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01017011650 LiliFFMDV 3D/IRES Real-time RT-PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP15176 50 tests Ask Ask
01017011651 LiliFFMDV type-O/A/Asia1 RT-PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP12181 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011654 LiliFFMDV type-A RT-PCR Kit (Type A) Info iNtRON IP12181.A 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011655 LiliFFMDV type-Asia1 RT-PCR Kit (Type Asia1) Info iNtRON IP12181.A1 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011658 LiliFFMDV type-O RT-PCR Kit (Type O) Info iNtRON IP12181.O 48 tests Ask Ask
01017011659 LiliFFMDV type-U RT-PCR Kit Info iNtRON IP12180 48 tests Ask Ask
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