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SKUProduct nameSupplierCatalog no.SizePrice
01015672299Dual Sensor Poly Casp &MMP 25 TestsInfo CellTech MITCAP100-1 25 Tests368.47Ask
01015672300Dual Sensor Poly Casp &MMP 100 TestsInfo CellTech MITCAP100-2 100 Tests725.25Ask
01015672301Dual Sensor Casp 3/7 &MMP 25 TestsInfo CellTech MITCAP200-1 25 Tests368.47Ask
01015672302Dual Sensor Casp 3/7 &MMP 100 TestsInfo CellTech MITCAP200-2 100 Tests725.25Ask
01015672303Dual Sensor Casp 8 &MMP 25 TestsInfo CellTech MITCAP300-1 25 Tests368.47Ask
01015672304Dual Sensor Casp 8 &MMP 100 TestsInfo CellTech MITCAP300-2 100 Tests725.25Ask
01015672305Dual Sensor Casp 9 &MMP 25 TestsInfo CellTech MITCAP400-1 25 Tests368.47Ask
01015672306Dual Sensor Casp 9 &MMP 100 TestsInfo CellTech MITCAP400-2 100 Tests725.25Ask
01015672307Dual Sensor Casp 1 &MMP 25 TestsInfo CellTech MITCAP600-1 25 Tests368.47Ask
01015672308Dual Sensor Casp 1 &MMP 100 TestsInfo CellTech MITCAP600-2 100 Tests725.25Ask
01015672309Eosinophil Peroxidase Detection Kit 100 TestsInfo CellTech FLEPO100-2 100 Tests660.91Ask
01015672310Myeloperoxidase detection KitInfo CellTech FLMPO100-3 500 Tests696.01Ask
01015672311Chlorination and Oxidation detection KitInfo CellTech MPOHOCL100-3 500+300 Tests877.32Ask
01015672312Fluoro Thiol Detection KitInfo CellTech FLTHIO100-2 100 Tests637.52Ask
01015672313Fluoro NAD/NADH Detection Kit - 100 TestsInfo CellTech FLNADH100-2 100 Tests783.74Ask
01015672314Fluoro NAD/NADH Detection Kit - 500 TestsInfo CellTech FLNADH100-3 500 Tests3094.02Ask
01015672315Fluoro IndoBluInfo CellTech INDBLU100-3 500 Tests292.44Ask
01015672316Fluoro IndoBlu (with 5 Black Opaque Plates)Info CellTech INDBLU100-3P 500 Tests356.78Ask
01015672317Fluoro IndoBluInfo CellTech INDBLU100-4 1000 Tests403.57Ask
01015672318Fluoro IndoBlu (with 10 Black Opaque Plates)Info CellTech INDBLU100-4P 1000 Tests514.69Ask
01015672319Fluorocescent Sarcosine Detection KitInfo CellTech SARC100-2 100 Tests538.09Ask
01015672320Fluoro Lactate Detection KitInfo CellTech FLLACT100-2 100 Tests614.12Ask
01015672321Fluoro Phosphate Detection KitInfo CellTech FLPHOS100-2 100 Tests450.36Ask
01015672322Fluoro MAO (Monoamine Oxidase)Info CellTech FLMAO100-3 500 Tests473.75Ask
01015672323Fluoro H2O2Info CellTech FLOH100-3 500 Tests462.06Ask
01015672324Fluoro CatalaseInfo CellTech FLOCAT100-3 500 Tests520.54Ask
01015672325Fluoro SSAOInfo CellTech SSAO100-3 500 Tests660.91Ask
01015672326Colorimetric Superoxide DismutaseInfo CellTech CSOD100-2 100 Tests462.06Ask
01015672327Nitric Oxide SynthaseInfo CellTech NOS200-1 0.125mg391.87Ask
01015672328Nitric Oxide SynthaseInfo CellTech NOS200-2 0.25mg573.18Ask
01015672329HROS Detection KitInfo CellTech FLAPF100-2 150 Tests473.75Ask
01015672330Peroxynitrite Detection KitInfo CellTech FLHPF100-2 150 Tests473.75Ask
01015672331Hypochlorite Detection KitInfo CellTech FLOCL100-2 100 Tests696.01Ask
01015672332DNA Damage Kit 25 TestsInfo CellTech APODNA-1 25 Tests450.36Ask
01015672335DNA Damage Kit 100 TestsInfo CellTech APODNA-2 100 Tests1087.88Ask
01015672336Fluorescent NADP/NADPH Detection Kit 100 testsInfo CellTech NADPH100-2 100 Tests783.74Ask
01015672338Fluorescent NADP/NADPH Detection Kit 500 testsInfo CellTech NADPH100-3 500 Tests3094.02Ask
01015672340DNA Caspase 3 Detection 25 TestsInfo CellTech DNACASP3-1 25 Tests473.75Ask
01015672341DNA Caspase 3 Detection 100 TestsInfo CellTech DNACASP3-2 100 Tests696.01Ask
01015672344Fluorescent Total Cholesterol Detection KitInfo CellTech FLCHOL100-2 100 Tests538.09Ask
01015672346aCella - AChE 100 TestsInfo CellTech CLACHE100-2 100 Tests637.52Ask
01015672348aCella - AChE 500 TestsInfo CellTech CLACHE100-3 500 Tests1690.30Ask
01015672350aCella - AChE 1000 TestsInfo CellTech CLACHE100-4 1000 Tests2743.09Ask
01015672351Chemiluminescent cAMP Kit 100 TestsInfo CellTech CLACMP100-2 100 Tests596.58Ask
01015672353Chemiluminescent cGMP Kit 100 TestsInfo CellTech CLACGMP100-2 100 Tests631.67Ask
01015672355Fluorescent Butyrylcholinesterase Detection KitInfo CellTech FLBCHE100-2 100 Tests538.09Ask
01015672357Fluorescent GST Detection Kit - 100 testsInfo CellTech GSTR100-2 100 Tests520.54Ask
01015672359Ultra Pure ADP 1mlInfo CellTech ADP100-2 1mL455.04Ask
01015672361Ultra Pure ADP 5mlInfo CellTech ADP100-3 5mL1865.77Ask
01015672363aCella - TOX 500 TestsInfo CellTech CLATOX100-3 500 Tests1082.03Ask
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