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01017011772 LiliFCDV Nested-PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP13071 24 tests Ask Ask
01017011774 LiliFCPIV RT-PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP12072 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011777 LiliFCCoV RT-PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP12071 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011778 LiliFCPV PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP11074 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011781 LiliFCHV PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP11073 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011782 LiliFCAV PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP11072 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011785 LiliFASP PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP41001 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011786 LiliFHW PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP31246 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011789 LiliFSAL PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP21631 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011791 LiliFMyco-spp PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP21425 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011794 LiliFHBN-C PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP21422 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011796 LiliFLEPTO PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP21386 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011797 LiliFEHR PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP21143 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011799 LiliFCLOS PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP21073 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011802 LiliFBRU spp PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP21041 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011803 LiliFBAB-C PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP21037 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011805 LiliFCDV RT-PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP11048 96 tests Ask Ask
01017011807 LiliFCDV RT-PCR Kit Info iNtRON IPC11048.1 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011808 LiliFRabies Virus Multiplex RT-PCR Kit (Field isolated RV & Vaccine strains) Info iNtRON IP12600 48 tests Ask Ask
02015327688 Normal Canine Plasma (Heparin)[Canine Plasma] Info MyBioSource MBS318708 NA 5.45 Ask
02015327689 Normal Canine Plasma (EDTA)[Canine Plasma] Info MyBioSource MBS318709 NA 5.45 Ask
02015435525 Canine IgG-UNLB[Canine IgG Isotype Control] Info MyBioSource MBS679184 NA 5.45 Ask
03025372137 Dog IgG (Fab) Info MyBioSource MBS537495 5x1 mg 2484.01 Ask
03025373246 Dog IgG (Fab'2) (HRP) Info MyBioSource MBS538939 5x1 mg 2062.57 Ask
03025435525 Canine IgG-UNLB Info MyBioSource MBS679184 5x5 mg 877.73 Ask
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