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01017011811 LiliFFIP RT-PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP12179 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011812 LiliFFLeV RT-PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP12178 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011815 LiliFFCV RT-PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP12177 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011817 LiliFFCoV RT-PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP12176 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011820 LiliFFPV PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP11178 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011821 LiliFFIV PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP11177 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011824 LiliFFHV PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP11176 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011825 LiliFTOXO PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP21666 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011827 LiliFHBN-F PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP21423 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011829 LiliFCHLA PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP21072 48 tests Ask Ask
02015327687 Normal Feline Plasma (EDTA)[Feline Plasma] Info MyBioSource MBS318707 NA Ask Ask
02015327690 Normal Feline Plasma (Heparin)[Feline Plasma] Info MyBioSource MBS318711 NA Ask Ask
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