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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01014401063Bovine IgM assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E12017B 1x96-test wells plate/box482.69Ask
01014401064Bovine IgG assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E12015B 1x96-test wells plate/box482.69Ask
01014401065Bovine AMBP assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL001654BO 1x96-test wells plate/box697.98Ask
01014401066Bovine APOE assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL001936BO 1x96-test wells plate/box555.61Ask
01014401067Bovine CLU assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL005595BO 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401068Bovine PLG assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL018188BO 1x96-test wells plate/box888.98Ask
01014401069Bovine LGB assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL027168BO 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401070Bovine ALB assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E08664b 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401072Bovine T assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E13194B 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401073Bovine T4 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E13050B 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401074Bovine TOXO antibody (IgG) assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL027852BO 1x96-test wells plate/box697.98Ask
01014401075Bovine COR assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E13064B 1x96-test wells plate/box502.36Ask
01014401076Bovine T3 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E13049B 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401077Bovine VA assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E17987B 1x96-test wells plate/box697.98Ask
01014401078Bovine VB12 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E14089B 1x96-test wells plate/box697.98Ask
01014401079Bovine ANGPT1 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL001706BO 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401080Bovine FA assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E13074B 1x96-test wells plate/box697.98Ask
01014401081Bovine FT4 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EQF027512BO 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401082Bovine FT3 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EQF027510BO 1x96-test wells plate/box502.36Ask
01014401083Bovine PROG assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E08172b 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401085Bovine APOB assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL001918BO 1x96-test wells plate/box555.61Ask
01014401086Bovine RV Ag assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EQ027718BO 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401087Cat T4 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E17061Fe 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401088Chicken APOB assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL001918CH 1x96-test wells plate/box555.61Ask
01014401089Chicken AMBP assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL001654CH 1x96-test wells plate/box697.98Ask
01014401091Chicken CLU assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL005595CH 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401092Chicken T assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E12797C 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401093Chicken T4 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E15787C 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401094Chicken LZM assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E13182C 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401095Chicken T3 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E13270C 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401096Chicken FT4 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EQF027512CH 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401097Chicken FT3 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EQF027510CH 1x96-test wells plate/box502.36Ask
01014401098Cynomologus Monkey C-Peptide assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E13632Mk 1x96-test wells plate/box697.98Ask
01014401099Dog ALB assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E15757c 1x96-test wells plate/box555.61Ask
01014401100Dog APOE assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL001936DO 1x96-test wells plate/box555.61Ask
01014401101Dog CCL5 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL004800DO 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401102Dog 25 HVD3 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E18032c 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401103Dog AMBP assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EL001654DO 1x96-test wells plate/box697.98Ask
01014401104Dog IL8 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E08052c 1x96-test wells plate/box550.98Ask
01014401105Dog Echinococcus antibody (IgG) assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EQ027812DO 1x96-test wells plate/box697.98Ask
01014401107Dog CCL2 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E15747c 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401108Dog T assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E06893c 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401109Dog T4 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E07288c 1x96-test wells plate/box482.69Ask
01014401110Dog TOXO antibody (IgG) assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EQ027593DO 1x96-test wells plate/box697.98Ask
01014401111Dog IgG assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-EQ028049DO 1x96-test wells plate/box555.61Ask
01014401112Dog CLU assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E13770c 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401113Dog COR assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E14303c 1x96-test wells plate/box502.36Ask
01014401114Dog T3 assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E07287c 1x96-test wells plate/box599.60Ask
01014401115Dog VA assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E07892c 1x96-test wells plate/box697.98Ask
01014401116Dog FA assay kit (ELISA)Info Cusabio CSB-E08759c 1x96-test wells plate/box697.98Ask
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