cynomolgus Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849826 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
01018827761 Human CellExp LILRB4/CD85k/ILT3, Mouse Recombinant Info MyBioSource MBS849827 5x0.05 mg Ask Ask
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