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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01010003531Immunoglobulin G (IgG) H&L, Rabbit -RHODAMINEInfo genways GWB-DB4F83 1 vial537.20Ask
01010004439ASAH2 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen SIG-4743 0.1 mg453.14Ask
01010004459IgG antibody (Goat anti Rabbit) (H&L)Info genways GWB-AB00ED 1 vial392.65Ask
01010004724Rabbit Heat Shock Protein 40 (HSP-40) ELISA KitInfo ab-elisa elisas AE39296RB 48 wells plate527.98Ask
01010005050Polyclonal Rabbit Anti Human Pancreatitis-associated proteinInfo genways bulk GWB-5EEF4B bulkAskAsk
01010005450Anti- Goat anti-Rabbit IgG AntibodyInfo MBS Polyclonals GEN8504147 100 Tests379.32Ask
01010005673Rabbit Anti-Chicken IgG Antibody (H+L), Biotin ConjugatedInfo Bioss Secondary Antibodies bs-0310R-Biotin 0.2ml124.05Ask
01010005786IgG antibody (Goat anti Rabbit) (H&L)Info genways GWB-AC3EDA 1 vial474.67Ask
01010005896EVER2 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen HOM-4605 0.1 mg503.37Ask
01010006240JMJD8 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen HOM-5387 0.1 mg438.79Ask
01010006261Rabbit Intestinal fatty acid binding protein (iFABP) ELISA KitInfo ab-elisa elisas AE38895RB 48 wells plate527.98Ask
01010006334Slc35D1 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen HOM-4607 0.1 mg503.37Ask
01010006711Rabbit Beta-crystallin A2 (CRYBA2) ELISA KitInfo ab-elisa elisas AE48840RB 48 wells plate512.60Ask
01010007591biotin conjugatedylated antibody to or anti-swine IL-6 rabbit polyclonalInfo genways GWB-OFK8L7 1 vial723.79Ask
01010007650Rabbit Uterus Frozen SectionsInfo Zyagen TF-411 10 slides254.25Ask
01010008302Slitrk4 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen NEU-4483 0.1 mg503.37Ask
01010008838Stk39 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen SIG-4867 0.1 mg507.47Ask
01010011007PLEKHM2 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen STE-5485 0.1mg438.79Ask
01010011056RPA Interacting Protein Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen HOM-4015 0.1 mg438.79Ask
01010011249Rabbit Heat shock protein HSP 90-beta (HSP90AB1) ELISA KitInfo ab-elisa elisas AE39268RB 48 wells plate512.60Ask
01010011729DcR1 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen APO-2179 0.1 mg503.37Ask
01010012272Rabbit Cardiac Troponin C (cTn-C) ELISA KitInfo ab-elisa elisas AE14069RB 48 wells plate527.98Ask
01010012362Nestin, Clone: 10C2, Rabbit antibody-Human: IB/IC/IHCInfo accurate-monoclonals OBT1611 50 ul.997.52Ask
01010013096GRTP1 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen HOM-4589 0.1 mg503.37Ask
01010013599RP105 Rabbit Polyclonal AntibodyInfo Zyagen IMM-3845 0.1 mg503.37Ask
01010013930Rabbit Cadherin-16 (CDH16) ELISA KitInfo ab-elisa elisas AE61478RB 48 wells plate512.60Ask
01010015799Rabbit Methylmalonic aciduria type A protein, mitochondrial (MMAA) ELISA KitInfo ab-elisa elisas AE33348RB 96 wells plate830.41Ask
01010015813biotin conjugatedylated antibody to or anti-equine IL-4 rabbit polyclonalInfo genways GWB-OVJ8J4 1 vial723.79Ask
01010015817Gi Alpha 1/2 Rabbit antibody to or anti-Human Polyclonal (aa345-354) antibodyInfo genways GWB-3A781B 1 x 1 vial617.17Ask
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