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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01010000137Anti-Human PlGF (Peptide)Info Reliatech antibodies 102-PA01 200ug204.01Ask
01010000614Anti-Mouse VEGFR-2/Flk-1 (Peptide), solubleInfo Reliatech antibodies 103-PA19 200ug277.83Ask
01010001060Anti-Human VEGFR-1/Flt1-14 (Peptide), solubleInfo Reliatech antibodies 102-PA24S 100ug184.54Ask
01010001311Anti-Human VEGFR-1/Flt-1 (Peptide), solubleInfo Reliatech antibodies 102-PA21S 100ug184.54Ask
01010001373Anti-Human VEGFR-1/Flt1-14 (Peptide), solubleInfo Reliatech antibodies 102-PA24 100ug184.54Ask
01010001627Anti-Human VEGF-Apan (Peptide)Info Reliatech antibodies 102-PA03S 100ug150.70Ask
01010001825Anti-Human VEGFR-1/Flt-1 (Peptide), solubleInfo Reliatech antibodies 102-PA21 200ug277.83Ask
01010001866Anti-Mouse VEGFR-2/Flk-1 (Peptide), solubleInfo Reliatech antibodies 103-PA19S 100ug184.54Ask
01010002087Anti-Human VEGF-Apan (Peptide)Info Reliatech antibodies 102-PA03 200ug204.01Ask
01010002119Anti-Human PlGF (Peptide)Info Reliatech antibodies 102-PA01S 100ug150.70Ask
01010002504TAT peptideInfo 101biosystem P735-1000 1000 ug263.48Ask
01010002648JAG-1 peptide scrambled controlInfo 101biosystem P729-100 100 ug263.48Ask
01010002791Anti-Human VEGFR-2/KDR (Peptide), solubleInfo Reliatech antibodies 102-PA19 200ug277.83Ask
01010002842Anti-Human VEGFR-2/KDR (Peptide), solubleInfo Reliatech antibodies 102-PA19S 100ug184.54Ask
01010003838Amylin peptide sequence, antibodyInfo genways GWB-DE14E9 1 vial332.16Ask
01010004039pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide, aa 1-21, Clone: 32-6-7, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-Human; ELISAInfo accurate-monoclonals YIAE1123.2 0.1mg1846.39Ask
01010004667IRF4 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-6307 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010004932Disp2 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-4883 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010005136BCL6 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-6985 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010006528PTCHD2 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-6637 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010006941CTRP7 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-3579 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010007349NANOG PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-5585 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010007474Angiotensin II Control peptide sequence # 2Info genways GWB-35A737 1 x 1 vial593.59Ask
01010007585BICD1 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-4663 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010007696AMPK1/AMPK2 (Phospho-Ser485/ Ser491) antibody Blocking peptide sequenceInfo genways GWB-C21E16 1 vial261.43Ask
01010009873ATF2 (Phospho-Thr73 or 55) antibody Blocking peptide sequenceInfo genways GWB-3EF7F8 1 x 1 vial261.43Ask
01010011537INCA1 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-5531 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010011762Atrial Natriuretic Peptide, aa 1-28, Clone: L11-11-D6-B4, Mouse Monoclonal antibody-HumanInfo accurate-monoclonals YIAE6200.1 10 ug444.94Ask
01010011856Anti-Inflammatory Peptide 1 10mgInfo Ape A1008-10 10mg179.41Ask
01010012249MYBPC1 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-6679 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010012480TIAF PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-7305 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010012908Nop30 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-2225 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010015003IL-31 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-3745 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010016385TLR3 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-3645 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010016650SAPK/JNK (Phospho-Thr183) antibody Blocking peptide sequenceInfo genways GWB-407071 1 x 1 vial261.43Ask
01010017461ACVR1B PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-4793 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010017483West Nile Virus Core PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-3435 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010018136MAPKAP1 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-4079 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010019443Thrombin Activation peptide fragment 1 Antibody, Cy3 ConjugatedInfo Bioss Primary Conjugated Antibodies bs-10387R-Cy3 0.1ml358.82Ask
01010020934BCL-XL (Phospho-Ser62) antibody Blocking peptide sequenceInfo genways GWB-BD897A 1 vial261.43Ask
01010021243IRAK4 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-3125 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010021362NOD1 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-5947 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010021780ARC PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-2081 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010022101Grik4 PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-4391 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010022777UHRF1BP1L PeptideInfo Zyagen ZP-6461 0.05 mg209.14Ask
01010022808Anti- Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (ANP) AntibodyInfo MBS Polyclonals GEN2013212 100ug533.10Ask
01010022813Peptide YY/PYY Antibody, Cy5 ConjugatedInfo Bioss Primary Conjugated Antibodies bs-2265R-Cy5 0.1ml358.82Ask
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